Hate Mail “I asked my priest how you could get to heaven and
still protect yourself from all the evil in the world.”

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Subject: How dare you!!!!

Hi Bob,
I came to your site via an old flyer a friend passed to me -'god does not exist'. I had it sitting on my desk for some time, and although I had frequently read at times of boredom, I had not thought of looking at your site. i have recently changed roles within the company I work for, and will now be working from home-woohoo! On clearing my desk, I found your flyer again, and as my heart is not in my work at the moment-coming up to xmas and starting a completely new job, I fancied a bit of a doss and so started to look at your website.

I find it disgusting that in this day and age people like you have to spend time writing things on the internet and replying when you could be doing something more constructive like living your life and having fun. Exposing yourself day to day to those hateful, small minded, sheep brained religionists cannot be healthy. I feel for you-not love , or pray for you in a condescending 'i'm superior to you and have the power to guide your miserable soul to a better existence through the power of my own egotistical thought' kind of way. I mean I genuinely FEEL for you. My heart goes out to you having to try to reason with tose that have made a conscious decision to repent logic and common sense. I have a great deal to say on this subject, so forgive me if I ramble.

You are doing perhaps the most important service for human society that has ever existed, and I want you to know that I applaud you for it and am right behind you all the way. However, I do fear that you, and all of us with half a brain to realise the nature of the world and of human beings, are fighting a losing battle against the violent, selfish, vindictive hateful people. The nature of the issue is too serious to ignore, however. The poison that flows from and between the various religionist sects around the world is setting itself up to destroy human society and return it to the dark ages of absolute religious control.

10 to 12 years ago, I believed religion was on its way out, and that we as a society had freed ourselves from its evil clutches. (I am from the UK where our religious systems operate in a slightly different way than do yours in the US-ours is much more covert). Although the jesus based churches were diminishing and being sold off to property developers, the UK establishment-monarchy-big business-the banking system-free masonry-government minsters and civil servants are part of the same underground secretive organisation that has an insidious control over all areas of our lives.
Then came 911, our huge populations of muslims began to feel pressurised by a christian based establishment, muslims became more openly muslim and become more separate from british society,  this instilled a sense of fear in normal, non religious uk citizens, who in a kind of reactionery response, have begun to refer to the UK as  a 'Christian society' when discussing the subject of terrorism, social cohesion etc, etc. I cannot believe it, and this is how religion works its evil. An important film I would like you to watch is here-
Five Steps To Tyranny
It describes how quickly things can go badly, and why your work is so important. It's great that you can maintain a sense of humour and make light -lite, I guess is how you would spell it :o)-of the situation given how much of a stranglehold these fools have over us.

The really twisted ones are the ones at the top of pile, who know that it's a huge pile of shit to provide the Life of Reilley for a few and a life of drudgery for most (make no mistake-capitalism is a function of religion-without religion and the greed and selfishness that it instills in its practitioners, and there desire to impose their will on others, we could create a much fairer and safer world to live in.), the ones who actively seek and encourage the brainwashing of the easily led. I am not sure if you have heard of an entetainer called Derren Brown (if not, look him up, he will blow your mind) who manipulates people in an extra ordinary way. He always maintains that the first part of his performance depends on him finding people he can 'work with'. Some people, he explains, are suggestable, and some people are not. I wonder if you can guess which group are taken in by religion?
Well, thanks for reading my little introductory rant, I have plenty more to say if you are interested. I would to get a reply. Apologies for the way I began this email, I thought I'd get you in the mood by copying the style of those who purport to love all-so long as they believe what they are told to believe. Just my little joke-he he.

Let me know what you think about the video link above if you get time to watch it.
Also-check my friends website- Church of England
He appraoches the same subject in slightly more subtle way than you-but he enjoys recieving genuine emails from christians asking for his guidance as they have been completely taken in by the site and believe it to be real... seriously... and not just one or two...loads and loads... there are thousands of these retards out there. He plays with them for a little while, pretending to be a follower of the almighty, and then sends them on their way with a flea in their ear. He's a very funny guy, you would get on. Have a look at the existence of god page, it may surprise you to learn that there is in fact and answer to thie eternal question after all.

Best wishes and merry Xmas and much love-in a love of all animals and creatures just because it feels good to kind of way,

Five Steps To Tyranny ref vids:
A Class Divided
Stanford Prison Experiment

“be wise as serpents, yet innocent as doves.”

When I was young, I asked my priest how you could get to heaven and still protect yourself from all the evil in the world.

