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“Go right now and look in your mirror. Say these words: “I AM.” Say it loud!
Look into the eyes that stare back at you. Do you see what I am telling you?”

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I am a big fan of you and your site and by no means am I religious. I don't believe in any God and consider myself atheist, altough I dont think that people who don't believe in a god should be labelled as anything exept people who have common sense.

My sister is married to a Portugese guy and when I go visit Portugal we often stay at his old childhood house with one or two of his friends playing guitar hero and poker ect, no one has lived there for around 2 years and its more or less in the middle of the countryside. His parents while they still lived there often heard noises from downstairs like someone was breaking in and footsteps in the hallway but when they investigated they found nothing. This happened so much they bought a shotgun. We often stay there these days for the thrill of it, knowing that we will hear some weird unxeplained stuff like kids voices, groans and things such as coins being thrown around, hear footsteps and whistling knowing for sure it is none of us, so much so we all slept in the same room a few nights and locked the bedroom door because activity in the house got so bad, yet still heard whistling and footsteps in the hallway.

As an atheist I find it hard to come to terms with these things and play it down, yet I know what I heard and saw is not my imagination and cant be explained since 3, 4 even 5 of us experience it. Iv'e never believed in ghosts, least not like the typical ghost in a white sheet form...but maybe there's a such thing as enegy creating these sorts of weird happening? What do you think? I know if you stayed in that house for the night it would spook you too.

Kevin Barnes

You know what I love about being a decade long atheist? Now, instead of superstition chiming in with its solutions to life's mysteries, my harmony with evolution chimes in instead. And in a situation like the one you were in, instead of tiptoeing though my home wielding a shotgun, I expect that false instinct of fear to kick in, then move beyond it to something more reasonable.

Kevin, do you know why our fears are so easily played with? Why we're so quick to panic and expect the worst even when more than likely there's nothing to worry about? Why amusement park Haunted Houses succeed in terrifying us even though we know we're perfectly safe? Evolution. That's right! You see, there was once a time when there were very real reasons to fear every waking moment and always have your weapons drawn, heart racing. A majority of our evolutionary process was programed by saber toothed animals trying to eat us, diseases & starvation looming like an ominous reaper of death, and other tribes of starving, diseased madmen preparing to conquer and destroy our world each and every day! Before civilization it was the terror in our hearts and minds that kept us alive. We hid cowering from all that stalked us, and when cornered, it was fear that flung us at the enemy teeth gnashing, weapons thrashing. Now, here you sit thousands of years later safely at home trembling about the boogieman sneaking up the stairs. Here's a question, Kevin. How many of those times did the monster actually come out and get you? For Christ's sake, they bought a shotgun? To me this makes our neanderthal bloodline all the more obvious.

Now get a few of these brains acting up in the same room and together you'll construct the scariest most diabolical pursuer imaginable, and you each build on the story, because it's exciting, and fun, and mysterious! Way more interesting than say, having mice, or the furnace, or weather. Not to mention everyone had been prepped with scary stories to begin with. I'd say hearing nothing at all would have been a far stranger occurrence.

My acceptance of evolution along with our eagerness to be afraid explains everything. As an atheist you should have no problem coming to terms with these things. Not only do these "threats" seem totally in heads already filled with ghost stories, but quite frankly, I don't even see where the god-connection comes in. Are these coin tossing sounds evidence to you god is real? Are you telling me you think you heard god's footsteps?

Kevin, take my advice. Always assume human error first, supernatural occurrence second. Do this and odds are you'll usually be right every single goddamn time.


“I happen to know beyond any doubt that there is an Afterlife. The reason I say this is because I see the dead sometimes.”


I happen to know beyond any doubt that there is an Afterlife, but that's me, and please don't just take my word for it. The reason I say this is because for one I see the dead sometimes. I have spoken to my Grandfather who passed in 1962, and two good friends who passed some years ago. My real Father also came to visit me, and was seen to materialize by my wife, it most scared her half to death. Secondly, I died myself in 2001, had three heart events, saw the Light, saw many relatives and friends there waiting, and learned a few thing about the Light itself in the process.

Yes, there is an Afterlife, you are not a carbon based human body, that is simply your suit. You are a Spiritual Being is Divine Energy, and are in fact Immortal. So don't look at death as a fearful thing, or with sadness, look at it as a New Beginning. For myself, I can hardly wait, as I have seen the other side, and the grass is a lot greener over there. Whatever you think of there become reality right before your eyes!

