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All right, let's get a few things straight. #1) No, not once have I doubted my choice to post Mohammed Dressup or feared retaliation. I assure you any question of this that may have been implied in the previous page was entirely meant as clever trickery, and fool heartiness to fuck with a hater. I am IN LOVE with my Mohammed Dressup game... almost as much as I love the new Lady Gaga JDU!

2) I am IN LOVE with my new Lady Gaga crossdressing Jesus Dressup! I mean, look at it!

It's so pretty! Like a pink birthday cake.
It's just so beautiful, and so much fun, and covers so much ground I hardly know how to adore it enough! I try and I try, but so far there's no relief in sight. I suggest you try it out and see how much in bends you too.

3) I think there's a misunderstanding of some sort happening with the new bumpersticker and the sheer brilliance of it, and pure statement isn't being fully appreciated.

How do I paint this picture?
Okay, so I put this sticker on my laptop the day they arrived. By the way, it looks stunning there, and makes me so proud. Anyhow, I'm at this coffeeshop and the people see it, some friendly at first, some clearly working to figure it out, some thinking it's something opposite from what it actually is... then it hits 'em!

They point and show their friends. Some laugh because they know about that annoying Coexist version, but it gets laughs! And it's because it's so wrong that it's so right. Know what I'm sayin'?
Christ, maybe it's just me, and this is the fucker that'll finally get me hated out of every legitimate atheist organization. But whatever. I want to make a whole line of products with this bastard logo strewn across it no matter what the cost!

Anyhow, that's been what you've all been talking about, or ignoring, or whatever the case may be lately. I hope that straightens everything back out.

“You really should consider what I say.
I’m proof enough...”

Subject: wow...

What a cruel and heartless website.  This Jesus that you devoted a site to make fun of went through pain that you can’t even imagine for your sorry tail.  That cross that you have Him pictured on is where he took on the punishment that you and all the rest of us deserve.  It is appalling that you could possibly treat His selfless sacrifice with such hurtful, unnecessary disrespect.  The crazy thing is that even though you walked all over His name, He would still instantly forgive you of all that.  You really should consider what I say.  I’m proof enough that God cares about you because I sure wanted to say a lot different email than this.  It’s crazy that I actually typed this, but it’s true.  Christ died so that you can appear blameless before the Lord and spend eternity in Heaven.   Bob, I pray you realize that this is a lot bigger than you think it is.  Jesus Christ, my Savior, King, and Friend, deserves much better than you have treated Him. 
In Christ,

How are you proof enough? If everyone who emailed me was enough proof their god was real, there'd be 1,000 different gods. Please explain. I only want proof it's true, because it all sounds so utterly make-believe. Like the range of myths we've made up throughout human history.


“I can’t prove my God’s existence.  I just know that He is real.  As weak as that sentence sounds… I truly mean it.”

