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These last couple weeks I've been having a hell of a lot of luck contacting stores and getting my magnets back on their shelves. Many of them I haven't been in touch with for 5 or more years, and others I'm flat out cold-calling and sending a sample set or two for them to consider. Good news is, it's working! Apparently this is precisely the time of year to be calling stores and sending samples.

I mention all this because I want you to let me know about the stores in your area you think might be interested in carrying Jesus Dressup. I will call them and make it happen. I just need you to tell me who.

Now, I don't need to be suggested Hot Topic, Spencer Gifts, Urban Outfitters, Ricky's, Target, Walmart, Toys-R-Us or any of the other huge names I already know about. They've all passed several times. What I DO need are the names of places only the people in your town know about. Head shops, comic book stores, alternative bookstores, strange toy stores and kitsch shops, goth/vampire themed places, etc. Those are the shops I can't find out about any other way than by hearing about them from the people who live there. YOU!

Just the name of one place can benefit me greatly! It's exactly the sort of help that keeps a site like mine not only afloat, but thriving. It's also an essential part of being able to produce new versions and different products in the months and years to come. I also want to have the money and reason enough to make the Lady Gaga Jesus magnets, a new Final Justice version, and yes, even the Mohammed Dressup fridge magnets!

So please! Tell me the store(s) in your hood you think would be interested in Jesus Dressup fridge magnets! This is the season for cold-calling, and I'm in an ass-kissing mood!

So email me! It really would help.

Dana's letters are continued from the previous page.
“How can a good man do something so disgusting like ridiculing someone in front of all the world?”

Hello Bob,
I agree with you – everyone is responsible for his own behavior.
But – you still do not know who is Jesus.
He does not relieve someone of his responsibility.
He says we will answer for our behavior.
If someone understands Jesus this way you write, it is obviously wrong.
Your misunderstanding, unknowing him does not entitle you to insult him.
You have to be very angry with him, When you feel you have to mock and insult him.
Who gave you the right to mock him ?
Who told you that all what you do is good?
Where did you get a code of good conduct ?
Or your behavior is according to your own discretion
Or it depends on what your company means what is normal, Normal Bob ?
Does Normal Bob mean good Bob ?
You think when you do not steal, do not kill, take responsibility for your behavior,
You are a good man ?
How can a good man do something so disgusting like ridiculing someone in front of all the world ?
Or Is it good behavior ?
When you are Normal Bob,
Do I have to mock you and everyone to become Normal ?
You can think I am crazy
Will you mock me, Bob ?
When not me or anybody else, why Jesus ?
You think about Jesus very often, I see.
Have you ever read what Jesus said, taught, why he died ?
I have heard stories about people who completely changed themselves when they met Jesus in their lives.
Have they became Normal ?

Dana Pospisilova

Well you need to have a talk with your people then, because they're all under the impression that Jesus pays for all their sins. Perhaps it's just a HUGE misunderstanding, but everyone I talk to agrees. Jesus takes on the sins (wrongs, crimes, lies, betrayals, etc) so you don't have to.

Lemme know.

“Can you answer for the first?”

Hello Bob,
Can you answer for the first ?

Dana Pospisilova

You asked A LOT of questions Dana, but I am happy to answer any & all.
Okay, let's get started, because there's a long way to go!

Who gave you the right to mock him ?
Nobody gave me the right. Mocking someone or something is a human right I'm lucky enough to have recognized here in the country I live. It's something we're allowed to do in America. It is also an important right, because without it people would be punished severally for doubting, mocking, or criticizing powerful figures, leaders, gods, etc. Oppressing this right in any way is a one way ticket to authority abuse, corruption and dictatorships. And for some reason us humans default to these oppressions if the proper safeguards (like protecting our freedom to mock) aren't in place.

Who told you that all what you do is good?
History. The history of mankind shows us that whenever people declare someone or something above question or mockery we're quick to submit and carry out human atrocities at the command of that authority. The history of human beings bowing to gods, kings, and dictators is precisely where I got the idea what I do is good.

Where did you get a code of good conduct ?
Wow, that's a good question. I suppose I got it from many different sources throughout my life so far. Everyone from my mother who supported all lines of communication no matter how taboo, to my father who instilled a level headed logic within me. Artists like Andy Kaufman & Andy Warhol who showed the value, necessity and courage needed to go against popular culture, and think completely outside the box while being innovative and funny. Also the study of mythology and gods of our past opened my eyes to our weakness to bow and worship anyone who comes along declaring superiority, and how it's a fundamental flaw in our behavioral makeup. This code of contact was formed by a thousand different people, places and ideas that I've experienced in my 40 years. It's impossible to pinpoint.

Or it depends on what your company means what is normal, Normal Bob ?
Normal to me is doing the best you can to be sane, sober and level headed in your thinking even when everyone around you is talking crazy. It's acknowledging insanity even when there's negative repercussions. Even when people promise you you'll live in pain for ever and ever after the grave for doing so. Normal, to me, is being able to handle criticism. Take it as well as dish it out. Answer questions, as well as ask them. Being fair, and knowing that part of living in a free fair society is putting up with being offended or bothered by other people's ideas. Normal, to me, has nothing to do with believing magical stories about angels, gods, paradise and eternal life cradled in the arms of everlasting love.

Does Normal Bob mean good Bob ?
Does normal mean good? Hmmm, well no. They're two different words with different meanings. Being good is a separate thing. However I see them relating. I see sanity as normal, and attempting to be as sane as possible is good. How's that?

You think when you do not steal, do not kill, take responsibility for your behavior, You are a good man ?
Yes. It's a terrific start at least.