Darren Jones

My god. You have no idea how long I have been waiting for this email.

Ten long years searching through the masses of grey for a spark. A beam of hope. A living window into the next dimension to no avail. Now, I am at the end of this decade long road looking into the eyes of the guarantee. The promise. I don't know where to begin. Questions. So many questions...

• Have you had your head examined so you can know for sure this is real and not brain farts?
• What are the secrets from beyond that no other man could dream up in a hallucination or fib?
• Which god is the true god of all the religions of the world?

You see, I've had other people tell me exactly what you're saying before and it turned out they were crazy and just looking for attention. Also there were a few who promised me their stories were real, but then one promised Jesus was true, another promised it was Vishnu, and the third guy swore to me it was North Korea's Kim Jong Ill. I wasted 5 years a piece praying to the wrong guy!

There was also a jerk who fooled me into thinking he was Jesus Christ, and he had a compound in Waco Texas where everything got blown up. That didn't turn out so well, even though he promised too.

Then I hooked up with Michael Travesser who said everything you're saying, and he couldn't wait to die either! It was so exciting for all of us anticipating death! He's doing 18 years in a federal prison now.

But now there's you, and I have to admit, it's hard to deny what you're saying. How else can you explain it? And I personally can't think of a time when anyone's ever been as sure as you are then turned out to be wrong. And if you're not wrong.... then that'd mean you were right! And what you say true!! My GOD!! Where do I sign up?? Are you looking for followers? I'm available. I'll believe anything you say!! Please, tell me what to believe and I will bow to every word! 

I swear I've got chills running up and down my spine knowing I'm speaking to one who's seen the afterlife and visited with so many spirits from beyond. You are a chosen one, Darren. God chose you to deliver your message. You are a Prophet among us. I will carry out your word on my dirty knees.


“The Light is about 12 feet tall from the "floor." it is really bright, it has a golden hue, and glows, and lights up the area around it. It is actually a crystalline based sophisticated computer system.”

I will give you an analogy.

Assume there is a robot vehicle on another planet in this solar system. It unpacks from the lander and goes exploring. It is a smart robot and has programs that "learn". Periodically it sends data back to Earth, where a complete set of its programs exist, as well as all data it has ever transmitted. Also, it occasionally receives "messages" from Earth that modify one or more of its programs in the collections of programs that it has. Eventually it runs out of juice, or falls into a crater -- and "dies". All programs wiped, all data gone.

And yet. Back on Earth all the programs still exist. All the data has been received and recorded. So what, exactly, "died" on that planet? Just the hardware.

I am not asking for anyone to believe me, there are many others who will tell a similar story. I will explain what I know about the whole affair.

This is hard to swallow, I know, but bear with me, this information was very hard to come by, in fact, I had to die to get it. Now, here we go, down the rabbit hole!

When a human being passes, they stay near the body, or loved ones for up to three days. then the need to go along comes, and eventually one will see the Light. Now we have been taught to always go into the Light, right? There is even a TV show that dwells on this concept. And, you can do this. It reads your mind, and sends you where it thinks you want to go.

The Light is about 12 feet tall from the "floor." it is really bright, it has a golden hue, and glows, and lights up the area around it. It is actually a crystalline based sophisticated computer system. It resides in the 4th dimension, you will never see it unless you are "dead." If questioned, the Light will inform you and show you, like a video player, all of the many thousands of Heavens, Hells, Summerlands, Happy Hunting Grounds. If humankind ever thought of it, it is programmed into this machine. And it is a machine. It can send an enlightened being to anyplace they wish to go, and it can neutralize an angry, or psychotic soul, and send them back again. Suicides are always sent right back through. The Light has a friendly attitude, and will not argue or dispute you, it is designed to work the birth/death cycle necessary for a planet such as this one. Without it, souls would wander, or cause trouble in the cosmos. Trouble is, the original design has been altered, and souls are programmed when they go through. The programming doesn't always work, it doesn't work at all with old souls, and hybrids, but it does work well on "young souls." Hope this has helped at least one of you, for those who think I need mental help, stick around, and remember this when it is your turn.

Darren Jones

I have to tell you, I can only think of two explanations for all you've described here in this email to me. Either (1) this is all true and you've uncovered perhaps the single greatest answer to humanity's quest for the meaning of life, or (2) Human error (misinterpreting your experiences). And since when has "human error" ever been any sort of reasonable explanation for anything? Whereas uncovering the solution to the mother of all questions sounds WAY more exciting, enthralling, captivating and fun! 

