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“I'm sure you don't understand what you've done here, but...”

They're doing their best to save me from myself.

Their letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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Subject: German Jesus Freaks

I am currently finishing up a semester abroad in Munich Germany. I was going to dinner with some girlfriends when we were accosted by German Jesus Freaks handing out Jesus Loves You crap. To our amusement there was a large banner that said Jesus <3's Dich which translates to Jesus Loves You but in English looks like "Jesus Loves Dick"

Just thought I would share the funny with you.

Laura Redmond

“Imagine that your dad just jumped in front of a bullet to save your life and died a slow and painful death and then you went online the next day to find that someone had made and posted a cartoon of your dad potrayed to be some kind of male stripper.”

Subject: Your website

Just happened to stumble across your Jesus dress up page on your website and I understand that you probably don’t intend to promote discrimination against Christians , but I feel that this website  page kind of does that. I am a Christian and so obviously I take Jesus dying for me (and raising from the dead ) as a very serious matter ,to put it simply, so you can understand why I’m not a fan of this page.

Imagine that your dad or some one else very close to you just jumped in front of a bullet to save your life and then died a slow and painful death and then you went online the next day to find that someone had made and posted a you tube video of a cartoon of your dad (or other person) being shot while being potrayed to be some kind of male stripper. ‘Not nice’ would be a slight understatement I think...
Also , just so you know, Jesus didn’t enjoy the pain of the cross, just to clear up any ,misconceptions you may have  (‘He wants it just as bad as you wanna be forgiven for it!’) But he did want people to be forgiven , sometimes more people themselves want, because he cares about them , including you. I know your probably an extreme atheist or something but there’s no need to be bitter about it, you know?
Anyway , if you drew that , your a really talented artist! =) Just try to use that talent in a more peaceful way.
Thanks for your time,

Hello Evie,
Please let me assure you that the site does probably promote discrimination against Christians, but I bet it's in ways you'd totally agree with me on. Like for instance, the site makes the claim that Christians do indeed believe they get to live forever in paradise after they die while most everyone else does not. Subsequently you're discriminated against because you guys get to live forever in paradise. It's like rich people who complain about all the poor people they have to look at during their limo ride to the yacht club. You're gong to heaven forever and ever, now you're complaining to us about drawing pictures and poking innocent fun? Doesn't all that even out when we go to hell and you get to laugh at us for all eternity from your diamond studded thrones?

Also, you get discriminated against because all the bad things you do and say get erased while the rest of us have to receive 100% of the punishment for everything we do. You folks get to sin and let Jesus take the blame. That's a MAJOR benefit you guys get that the rest of us don't. To the rest of us that seems totally unfair (only having to take 50% of the blame for what you do. Sometimes as little as 0.02%). It's like judges and senators getting to park wherever they want while the rest of us get towed. And now you're whining about the little jokes we say to each other to help us deal with our destiny compared to yours? You get everything while we get nothing, and now we have to listen to your complaints about it? Sorry.

Evie, the analogy of my dad jumping in front of a bullet isn't accurate. It'd be similar though if he jumped in front of the bullet, got killed, but then rose from that death on Monday morning. THEN after that he came back and showed us the bullet wound all healed up, told us he was now going to be king of the universe, said his goodbyes and shot into the sky like a rocket up to paradise forever. THEN after that dad ordered everyone to believe this happened or be tortured forever in a pool of hot lava. Now you make a joke about him being a male stripper? You think I'm going to care? Have your joke. My dad's king of EVERYTHING, and you're floating face down in a lava pool.

You guys get so many benefits for believing impossible things, while the rest of us who can't believe such things are paying for our crimes, AND yours! Cry me a river Evie.
Hopefully now you understand where we're coming from.
Thanks for the email!

“how can these be lies when the Muslims religion,Buddist religion, Hindus all state that Jesus was a real man?”

