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subject: short letter

Dear Bob/"freaky guy dressed as satan",
I've loved your site relentlessly for years now. I just love its very existence and yours. You've served as a very important role model to a chick in the midst of cruel conservative kentucky and whether you can see yourself in that light or not...It's the reality that by having you as an inspiration I've gotten closer to the person I ultimately want to be. Plus...C',mon, man. You fuckin' rock.
And as a token of my gratitude, an attachment for you...I do <3 Normal Bob!

<3 Sarah

subject: You are amazing :)

Loving your stuff Bob!

Kirsty, UK

“I feel so sorry for you”

subject: luv

Hi bob
I‘m not really sure what you are doing or trying to do ,[Jesusdressup], but I feel so sorry for you .
Jesus died on that cross because He  loves you so much and He loves you unconditionally, and He will never stop loving you.
Did you know that Jesus was crucified so that you can have everlasting life , He is the King above all kings .
[remember GOD knows you , like you don’t know yourself , because HE created you]
I love JESUS so much , there is none like Him.
Andre Cloete

To me it's appearing as though Jesus and his dad got in way over their heads with this whole "Let's make a Universe and be gods of it" project. They're constantly disappointed with the performance of their creations. They cry for us because they love us too much, yet we keep messing up and eventually end up going to hell, and it makes them so sad! They've clearly bitten off more than they can chew and they're blaming everybody but themselves.

Blaming the thing you created for its flaws and punishing it in retaliation is a clear signal that the Great Leader has checked out and we're going to have to figure this one out on our own. That's what I'm doing.



“I'm gonna be honest, I'm a little creeped out...”

subject: hey bob

I'm gonna be honest, I'm a little creeped out by the dress up jesus thing. I'm just not a big fan of him on the cross all bummed out looking.

Maybe the thumbs up jesus (see attached) would be better, or the overly happy, white teeth before modern dental work, laughing because he's a BA jesus.

Just a suggestion. 
HAve a good day
Fred Miller

Yeah, somebody else already did that version. I think they call it "What Would Jesus Wear fridge magnets," or something like that. You're just at the wrong site, that's all.

I realize there's a massive audience out there for the Homeboy Jesus and winking action figures. I guess my sense of humor is just a bit darker than that. Beh, to each their own. You know?

Thanks though for the critique and art direction. It's always really really appreciated. There needs to be more people out there like that.


“I am a Christian, so I am sure you are well aware that I was offended.”

subject: Questions

My name is Michelle and I was doing so surfing of the web when I can upon your dress up Jesus link. I should say that I am a Christian, so I am sure you are well aware that I was offended. However that is not the intent of this email.

I began to look at your site and I noticed that you used to attend a church. You probably have your story somewhere on your site, but in all the reading I did on it, I couldn't find it. I guess I am just curious to know how you came to believe what you do now, and what exactly you do believe. Obviously you don't believe in God, or Jesus, but I am interested to know why and if you have other views.

Thank you,
Michelle Andringa


Wow. Why don't I believe? There are so many reasons, but the most obvious one, at least right now, is that it sounds pretend. You hardly have to start hearing the stories before you're smacked in the face with how made-up it all sounds. Then you when you look into how adept we are to inventing myths and believing them in large groups, the explanation of how Jesus & God came around makes perfect sense. We fit right in with all the other societies who've believed in their gods and goddesses around the world and throughout history.

Also, the god described in the Bible sounds nothing like any sort of "Supreme Being" and more like a kid whose science project got out of hand and blames everyone but himself for it. He's disappointed with his creation, so he blames the creation. It's so clearly the kind of circular logic men would make up and write down.

It's also full of harmful advice and instructions. What god would encourage believing things based solely on faith in a world full of liars? It's clearly wrong to put forth the idea that an innocent can pay the price for the guilty. Any god with our best interests in mind wouldn't base our eternal lives on such mystery and guessing games. A god who cares wouldn't start us off with baggage piled on our backs. A real god wouldn't care about the worship of his creations. All these things point to senselessness and man's silly myth writing ability.

In the end, for me personally, it just didn't make sense UNTIL I took God and Jesus and all the religious BS out of the equation. Then it made perfect sense. This is precisely how the world would be if there were no gods, and we were left to our own accord to figure things out ourselves.

There are about 50 other reasons I could list off apart from these, but I have work to get done.
Thanks though!

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