How can anything that gratifies the hole in my knowledge, while simultaneously confirming how magnificent I am be false?!? The NUMBER ONE rule of science is if it strokes your ego in any way it's probably CORRECT! Why else would we have egos? It's nature's fact-compass.

Have you thought about getting on the lecture circuit? People need to know these things, and if they don't believe you, screw 'em! I'd like to hear a better explanation!

By the way, how old are you?

“Go right now and look in your mirror. Say these words: "I AM." Say it loud. Look into the eyes that stare back at you. Do you see what I am telling you?”

You talk like one who is really know about it. Ever had an NDE? Ever Astral Projected? Ever been "out of body" for even a few seconds? 

I used to be like you, and I too believed that dead is dead. But friend, when someone you knew and loved dearly comes to your bed, in full bodily form, touchable, smellable, and he was much younger than I remembered. Also, before he passed, Grandpa had Black Lung disease and a bad back. He always walked with a cane, and coughed constantly. This was not present at all. He took me by the hand and we talked for a long time, most of the night, actually. He reminded me of certain promises I have made to him, and he showed me things that amazed me. Upon my return, I saw my body laying there, breathing, laying on it's side, and it was then that I noticed the very thin silver thread that was connecting us together. I had to crawl back into my body. I have been out astral traveling many times, never had to do this before. I cried and cried when I got back in, which alarmed my wife. I am telling this as I remember it, so take it as such. But I can say without any reservation that what I experienced was true and yes, there is life after death. There is a way of looking at human spirit and again, a dictionary definition can be of use. Dictionary.com defines the human spirit as such: 

1. the principle of conscious life; the vital principle in humans, animating the body or mediating between body and soul. 
2. the incorporeal part of humans: present in spirit though absent in body. 
3. the soul regarded as separating from the body at death. 
4. conscious, incorporeal being, as opposed to matter: the world of spirit. 
5. a supernatural, incorporeal being, especially one inhabiting a place, object, etc., or having a particular character: evil spirits. 
6. a fairy, sprite, or elf. 
7. an angel or demon. 

Believe in Angels and Demons? Spirit without body. 
Check this: 
It should be noted that spirit is equated, to some extent, with consciousness, and it is surely the latter that provides the greater evolution in the life of humanity. In common terms, the Spirit evolves, not the body, except for minor cosmetic changes, surgeries, deformities, and other ways of changing the human receptacle. It grows older with each passing day, and I can really attest to that, being as I am more than half a century old. My spirit, however, is young, and strong. And here is the best part...I am my Spirit. I come from a Divine source, as all of you did. A part of that Divine source resides within every one of us, and it is Immortal, for it is Energy, the most pure energy in the Universe. Go right now and look in your mirror. Say these words: "I AM." Say it loud. Look into the eyes that stare back at you. Do you see what I am telling you? 

Science has nothing in its findings that can predict living systems will possess consciousness. There is no way to measure this, and without measure, a scientist is lost, and cannot define a thing. Consciousness seems to be above and beyond the basic material construction of carbon based physical bodies. Investigations of near-death experiences, for example, reveals that those experiencing this phenomena are convinced that they can exist without a body. I am one of these. This is also consistent with many statements; by individuals who can deeply immerse themselves in a meditative/contemplative state and experience direct contact with beings existing on higher planes of existence, without any evidence of possessing a physical body.

Darren Jones

I have a very interesting question I'd love for you to answer. Ask it in the mirror if you wish. Here we go.
Do you think there's such thing as hallucinations? What would you say is the difference between you and someone who's hallucinating?

Your answer to that would interest me a great deal.

And that concluded the dialog between Smith & Jones.


“So if your plan doesn’t work then are you really willing to take the risk in spending your afterlife in a place where people call hell.”

Subject: so bob...

I’m not religious in any way whether it be against or for god.
But one question that did get me thinking that i want to ask you to see what your thought's are is..
If there is a heaven, if god does exist and your letter or plan whatever you call it doesn’t work, what then.?
If what people said were true about heaven and hell and we didn’t give ourselves to god and we are doomed (whether no evidence or explanation that some people are looking for is available) then what?
What have we got to lose if we believe?
I’m just saying “IF” there is. I’m not saying there is or not..
But “if” there is and your plan doesn’t work out.. What then.?
People say that you will go to hell (I’m not saying that)..
So if there is and your plan doesn’t work then are you really willing to take the risk in spending your afterlife in a place where people call hell.
Then abiding by some simple rules during life like no stealing, no adultery would be worth not going to hell right.?
Remember i am not religious in any way. Just curious in what your thoughts might be in this subject..
Regards, Jay

