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“Oh Hail the Scapegoat!”

Their letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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The Complaints Faucet

I've no idea if anyone cares about this, but I feel like I've honed in on a science yet to be discussed. The science of generating hate mail complaints, and it's probably not at all what you'd think.

Every couple weeks or so I switch out the main JesusDressup.com page (the one most people stumble across initially. The link you get when you Google Jesus) with a different version of the game. There are presently ten rotating versions of Jesus Dressup online. Sometimes I switch it out for a particular holiday, or to debute a new theme, or quite often it's just on a whim. But what's interesting is having done this for over a decade now I've noticed a fun, predictable cause & effect regarding the flow of complaints.

When I posted the Lady Gaga Jesus Dressup last month hate mail pretty much came to a cease-fire. Quite the opposite of the constant influx that was coming in regarding the Original version which had been up right before it. You see, I believe when religious people see the Lady Gaga JDU the mockery is too blunt. Your average Christian witnessing a "Crossdressing Jesus" the status of the artist is clear. It's obvious I'm making fun, "hate Jesus," fornicating with men in sundresses, possibly even animals, so the offended viewer leaves with their complaint only in mind. Hell, they probably only see the page for a second before clicking away mortified. The same goes for the BDSM Jesus, and Villains Jesus. The goal to offend is far too blatant resulting in a dramatic decrease in hate mail.

However, and I've tested this again and again... and once again a few days ago I posted the Original Jesus Dressup version to replace Final Justice, and within just a few hours the hate mail started to flow. It was like turning a faucet nob. The same goes for the Christmas, and Halloween versions. With those ones the costumes are a bit more innocent, and the message received by the believer is, "He doesn't know what he's doing!" or "He knows what he's doing but there's still hope!" Or possibly even just flat out confusion because it's just more subtle. The costumes aren't so obviously anti-Christian, and subsequent letters of damnation, prayer, threats, reverse psychology, deletion requests, and any number of tactics are once again emailed my way.

It's a wonderfully testable science; the on/off switch of Jesus Dressups causing incoming complaints. Sometimes I forget how predictable it is until the switch out, say, Lady Gaga Jesus to the Valentine's Holiday, to Final Justice, then back to the Original, which was the precise order of events over the last three weeks. And like clockwork, the hate mail was off, on, off, on, to the day. You could set your calendar to it, which is what I basically do now.

It's something you're not directly privy to in my inbox and I thought it would be of interest. Anyhow, the Original's mainframe again... so back to hate mail!


Hi Bob!! (this is a fan mail btw)

My sister prompted me to send you this.

As a former Catholic shoolgirl, with all the usual hang ups and guilt, I finally got a life and became a whole person at 20. Hooray for me!

Anyway to cut a long story short, after a long illness, and being stuck at home, I started to make models - of mainly zombies, Jesus Zombies and Mary zombies ... It makes me so happy to gouge and paint blood.... ( I am very normal, a nice middle (46) aged-house wife), I just like zombies.

Having so many of them, I started to sell them on Ebay (which is - if their is a Devil - his spawn).

Have a look:

So yesterday after 2 years, I finally got my first 'hate' mail. I think he must be not familair with the Queen's English, hence the bloody awful spelling, but still..... he made an effort.

Q: good evening my friend,im christian man, im sorry to tell you but this is not art,you must be a shamed to do this kind of statues.you have a gift use it wisley my friend, peace be with you.

My sister thinks you will be proud of me, I certainly am, although I admit to being a bit peeved at the length of time it took 'em.

Anyway, keep up the good work : )


“get it out.”

Please get it out.
Dana Pospíšilová

That's what she said.


“You can show yourself, ok, But no Him, please”

Hallo Bob,
Please get your strange „game” out from the net,
Do you know, who is Jesus ?
You can show yourself, ok,
But no Him, please

Dana Pospíšilová

You're late. The official "keep or delete" vote ended yesterday. You guys lost by ONE vote! I know, right? I can't imagine how frustrating this must be.


“I can´t believe you live that way”

„Bob Smith – Normal”
Nothing is good with you
Is it really your game ?
I can´t believe you live that way
How frustrating this must be.
Live and Learn,
Not only sit with plastic PC, huh ?

Dana Pospíšilová

Hello Dana,
Yes, the game is really mine. You should easily believe there are people who don't think Jesus is a god but in fact a false god. And those people often manage to live lives of little or average frustration.

I use the word "Normal" because comparatively your beliefs sound quite crazy (magic people from the sky... humans speaking telepathically to non humans in another dimension... certainty you live forever after the grave, and it will be paradise... animals once talked, and people lived to be 900 years old). "Normal" is not these things.

Even Jesus himself said to expect criticism & mockery because what you believe appears abnormal.

You'll have to pardon me, but you sound quite frustrated.

“How can we judge someone when we do not know each other?”

Hello Bob,
Do you know what is interesting ?
When you do not believe Jesus is Good Lord, you believe He is bad guy,
You can also thing about me I am bad and crazy
I can think you are crazy,
How can we judge someone when we do not know each other ?
OK, we do not know each other.
And there is something stranger – mock someone unknown.
I can send you my snap, will you take off my clothes,
Will you show my snap in the net ?
Will you mock me too ?
Isn´t it behavior from frustration?
Why are you so angry, when you need to do these things?
You are afraid.
You want to live your own live, Normal life as you wrote
You want to play your game,
You want to do what you want to do,
But sometimes you can feel
Something is different
The life can´t be just about the games.
You can see another door, another step, another way.
Not only walking in the circle of fun, doing nothing good, mocking everything.
I know you know it. Don´t you ?