The proof I can give you, bud, is that I won’t pretend that I can prove it.  I’m sure you do get thousands of emails from a thousand different people who have proof that their god exists.  I can’t prove my God’s existence.  I just know that He is real.  As weak as that sentence sounds… I truly mean it.  Look, I’m a pre-med major being taught Darwinian evolutionary theory as if it is fact.  It is not; it is what it is: a theory.  Even though it is a theory, modern scientists cling to it as if it is set in stone and factual. The more I learn about it, the more I realize that it truly takes more faith to believe that evolution truly brought about existence as we know it today.  Although so much is left unexplained by evolution, the theory is given more credit than most anything else in science.  My textbook calls it the “single unifying theme of biology.”  I feel as if I and other creationists are no less rational than the majority of modern evolutionists.  If you explain our existence in terms of being creation made by a Creator, it makes better sense than evolution.  Of course we can’t see an invisible God, and you weren’t alive when He came physically to this earth.  You haven’t seen; therefore, He can’t be real. 
Please consider that I may be right, though.  If my God exists, He exists outside of His creation.  That means he is not constrained by natural laws (He wrote them) or time (He invented it).  That means that no matter how much of this natural world we can discover and understand, we cannot possibly comprehend God.  If we can’t wrap our minds around Him, then how can we think that our reasoning can limit His existence.  He doesn’t need proof to be proven.  By the way, that is the idea of biologists with evolution, there is in no way enough proof to prove that evolution takes the place of God as the creator.  It is easy to believe, though. 
The bottom line about proving the existence of God: we can’t.  The Bible even mentions that even if someone came back from the dead to tell them the truth, those who won’t believe still wouldn’t believe.  I wish I could give you some actual evidence, bud, but there is just not anything I could tell you other than what you’ve probably already heard.  I can tell you why Christianity is different from all the other “myths we’ve made up through human history.”  When you look at all those other myths, starting with creation, you see that creation comes from pre-existing things.  In most cases, a conflict between multiple gods results in the death of one creation coming from the defeated god’s remains.  People are created to work for the gods for whatever reason.  In the Biblical creation account, God exists, a single God who creates everything out of absolutely nothing, just by His spoken word.  The difference in Christianity and all the other religions is that our God is complete and not dependent on anything else.  He created us in His own image, and He said that His creation was good.  Other gods contend with humanity.   
Another difference in Christianity and all the other myths is the simple fact that other religions are reaching out to and trying to figure out God.  You usually have to do a certain list of requirements to be good enough to be accepted by him.  Christianity is different from regular “religion” because of the fact that God reaches out to man and offers a free way to be reconciled with Him because of His sacrifice.  You’ll find there’s a lot less trying to understand and prove God in actual Biblical Christianity because that isn’t God’s focus.  He really just wants us to accept Him.
My first email was written in my anger.  You do need to realize, even if you don’t believe, some do.  Your website, to me, would be like me making a website of your best friend that degraded him and made fun of him.  Jesus on the cross is a serious thing to a lot of people.  That is where He died because of me and for the sake of all humanity.  It isn’t religious doctrine or high theology.  It’s just truth. 
I apologize for the lengthy response, man.  I just get carried away.  This really is the most important thing to me.  I believe it whole-heartedly, so to tell you about it is really my job, in a sense.  If you truly are open to the idea that God is a reality, please try something over the next few weeks.  Ask Him (I know it might seem awkward at first just talking to an invisible audience, but just try it) to help show you who He is through His creation.  Then notice the complexity and beauty of this world and try to imagine something greater than chance making it all happen.  Feel free to ask me anything you wonder about.  I’m not nearly a theologian or preacher or any type of religious scholar, but I will try my hardest to answer your questions. 
Thanks for reading this, and know that I’ll be keeping you in my prayers.
In Christ,

Wait. You start off chastising me while tooting that you're proof enough, then you hand me a giant zero? Would you convert on such a nothing as "It's gotta be true! Please! Come on! I don't need proof! Please just try to believe!"

Wynn. You'd better learn to deal with the mockery if that's your explanation. If you, or your god expect to be taken seriously you'd better come to the table with more than "I've got nothin' and that should be enough."

It's especially insulting you being a pre med major who should know what science's label "Theory" actually means. Have you not yet been taught that a theory in terms of science means it cannot be disproved, and all existing evidence points towards it being true? Evolution has yet to be disproved, Wynn. You know this and you're just pretending you hadn't been taught it yet, right?

And how does it take faith, more faith than believing in the magic wizard in the sky, to believe evolution? Evolution actually has evidence! In fact, you hardly have to think about how you inherit traits from your mom & dad then tracing the pattern back a thousand years, a million years, or further, to understand evolution faithlessly. For me, believing stuff like that isn't a choice. It's seeing the evidence, hearing the logic then helplessly believing. Like not believing flight's possible, then you're shown a plane taking off.

Listen, believe whatever you want, but don't act so stupefied when you're mocked for having nothing to back it up besides "Ask the air. It might seem weird at first, but just talk to the invisible man and open your heart to whatever." 
That technique works for any number of gods, ghosts, fairies or fantasies you're trying to prove. Cults use that exact method to prove their lies too. That should be a red warning flag to you, Wynn. 

You can try to convince yourself your beliefs are different than all the other religions, but they're exactly the same. Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, all believe just as much in their gods as you do in yours. You're part of a pattern that's continued throughout the ages, and just like flight and evolution, the obviousness of the lie you're living is impossible for me to unsee. Your email illuminates your willingness to be deceived.

So please keep it to yourself and expect detractors. It's a perfectly healthy response to a car salesman who's trying to sell you an invisible car.


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