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Their letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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So guess what? You might not believe this, but what you see to the right are the last two complaint/hate letters I've received in the last month. It's true.

It could be evidence of a shifting tide of thought, or perhaps the a result of new filters being used by popular search sites, or perhaps I'm just not that good any more, or MAYBE these are inDEED the last few days before Judgment Day and this is one of the signs! Whatever it is, these could very well be the last two battle cries you'll read directed at me.

Christ knows, I've still got plenty on my plate to occupy my time (Amazing Strangers, comics, & searching for stores to carry my magnets to name a few), but that's where things stand as of this moment.

There's no reason it has to stay that way. I'm still #2 on a Google for "Jesus" and I still get adequate traffic and press. A couple people have told me it's simply due to the weather getting nice so everyone's outdoors instead of in front of their computers. I've also heard theories on how emailing websites has lost popularity because now everyone Tweets instead. And of course my own nagging inner-voice suggests that I've overstayed my welcome, started one too many sentences with "And" & my imperfect grammar, at times, has become insufferable. People just aren't listening any more.

I am crazy-fascinated by how the internet works, the shifting patterns and doing my best to stay ahead of the flow. If you have theories or flat-out facts I'd love to hear them. Please leave your comments and observations for me.

Also, if you're really up for helping out I am always in the market for:
• Store suggestions for my magnets
Freelance art jobs
• Spread the word of my site through emailing friends, link-ups, reviews & whatever
• Gushing love letters (including cleavage).

Either way, I just thought you'd appreciate an explanation on why I won't reach page 500 of hate mail before the apocalypse.


“I'm sorry but now that I found out that they possibly sell these things in stores that I shop in I'll have to pay closer attention so that I can do what ever it takes to make sure that they don't any more.”

Ouch! This is really unbelievably tasteless and inapropriate. God bless you anyway. We’ll all meet Him sooner or later ……I’ll be praying for you that it'll be on good terms when you do.

I guess you already figured out that I'm not going to give you any business. nor spread the word about the wonderful online store I found while you continue to create or sell things like that (a dress up Jesus). I'm sorry but now that I found out that they possibly sell these things in stores that I shop in I'll have to pay closer attention so that I can do what ever it takes to make sure that they don't any more.

Hopefully you'll sell more tasteful items in the future. 

May God Bless you and may you find true peace and understanding. 
I truly do pray that you have a personal encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ Himself that changes your life in a positive way.

Happy Resurrection Day!
Kathy Kyriazis

JESUS still loves you!

It's only as bad as you see it. If you look at it as a way to honor him then it takes on a whole new meaning. Or maybe he'd be more flattered if you assumed he had a sense of humor instead of as a crybaby? There's a thought. Do you prefer it when people walk around feeling sorry for you and saying things like "Oh, Kathy can't take a joke. She cries and cries over problems that happened 20 years ago. She'd much rather be pitied and coddled. That's just how she is. Cry for her. It's what she wants."
Now imagine it's those people going around speaking for you everywhere they went making you out to be forever the tragic victim. Great friends, huh?

I know when people tease me about the time I slammed my thumb in a car door 15 years ago I can easily laugh at it now. Jesus' incident was over two THOUSAND years ago, AND he's been in paradise ever since! Paradise, Kathy. Do you have any idea how amazingly amazing paradise is and how little the pain of that weekend matters to him now two millenniums later?

Imagine you win a billion dollars, plus you're given a magic tophat that lets you wish for anything else money can't buy (like perfect health, beauty, the ability to fly, run 100 mph, peppermint flavored skin, etc). Then somebody comes up to you and tries to upset you by talking about the time you fell down the steps in high school. How would you feel? Would it ruin your good time in any way? Does no one consider these things? Or are we all just too anxious to cry & feel sorry for everybody instead of assuming they're an adult who can handle life's problems maturely, and possess an ability to laugh at past shortfalls.

Now imagine the one thing the billion dollars & tophat couldn't do for you is make everyone stop pitying & feeling sorry for you all the time. And instead everywhere you turned people treated you like a overly sensitive child who could only be spoken to in baby-talk, and they were always dabbing your eyes with tissues trying to dry your tears before they streamed down your face even though you were perfectly happy and fine.

That's the sort of friend you're being to Jesus. While I on the other hand am the guy who busts his chops on the golf course then we laugh together and side-hug, because I'm the only one who treats him like a true friend.

Think about it.


“I am still praying for you and...”

hey bob
how are you its been ages
and just contacting you to say gidday mate from new zealand
I am still praying for you and believing that one day soon Gods gonna do a miracle in your life
for you to accept him as lord and saviour
miracles do occur and I pray for one for you
God bless you Bob Smith
Allan Cameron

I like how you so readily trust other people's brains (or your own for that matter) at telepathically translating messages from the another dimension, because that's what it all comes back to. It's an amusing trait and I'd enjoy seeing how you apply it in other aspects of your life.


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