Dana Pospíšilová

Oh Dana, it can be so difficult to make someone understand at times. There is so much difference between the way you and I think, plus the obvious language barrier. I'm not sure I can ever make you understand, but I will try.

How do you feel about scapegoats? Do you know what a scapegoat is? Does that term translate? A scapegoat is a shameful, destructive idea that all the dumb actions, wrongs, crimes, and unflattering behaviors of a person can be packaged up and laid onto someone or something else. Then whoever that unlucky thing or someone is can be destroyed to eliminate all those embarrassing things we did, forever.

At one time the thing would be a goat or a lamb. There have also been tribes who thought the slaughter of a human being could vanquish a village of their sins. It could have also been a child, or a virgin, or whoever. Just as long as it was someone else, and not the people who were guilty. Countless innocent animals and people have been killed by groups of others who thought their sins could be disposed and forgotten in such a way. And there is no question why such a concept is so popular.

The problem is this is not at all how our mistakes are accounted for. This is not a responsible way for people to handle their actions, and the LAST thing people need to have put in their heads is that there's any way at all to escape responsibility for their actions. In fact I'd even say the concept can be absolute poison to a society.

Dana, this is where I feel like I can't make you understand, but the ACTUAL solution for crimes, wrongs, mistakes and unflattering behaviors is for the people who did them to take responsibility for them and know that they are theirs and theirs alone. They in fact cannot be passed onto another and gotten rid of. I realize right now you're saying to yourself, "What?!!? That's not right!! Someone other than me can take the blame for my bads so I don't have to! I don't care if it doesn't sound fair or right. My whole life is based on this concept and I don't want to lose that!"

All I can tell you Dana, is I'm sorry, but it's true. You alone are forever responsible for the things you do. The best you can do from there is ask forgiveness from people you've harmed with your actions and never ever do those things again. But even after that they're still things you did. That doesn't change no matter what. And you know why it's good to know this? Because it makes you more careful not to do it again. It teaches you an important fact of life that you can learn and grow from. It's a vital part of becoming an adult, and one shouldn't even HINT at there being another way. That's where Jesus is bad. He is the scapegoat. He is the latest version of a thing to take the blame. He is the excuse everyone is looking for to relieve them of their responsibilities. Everyone is trying to skip that step, and your Jesus is part of the problem.

Do you understand, or do you have many reasons your scapegoat is very important, real and makes sense? Everyone always has a long story why their scapegoat is actually fair. I think those stories are funny, but also terrible.

Dana's emails continued on the following page.


“i was so saddened by this site”

why would you put these ridiculous garments on our lord. i was so saddened by this site

Dottie Kichta

Because he's a scapegoat, and scapegoats are obviously wrong. Why would you think there's any way possible for someone else to pay for your wrongs? I was so saddened by these beliefs.


“you are so carnal minded.”

bob. you are so carnal minded. you have see feel  touch for everything to make ssense to you. you will not be able to save yourself. you are not a saviour. you are creation made by his hands  you will sin every day and only jesus can save you if you die without calling on his name you will see the dephths of a place you will never return from..the natural man thinks the things of god are foolish. bend your knees to  the higher power he loves you you are blind i pray in the name of jesus that your eyes be opened. its not to late to heal your pains.

Dottie Kichta

I don't have to see, feel or touch everything to understand it. If it makes sense logically, without any touching at all, I can easily be brought to belief. However, if it sounds like crazy-talk shouted by a wacko on a street corner (your response), I am rightly suspect.

I'm even more suspect when it's somebody desperately trying to convince me scapegoats are a good, healthy thing. Carnal minds are precisely the sort of minds that'd believe the blood of another can pay for your actions. I can't imagine something more gruesome, illogical & amoral than that. In fact, innocents paying the price for the guilty sounds like the fantasy of a carnal mind.

How can you believe such a thing? How come you can't see how disturbing that is?


“you will have to bow down to worship him of his second coming…which is SOON!”

May God have Mercy on you!! I pray for your mercy…you will have to bow down to worship him of his second coming…which is SOON! You will say that he is KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS!! Record this day that I sent you this email.Repent!! and seek him while you have breath in your body. His breath!! And accept him as your Lord and Savior! And he will forgive you your sins..he loves you and wants to give you eternal life with him! You have tried everything else…now I dare you to try Jesus!

Deborah Crawford

Deborah! This disembodied ego you call God wants to destroy us all in a mighty show of strength as he holds my head to the ground with the heel of his boot! The tyrant you beg and bow to, scream your prayers for me at him, for he craves the taste of my blood on his lips and my cries of agony on his ears!!

To my last breath I kiss his feet for he who reads my thoughts at this minute, sees my every private moment, and though I may try to hide he will always point at me wherever I am! And even when I die he will live forever and my praise of him must be always and to the end of time! 

It's a version of living only North Koreans know too well.

Be a part of the thriling Apocalypse Countdown!

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“The Hindus (Indians) make up to 1.1billion people make good response if you dare to do so.”

What about Hindu gods(Krishna, Sivan...), Budha..it would be more fun to dress them up too.
The Hindus(Indians) make up to 1.1billion people make good response if you dare to do so.

Arun Sebastian

I did Mohammed, mohammeddressup.com/ but those others just don't sound like they'd really work. I mean, if someone says "Sivan" to you, do you right away picture who they're talking about? "Jesus" on the other hand!

Recognizability is key for dressup games.

Let me know if you really have a funny idea and I'll consider it. But to me it sounds like your ideas are kind of dead in the water.


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