PS. I would really appreciate it if you wouldn’t write back to this email as it isnt mine
also please dont post any of this or your website. i dont want strangers emailing me..
i just wanted an answer
but if it has to be posted please put it under anonymous and no email if possible please

I get this question A LOT, and it always shocks me.“What if you're wrong and Jesus & God are real? Heaven and hell, both REAL! Then what?”
What stuns me is the questioner's total lack of first pondering it themselves. Asking the mirror. “Pardon me, Self, but what if Vishnu is real? What if Zeus is real? What if Muhammad is real?” Hold on to your socks! “What if Scientology is REAL?!”

Jay, all I'm saying is, if Sathya Sai Baba is actually a godman and you've dismissed him, what will you do when God is whipping you bloody with his giant leather belt? Such a perplexing, mind-scrambling dilemma! WHAT will YOU do?!?!? I'm just saying IF! IF, Jay! What IF?
Your complete lack of forethought reveals the precise mentality that the belief encourages. “Believe because the threat is too huge! Who needs proof? Who cares if it doesn't make sense? It's been proven that people don't make up stories! It's virtually impossible for someone to tell tales so tall! WHAT IF IT'S NOT PRETEND, BUT REAL!?!?!”

Answer it, then bring it to me. You're going to learn so much about yourself with my ingenious “Question Reversal” technique. What if it's actually the Jews who are right, and for believing in this Golden Calf you'll be beaten with white hot chains on a bed of rusty nails? What then, Jay? What then?


“i want to say thank you.”

Hey Bob

I love your insight into my queries.
Thats the questions that i ask all the time whenever anybody asks me about religion.
How can they prove that their way is right. What if Zeus is real? Why should i believe in Jesus when people put him into so many different religions and have so many different rules or ways we most obey. How do i know that Morman is the right way when people are also telling me that Ratana (Maori religion), Scientology and so many others are the right way too..

Although i don't believe that there is a God, Jesus, Vishnu, Zeus, etc. Well i don't want to put a label on it.
I do believe there is something out there. I guess i hope there is a place like heaven were everyone gets to go when we pass on and life is exactly how you want it. But i believe that whoever or whatever created the start of our existence on this earth would want us to live life the way we intend to, whether its believing in a higher power or not. Otherwise why would we have these decisions right.? 

Anyway i want to say thank you..

p.s I was just wondering, Why do you dress up as the devil.? Do you just not believe in only God and Jesus or do you feel the same about all religions.? If so why the devil costume.? Because if god ain't real then the Devil cant be either right.? And regarding your dress up Jesus site. Do you just have a hate against Jesus why you picked him as the main picture or do you also have sites for Zeus and all of them to.? and if you have that full proof plan to get into heaven does that mean you believe that there might be a heaven.? and do you have a full proof plan for all other religions.? 

p.s.s You intrigue me.

Very curious Jay :)

Jay, come on. It's pretend. God, Jesus, the devil, all these mythological characters we've carved onto cave walls and hope so badly are real. It's all an endless river of make-believe invented by people just like you who hope so badly we've got a daddy in the sky watching over us so we can remain children. The devil costume is for mocking purposes. And the Jesus focus is because that's where I live - Jesus-Land. At times it feels as if everyone in the world believes in Jesus. It's why I don't waste my time on Zeus or Ratana, or whoever else. Jesus is all anyone cares about, and until I'm shown otherwise he's going to be treated as such.

Do you really think there's a possibility of a magical man up in outer space and we're his gargantuan ant farm? Are you familiar with the concept that the most predictable misstep away from truth is when we veer towards gratifying our own feelings? Your hope that it's all true is your greatest obstacle towards actually discovering what's real. Scientists are hyper aware of this obstruction toward their goals, which is why they actually get results. Unfortunately the rest of the human race isn't as keen to accept this reality. If it feels good, looks pretty, and lines up with a preconceived conclusion then it's true. If it's upsetting, cold, and isn't happily-ever-after our blinders spring up. You're a perfect example.

I'm so in tune with this mentality now that when emails like yours come in I just want to press your neck into the pavement with the heel of my boot and yell, "WAKE UP!" But I'm trying to get over this and come back around to understanding that people out there have simply been given lots of bad information their whole life. What result should I expect? So no hard feelings.

I hope you understand.

“ur givn me alot ta thnk abwt”

thanks bob.. ur givn me alot ta thnk abwt


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