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Subject: Man, you're incredible. I'd like to meet you

Hey Bob.. on the off chance you get to this letter (and on the cliché that I assume you're too busy to read this letter),

I just want to start out by saying what you're doing is a service to humanity. Truth is really hard to come by nowadays,
especially because people have everything to gain from you believing in bullshit. Organized Religion is definitely prime example,
Evangelists go out and bait you into coming to church, people there do their very best to make you feel welcome and try to confuse you
about everything you know.. then tell you they'd love to see you on a sunday because it was so nice meeting you

Before you know it they've convinced you to come every sunday and you're sitting there being guilt tripped into putting 10% of your income
into someone's pocket along with every other yuppie who fell for the bait, wondering how the FUCK you got yourself into this.
All the while you're -STILL- confused about everything you know. Your website is entirely too necessary and your intellect is astounding.

Before this email gets too lengthy, I'd like to meet you. My name is Edwin, I'm 20 years old and I used to be homeless in Los Angeles.
I'm now living in Jersey City, NJ.

Get back to me if you can! :]

“you will be judged by God and will have to go to Hell and pay”

I am sorry to see that you think Jesus dying on the cross for your sins is something to be mocked. I pray that God draws you into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ so that you can know him for yourself. He died for your sins. That was the only reason he went to that cross. Playing dressup with an image of this actual event indicates how little you care for your soul. If you choose to reject Christ before you leave this earth, you will be judged by God and will have to go to Hell and pay for your own sins.
It doesn't have to be this way, however. Accept the free gift of salvation today. "For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God." Romans 3:23

Andi P.

How else are we supposed to feel about someone who goes around taking the blame for everyone else's crimes and bad deeds? Pat him on the back and give everyone who believes in a Get Outta Jail Free card? Since when is a scapegoat a good thing? Doesn't anyone ask that question anymore? Or are we all too anxious to back out of responsibility for our actions? 

Andi, no one has the power to take blame for everything you do. You may wish it could be so, but believing its true is FAR from noble, or good. In fact it's as about a cowardly act as I can imagine. What you do stays with you, and that's supposed to teach you how to control your actions! Imagining a scapegoat robs you of that valuable lesson.

That's why it should be mocked instead of bowed down to.

2 months later...
“I never agreed to allow you to post my email(s) and try and make a fool of me!”

You DO NOT have my permission to post my emails, email address or full name on your website. This was my personal email address, not a business addy, like yours is. I never agreed to this and am formerly telling you to immediately remove this information from your site. Thanks to you, I now have more spam and hacking issues. I emailed you to share the truth of God's word. I never agreed to allow you to post my email(s) and try and make a fool of me. I have not posted your response, and other contact information nor do I plan to.
By the way, HATE does not equal DISAGREEMENT. I disagree with you. I do not hate you.
Lord Jesus, forgive me of my sins
I make you Lord of my life
In Jesus name, Amen.

Andi P.

I am so so so so sorry! No one should have to go through what I've put you through just for condemning a stranger and scolding him for not living his life the way you think! In the name of everything holy, people should APPRECIATE religious self-righteous critiques from strangers! What a shocking blow it must be to realize no one gives a sewer-rat's ass about the opinions of faceless Jesus-freaks. How can someone like you go on knowing your two cents has zero value on the net?

To avoid this hassle in the future perhaps you should not email strangers, blatantly judge them, then obnoxiously dictate your list of corrections they need to make in their life.
There. Now your world wisdom is a notch above a nanny-goat's.

Your last name and address have been removed.

“I told you to remove my EMAIL... and I don't need your two paragraphs of sarcasm either.”

I told you to remove my EMAIL, name and email address.NOT just my last name and email address. For the 2nd time, I am telling you to remove my email from your site. You do not have my permission to post it. I don't need your two paragraphs of sarcasm in your reply either.
Andi P.

Are you familiar with the theory that when someone throws a brick at your head you're allowed to take that brick home, call it your own, and show it off to all your friends? Andi, your brick is mine now.

Next time you should hold onto your bricks if you don't want people to take them away from you and rub their private parts all over them.


“Are you a freakin nutcase?”

Are you a freakin nutcase?  This is an insult to the Christian faith.  Jesus bled and died on the cross for you. Father forgive them, they know not what they do.  

Rosemary Dolbec 

It still surprises me when there are people so shocked at someone insulting their religion. Are you really that much of an egomaniac about your beliefs you can't see any reason it'd be criticized or disliked? I can't help but think my site is just the pill for people so out of touch with the rest of the world.

"What?!? You DARE mock my ideas?!?!? That's the LAST thing I EVER expected!!!! I am in SHOCK!"

That's you on your quest towards adulthood.

“I can't believe that you would be surprised that a person that loves Jesus would be insulted...”

I can't believe that you would be surprised that a person that loves Jesus would be insulted by your website.  I don't care if you insult me or my religion, but I do take offense when you mock the God-man Jesus whom I love like my own family.After all, even if He was only a human being, what possible kick can you get from mocking a man who endured a cruel form of execution?    However, it seems to me that you are just one of  a long line of people who play the part of the mockers in the Passion of Christ.  Dressing Jesus all started with the scarlet robe, the crown of thorns, and the reed in His right hand in the gospel of St. Matthew.  You are not very original and you follow a bad crowd. 

Rosemary Dolbec 

No. What surprises me is how baffled you are by criticism & mockery. Didn't Jesus himself say to expect detractors? I mean, what planet do you have to live on to think a belief in godman flying up into the clouds to be crowned king of the universe doesn't earn a periodic poke with a joke stick? He's an admitted scapegoat, and you can't fathom why the negative critique! It's an astonishing mindset, you have to admit.

"Hi there! My name is Rosemary, and I believe a great wizard in the sky invented us! And even though there's a thousand other gods people have invented to believe in, only mine is the right one! Proof? I feel it in my gut! Do people with those other gods feel it in their GUT? What? Why are you smirking?"
You should leave your house every single day expecting snickers and whispering behind your back.

Oh man, hold on a second. Please tell me you're not emailing me from a hospital bed with bandages wrapped all around your head and dried foam around your mouth. Christ, now I feel bad.



“i Muslim from Egypt”

how are you
i Muslim from Egypt

What is Islam

Sayed Ahmed

I am fine.
I Atheist from America

What is Mohammed?


“Do not insult the Prophet muhammad”

please my freind  
Do not insult the Prophet muhammad

Videos : Witnesses of Thinkers about the Prophet Muhammad

Videos : Who was Muhammad ? Was he a Messenger from God?

Sayed Ahmed

My feeling is that he deserves to be insulted for promoting so much war and hurt. Anyone who promotes hurting others deserves to be insulted. Wouldn't you agree?


“Prophet muhammad not hurting others”

Prophet muhammad not hurting others

Sayed Ahmed

What does he say is the price for apostasy (leaving the Muslim faith)? I am very curious.


[4 days, no response]

Oh, nevermind! I found it myself. 
Answer: Death.

We can go back to playing dressup with him again!


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