How can a good man do something so disgusting like ridiculing someone in front of all the world ? Or Is it good behavior ?
Yes, a good man can indeed ridicule someone in front of the whole world and still be good. For instance, ridiculing a bad man, like Kim Jong Ill or Ted Bundy or the president of NAMBLA in front of all the world is a good thing to do. Also ridiculing imaginary characters like Batman, Charlie Brown, Santa Claus or Thor the God Of Thunder does no harm to a man's goodness. I believe a good man can indeed ridicule someone in front of all the world and not have his goodness jeopardized in any way. Absolutely.

Do I have to mock you and everyone to become Normal ?
No. I cannot be mocked, because I am always right. A man's goodness flies out the window the second he mocks me! I will not stand for it and if you do it I will bring down my full wrath upon you!
That's a joke. Of course you can mock me! I could care less. Perhaps it will even teach me a valuable lesson. If my ideas are so easily ruined by something as simple as mockery, then I will most certainly be forced to reexamine them. Crumbling to mockery is a very bad sign for the validity of an idea.

Will you mock me, Bob ?
If you say crazy things, and you're pressing this craziness onto me you should not be shocked if you are mocked. It's an extremely healthy, non violent response to craziness when it's being pushed upon you.

When not me or anybody else, why Jesus ?
I mock others as well as Jesus. And my reasons for mocking Jesus are many. The main reason though is because no one should be worshipped, because no one is perfect. And even if someone were perfect we still should not bow and worship him. Doing your best to avoid worshipping anything or anyone is the goal. Submitting to others and letting them control you is a bad quality for people to have.

Have you ever read what Jesus said, taught, why he died ?
Yes. I was raised a Christian, and I believed in God until I was near 30.

I have heard stories about people who completely changed themselves when they met Jesus in their lives. Have they became Normal ?
I have met people who completely changed themselves when they met Allah in their lives. Also I have met those who changed with Buddha in their life. Also, Vishnu, and Marshal Applewhite, Sathya Sai Baba, Muhammad, and L Ron Hubbard. Have they become normal? If someone changes for the better because of Person X, does that automatically make Person X good?

That last one I answered with another question just for you.

“what about Last Judgement scenario? What is your own version?”

Hello Bob,
Interesting views
So, and what about Last Judgement scenario ?
What is your own version?
I know who you show me
It is not a joke – as you wrote
he really thinks he is right,
But he doesn´t say you the whole truth
It is his plan with you and through you.
I know, you don´t agree,
What happened in 2000-2001 with you ?
You became famous, recognized, praised? Or  Is there someone who has hurt you as much as you have changed your life?
I know, it had to be huge. What was it ?
You have become great when you have rejected God, haven´t you ?
You came to his place and since that day you have been celebrating.

You feel that you are over the people who are able to recognize their mistakes,
who are able to recognize that they can not know everything,
who are able to recognize there is a higher authority that is knowable and perfect
and who can even learn and experience something
what  you ridicule, criticize, do not accept, declare to be non-existent.

Yes, for you it's non-existent, but , in spite of it all,
you do not need to prove them it doesn´t exist
Because you know, this is only the question of believing.
You know he exists, he is perfect, he is above you.
But all you need is confuse people.
Who is on his side, they know who you are and where you are.
But you care about everybody who hesitates
You can simply bring them down to your side
Children, teenagers, adults, immature doubting people.

You think you stand firmly against him and slapping him
As you show. Oh
Do you know, what is interesting ?
How much your own power you use for “something”, what doesn´t exist,
Mocking is all your life, wow.
Yes, I see you staying in the  street shouting ME ME ME to something what doesn´t exist. Wow
There are only two questions what I am interested in now.
Have I shown a mirror ?
I know you will say your truth
The Truth, Bob
Dana Pospisilova

Judgement Day with God's naughty/nice list & him declaring your Heaven or Hell destiny based on your beliefs is not in the "Normal" category. It sounds totally made up. It doesn't make sense, and believing this doesn't help prevent bad behavior when it can all be easily forgiven before you get there. Now, Judgement Day for me, an atheist, is every day. Every single day my actions are being judged by others. They paint who you are in this life right now. That's the real Judgement Day scenario. One I can actually show you happening right before your very eyes! I can point out results of your own actions and how they affect you positively or negatively. And though it's not 100% all the time, it can really improve your life and supplement your inner peace living as near to this reality as possible.

Living outside of that reality, I am constantly amazed at the negative results we humans bring upon ourselves. I am fascinated by the prices people pay for believing there's a better life after this one. I am intrigued by the pitfalls believers fall into again and again thinking they were created sick with sin and are being ordered by their creator to get better. These ideas alone play pivotal roles in bogging them down with failure before they even get started.

Would you like to play the "What's Normal Game," Dana? Here. It'll be fun.

Dana, if you were God would you...
1) ...demand people believe in you & love you, and if they don't, allow for them to suffer forever?
2) ...make it impossible for people to be perfect, then demand perfection?
3) ...require people to defy their logic and believe things that sound impossible, without proof, or face eternal suffering?
4) ...divide people in yet another way on a planet where the last thing we need is more things to fight over?
5) ...get angry at your creations for not being perfect?
6) ...be jealous if your creations worshipped something other than you?
7) ...expect your creations to live for you instead of leaving them be to live life themselves, however they want?
8) ...be satisfied by a love that contans a threat?
9) ...condemn slavery?
10) ...ever tell someone to take their child to an alter and sacrifice it with a knife?
11) ...invent hell?

These are excellent questions for someone like you to answer to illustrate how what you believe isn't normal. They're not complicated questions. Any semi-mature adult (you?) should have no problem answering these in a single sentence without long drawn out explanations. Let me warn you though! Your normalcy will be judged, and compared to mine! This is an atheist's Judgement Day in realtime. Let's see how you fair.

Thanks D.

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