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Subject: *gasp* fan mail!

Long time athiest here.  I just wanna say I appreciate what you do.  Been a fan of the site for years.  Just never really tried contacting you because I figured chances were slim it would ever get read.  But to hell with it, and I say that with the highest level of sarcasm.

I come from an area ripe with bible thumping and snake handling and prayer cloths so naturally I am quite alone and persecuted but I'm not letting that change the way I believe, or don't, rather...

The thing that bothers me the most is that everyone can believe how they please and shove their bullshit down my throat but the second one of the minority (you) gains a voice they flood it with what you have affectionately enough dubbed "hate mail", so please track down each and every motherfucker who sends it and go to their home and beat the shit out of them for all of us oppressed nonbelievers!  

Thank you for your time.

“Shut it down and show some humanity for those millions you are clearly offending”

Subject: Idea for Website

1. Shut it down and show some humanity for those millions you are clearly offending
2. Post your address to show some conviction in your beliefs
3. Find something original to post other than inflammatory qucik hits
4. Forgive those who hurt you and try not to inflict pain on others b/c of your childhood- I'm sorry that happened to you.

Michael Moonan
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1. "Showing humanity" does not include pretending myths are true to keep from hurting people's feelings. In my opinion "showing humanity" is the opposite of thinking everyone who believes different than you will suffer forever and ever.
2. My address is clearly posted: normalbobsmith.com/contact/, and even the park I'm at every day is public knowledge. My conviction couldn't be more true.
3. My site is so original it's #2 on a search for "jesus" (out of 207 million sites). I challenge you to show me a more original Jesus site.
4. I am lucky. Only good things happened to me in my childhood. That's where, I believe, my strength & conviction to do something against what half the world believes came from.

Your accusations and judgments were all either blatantly wrong, or spoken out of ignorance. Please ask for forgiveness as your Jesus commands you to.




When did you decide that insulting christ and his followers was something you would do?

Nawasa Dowden

When I realized that Christ and his followers taught bad lessons and spread untruths about some of my most cherished aspects of life.

Mainly sex.



“You, the creation, a tiny little nobody would dare to insult the very person who created you...”

You, the creation, a tiny little nobody would dare to insult the very person who created you? Who gave you life? The image you have there of Jesus on the cross, He did that for you. He died that horrible death on the cross for you and me and you're gonna sit there on your butt and create a game making fun of that? That doesn't sound very wise to me.

Sarah Cleveland

Sarah, I assure you it's an extremely healthy response to separate yourself from the one who's created you. It's more important to live your own life than to spend it living for someone else. Jesus, I'm sure, wants to live his life and let me live mine. It's surely the entire reason why he did what he did – So our lives could be ours, not his. If however he's completely hung up on me respecting him, and praising him, and constantly thanking him, that's his problem, not mine.

Was it a gift or not? Do I owe him for the rest of my life for that, or can I live my life how I want now? It's something I'm sure he considered before he did it and it's only his followers that perpetuate the misunderstanding. My feeling is he's irritated with people like you for emails like these.

I think you've been very thoughtless in this email to me.

“He gave every one of us the choice of whether we want to follow Him or not.”

You know Bob that choice is totally up to you. He gave every one of us the choice of whether we want to follow Him or not. For a long time i could think of a million other things i would rather do than be a church going Jesus freak. And i wasn't until i was about 19. My life was quite the mess. I'm 21 now and i can tell you that it was the best thing i ever did, becoming a Christian. I didn't even know what i was missing. I still suck at this being a Christian thing but i'm trying. I just saw that game you made the other day and it just made me think about how i use to be. It makes me very sad how many people just don't get it. And sadly, most of them never will. I don't feel bad for sending you that note cause what i said was true, but like i said, its totally up to you and i don't mean to be a Bible thumper or anything cause i really hate that. Just trying to explain why i wrote to you. Anyways i'll let ya go. Have a good day.

[One hour later...]

Hey so i found all ur sites on facebook and joined one of them, i hope u don't mind, just wanted to read about it. Stuff like that interests me. Anyways i do have a question for ya if you don't mind. What exactly caused you to have such a hatred towards Christians? Like i know there are prolly too many of them to count who are fake and total hypocrites and lairs. Trust me, i've met my fair share of those."The greatest single cause of atheism in the world today is Christians, Who acknowledge Jesus with their lips and walk out the door and deny Him by their lifestyle. That is what an unbelieving world simply finds unbelievable."-Brennan Manning. But i mean, you REALLY don't like us at all. There must be a reason. But hey if you don't wanna talk to me anymore or whatever just let me know and i'll quite bugging you.

Sarah Cleveland
P.S. You have some really sweet skills in the arts. Keep up the good work.

Hey hey,
Feel free to send on the questions. I'll answer them best I can.
I've really got no hate for Christians. I might get frustrated with them, or irritated that they are finding every way possible to shut me down, or silence me. But it's not hate. I know exactly where they're at with their beliefs. I've been there. I was a believer until about 29 or 30. It may seem like hate to you, but to me it's just making fun, and jokes. I definitely pick on Christians. But it's not hate.

Don't buy into that "single greatest cause for atheists" explanation. That's not it at all. The REAL reason, the one they don't acknowledge, is the lacking evidence. You can't say that in a church service, "It's the bent logic and lack of evidence which is the single greatest cause of atheists..."
Church services need to inspire more guilt and preachy judgements, not acknowledge their flaws. So that's why the misunderstanding.

I'd also say the next greatest cause of atheism is the misunderstanding Christians have about atheists. We're not filled with hate, or believe in God but deny him out of spite. We're not disbelievers because we're unimpressed with the behavior of Christians. It's not rebelling against a god in any way. The reason I'm an atheist is because I know humans invent religions. You can't deny that. And Christianity sounds very much like another religion men made up. I am an atheist because I think the claims of god existing are false. No different than why you disbelieve in Vishnu, or Zeus.
You don't disbelieve because you hate Vishnu or Zeus, or you're not impressed with the behavior of their followers are you?

Anyhow, there's some answers for you, and possibly an eye opener you can pass on to your friends at church to help open the lines of communication a tad.


“i dont like this at ALL. seriously!”

ok, i dont like this at ALL. seriously! itd be kind if you didnt create mochry of the christian lord.

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I guess then I don't understand why you're here playing with it. You do understand there's allowed to be things that exist even if you don't like them. Right? It's not all only about your preferences. There are other people on the planet too.



“we Catholics deserve to be respected”

Hi Bob.
On your game on line of Jesus Christ, I express my strong condemnation, we Catholics deserve to be respected in our beliefs, i think you have a little more respect for Jesus as I believe that you have with your father and your mother, or your loved ones, respect your beliefs, but I think there is a difference between respect and insult.

God bless you and enlighten and forgive you.
Pablo Martin Leon

Since when are scapegoats respected? 



“I hate you”

I hate you

Teresa Suarsawa

But you hardly know me!


Each of these emailers was silent after my final response,
so your noise, of course, is welcome.


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