He told me what God said to his children; "You are sheep among wolves, be wise as serpents, yet innocent as doves."

Josh Barns

Wow. That just gave me goosebumps.


“You are probably being sarcastic but...”

You are probably being sarcastic but they are the morals of Christianity. Learning from the good ideals of Christianity to protect yourself from all the evil in this world isn't a bad way to go.

Josh Barns

Ohhh, no. I wasn't being sarcastic! Tell me more of the amazing ideals Christianity teaches to protect you from evil. It's so helpful, imaginative and ahead of its time.

How about this one: "Be as kind as a cute puppy, but as cunning as a really cunning wolf."
Or how about: "When someone comes to you who's evil, don't do what they say. If they're good though, listen to them."
I got one! "Always be really good & smart, not bad & stupid."
Wait, how about this one: "Just use common sense." Um, no. That one doesn't work as well for some reason. Forget I said that one.

I made all those up. You can think back on them 10 years from now too if you wanna.



Josh Barns

It's true... *blush*

Tell all your friends!




Josh Barns

Ha! Didn't work.




Josh Barns

So which is that? Wise serpent or innocent dove?



“yo hav a very specific humor.”

i dont speak english, but yo hav a very specific humor.
where are you from?


America. Where else.


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Nah, your English rocks. Phone your gramma and show her all the words you know!



“Jesus Christ loves you!”

Jesus Christ loves you! He really does!

Scott Keller

I like how that's more important to you than if he's real or not. It says a lot.


“I guess you could find it hard to believe that dinosours existed if we did not have the bones as evidence.”

Hi Bob. I know it's hard to believe something that you can not see. I guess you could find it hard to believe that dinosours existed if we did not have the bones as evidence.

Scott Keller

That is correct. It would be hard to believe without evidence, but there is evidence, lots of it, so it's quite easy to believe. For Jesus there is no evidence, and the stories are unbelievable, so obviously it is unbelievable.

You nailed it right on the head.
Good job!

“How this very planet rotates is pretty amazing.
A miracle I would say”

Hi Bob.
How this very planet rotates is pretty amazing. A miracle I would say. I don't know if you like reading history or not, but there is some stuff to research if you need to find out truths for yourself. I believe a man called Josephus recorded some stuff about Jesus. What is interesting about this account is that Josephus wasn't a righteous man. For some reason he still chose to record some stuff for us about Jesus. Look it up! Pretty interesting!

Scott Keller

No, I would not say the planet rotation is a miracle. I suppose if you do absolutely zero study of how the planets circle each other and each planet's individual gravitational pull and how it all works it could all seem like magic. I mean, television is a miracle too, until you figure out how it works.

I have looked up Josephus' recordings of Jesus, and if that counts as evidence to you I've got a bridge to sell you. Cheap!


“Who is to be accreditted for the planets and all of creation?”

Yes, but man made television. Who is to be accreditted for the planets and all of creation?

Scott Keller

Ahhhh... You're asking the wrong question. Asking specifically "who" limits your possible answers. It assumes details to an answer before we've even begun.

"What is to be accredited for the planets and the universe?" is a much more intellectually honest, less assumptive way to ask the question. This is basic beginning point logic in a quest for answers. No different than asking "What created God" as opposed to "Who created God."

You understand, right?

“there is something very strong pulling me toward God and Christ.”

Yes, I agree. In my mind I've thought those things out.

I must say though, there is something very strong pulling me toward God and Christ. It is impossible to prove faith. I have nothing to gain by trying to convince somebody that Christ exists. I only have compassion on those who do not believe.

       You see, I have not been a follower all of my life. Until I found Christ through repentence, I really felt empty. When I confessed to Him that I needed Him, I really felt a total change in my life. Instead of searching for things to fill me, I felt that I enjoyed serving Him.

      I hope you do not think I am arguing with you on these topics we have discussed. I just have a genuine concern for people.

Scott Keller

Well of course there's something strong pulling you towards God and Christ. Our urge to believe in and bow to imaginary gods goes back through the ages and has been deeply evolved into our brains. Back then the belief gave answers where there were none, as well as help us feel safe when looming threats & death were everywhere. The belief offers quick solutions and easy answers to problems that are supposed to be struggled with on a deeper level. God and Jesus skip all that and take you directly to the table of presents.

One of the most important rules in discovering right answers is to beware if the answer you find gratifies a preconceived notion. We humans are extremely susceptible to believing untruths if they stroke our ego.

So I suppose you simply have to ask yourself if you want the truth or what feels good. If it's just what feels good you need to stop telling others it's true. 


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