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I have got to get this off my chest so I can move on!

Four months ago the Jesus Dressup iPhone app was approved by Apple. Unfortunately it was only up for 24 hours before my programmer went rogue on me completely shutting me out of the account, denying me links to my store and access in any way to its proceeds. So following a heated argument he removed it from the Apple Store.

Undaunted, I began again with a new programmer, resubmitting it, and waiting the two weeks for their review board to go over it. And as per an email received yesterday, the Jesus Dressup iPhone app has been officially denied.

This was the explanation I received along with the attached Jesus dressed up image...

"Mon, Apr 4, 2011 at 1:54 PM
The App Review Board completed their evaluation of the appeal and found that your app was not in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines: 16.1  Apps that present excessively objectionable or crude content will be rejected."

I'm sure my previous programmer, as well as a world of religious folks are delighted by this chain of events.

Needless to say this all really bummed me out, and has left me infected with a severe pouty face mumbling to myself "A plagiarist will probably resubmit it again and get approved! Grumble grumble..."

I actually got the first Apple rejection about three weeks ago, to which they allow an appeal with a written request of reconsideration. My fight was futile though. The Jesus Dressup iPhone app project is a dead project. Enough time and money has been wasted on this.

I am however moving on to the Droid app! There's no review board I have to get through for that one so the drama should be over. But I'm still pissed at Apple, my previous programmer, and every person from here on out with the suggestion- "You should make a Jesus Dress Up iPhone app! I'd buy it!"
The clowns at the bottom of this page are for all those cunts too.

“You people are playng with god”

You people are playng with god


Uh duh.



Stupid nigga DONT  FKN PLAY  WITH GOD!


I thought he invented us for the sole purpose of playing with him?



“Get a life...”

Subject: You apparently need Jesus!!!

Get a life, your site is distasteful, maybe you should consider asking Jesus into your life.

William Oshier

It's ironic being told to "get a life" by someone who's given their's away to someone else.



“Aslan is not a tame lion!”


The Bible is full of love, especially the New Testament. Love is what it's all about - and I am not talking about mushy pink hearts and saccharine warm fuzzies - to quote CS Lewis' allegory, 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' "Aslan is not a tame lion"!
Read, if you can, 1 Corinthians chapter 13, for a description of love, and what it is and is not.

Josh Barns

To me a god should have some composure. He took on a great responsibility inventing the Universe. If he can't handle it with a level head he's really not much of a god in my opinion. 



“The nerve you have for doing this is unbelievable.”

Dear Bob,

You may think this is a funny game and humorous to people. I am not one of those people. Jesus came on this earth to not only die for you, but to give you life. The nerve you have for doing this is unbelievable. My suggestion to you is that you look deep in your heart, look at your surroundings and ask yourself if it's all worth it. A life without God is no life at all. I will be praying for you, praying that you will finally see and not be blinded.

Sarah Edwards

It takes nerve to not believe someone's god is real and treat it as such? Don't all religions do that?



“Please dont continue with this.”

Subject: Careful

Please dont continue with this. This is dangerous to play with a Real and Living God

Ashley Woods

However, and I think you'd agree, it's not at all dangerous to play with a fake and non existent god.



“Suck butter from my ass”


Suck butter from my ass cuntbucket long streak of paralysed piss

David Jones

Why are you putting butter in your ass in the first place?


“you to eat it out”

for you to eat it out of you shitfuck retard

David Jones

So you're into having retarded people eat butter out of your ass? That's a new one. They should call that "Doing a David Jones." 


“You just admitted to being retarded”

You just admitted to being retarded...you are a stupid cum sucking fagget asshole. You must be gay, are you? Sick fuck

David Jones

Well no. I've only restated your fetish back to you with alarm, and curiosity. You're the one openly admitting to feeding your ass buttered to mentally disabled people. And now cum-sucking faggots too? And you just signed off "Sick Fuck."

You don't keep any secrets do ya?


“you are a sick fuck who should die”

your the only mentally ill one who doesnt belioeve in god the obvious. you said mentally ill people so maybe its ur fetish. you are a sick fuck who should die

David Jones

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