But how can these be lies when the Muslims religion,Buddist religion, Hindus all state that Jesus was a real man?  Let me ask you this; what leads you to think so horribly about religion? I know there are way more options such as philiosphy and darwenism; but when you go through so much hurt and pain like i did, it became the biggest testimony when i was hit rock bottom and at that moment, prayed and it happened to help.  You know, you might not beleive in the devil, but the devil beleives in you and will always be there.  I dont understand why you dont beleive in God when he has been there this whole time you have lived.   
Let me tell you how agnostic i was -acctually i wont, bc im out of that time.  I am telling you that there is no need to think God is this fake thing.  Ghosts and extraterrestrial things like aliens are demons that are trying to grab on to people to lose the faith.  Now i am not saying there is not any other life besides earth...but you got to beleive somewhere.  I have talked to many peopl like you.  I am not afraid of telling you the joy and peace i have in my life.  I will not convert you but certainly tell you that Jesus did nothing but die on a cross for mine and your sins.  Have you not watched the Passion of teh Christ?  The Rite?  Letters to God?  Secrets of Jonathan Sperry?  Have you ever watched the 700 club or tithe your money to Israel?
Reason saying is because I know that you put this website up to down christians; which tbh i see more attacks on christians WHICH IS STATED IN THE BIBLE; and that is why i do not fear. 
So your beleifs, how do they differentiate from my beleifs?  I am a sinner. I use the Lords name in vain.  I get angry- you know why?  Because I am human, and thats what people need to realize about christians.  They are nothing like muslims where they literally take everything to heart (even the killing thing)  
You probably get many emails like this- but for some reason i am pushed to email you and try and confront you, if not tell you how it is.   My truth might be lies to you, but I would rather beleive in something that healed my jaw; took me out of my drunken mothers house; cured my husband from an anyeurism that was connected to his brain;found me my job that is amazing of a blessing; and found the man that is given BY GOD.  This SHIT aint not joke!  (ut oh, dont tell me how bad of a chrsitian i am; when you are just as guilty yourself :)
So please, tell me it is a lie when i PRAY and it happens?  Have you prayed yourself?  Usually people of Aethiest faith haad something bad happen in their past.  In Jesus Name I ask him to heal your hear and help you remember that God forgives people and will ALWAYS be there for people like you :)


Wow. Do you believe in their gods too? Does the fact that they believe in gods you don't believe in have any impact of their credibility in regards to Jesus? In short, you respect their half-belief in your god, but distrust what they say about The Prophet Mohammed, Shiva, Buddha or Visnu? Is that consistent? Why doesn't their belief in their gods make them more true for you too?

Evie, when your mind is mush that's the worst time to trust what it's telling you. Your worst hour is not the hour I'd pick to ask your advice on what's true or false. If someone's describing aliens and demons ripping them apart that's the person I skip over when I'm asking people for life instruction.

Here's a question. Have you ever prayed for something and had it not come true? Yes? Did that prove to you Jesus isn't real? Of course not. You give Jesus credit when things happen your way, and you've got excuses when something else happens. I can do that too praying to a club soda. Impressed? Yes, it could very well be a lie when you pray, Evie. Yes, I get emails like this all the time. Yes, I've prayed. You know what I discovered about praying? When I looked around at other people praying while I prayed I realized it's really just people who've got no control over certain situations pretending they in fact do. And I completely understand. It makes perfect sense. I've felt out of control at times too. I also know from living through those experiences that the decisions I made during those times weren't very well thought out. Since then I've tried to make it a practice to only make important life choices when I'm feeling good, sober, sane and balanced. And when I'm not feeling those things I go to people who are. You, Evie, sound like someone I should skip over if you're being tormented by demons and aliens, then getting your directions from movies and tele-evangalists.

I'm sure you're a really nice lady, and I'm sure you've got nothing but the best intentions, however you sound to me like the someone whose life decisions aren't made when you've got it together, but instead when you're falling apart. I'm sorry, but that disqualifies you from my "Possible Advisors " qualifications list.



“you have no idea...”

you have no idea how dangerous for your eternity this is

Andy Lepak

Oh believe me. I know! The plan your God laid out to decide our eternal fate has all but paralyzed my every move! Knowing my everlasting life depends on each & every goofy decision I make while raking the leaves, washing my genitals, or typing words into search engines has made every moment of my life a panic-driven Chicken Little nightmare.

And I make sure everybody I pass on the street gets a heavy dose of "Do THIS, but don't do THAT Bow here, not over there! Look out! It's hiding behind the bookcase! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!"

Then I realized god gave the world stupid rules.

After that mind-blowing epiphany everything got better and my mind could focus on real life again. Now I let you people scare each other to tears all over the place and I tell jokes about it. I make my living at it! And no. I don't split the profits with you for your time & effort. You people are strictly volunteers.



“I'm hoping your intentions were pure but...”

Hi Bob!

I'm hoping your intentions were pure but, just wanting to let you know how blasphemous your "Jesus dress-up" is.  He suffered much pain by dying on the cross and somehow I don't think putting a Dorothy costume on Him is very glorifying or respectful!!


Melissa Hall

Please rest assured, my intentions were pure. Have not one single doubt about this.


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