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Yahoo Answers has warmed its way into the public's heart as the most popular way to get thorough answers to difficult personal questions on the internet. That's what makes this most recent viral response (as chosen by the voters!) all the most satisfying. Leave it to the UK to've resolved this already.

Resolved Question
What is the best way to stop your child from becoming an atheist?
I don't want my children to be punished by God.

Best Answer
Do not educate them, or expose them to critical thinking, logic or science.
Lie to them constantly about how the world works. Feed them a steady diet of mumbo jumbo dressed up like real knowledge – the jumbo jet in the whirlwind for example – and pretend that it is deep wisdom.

Make them loathe their own natural bodies and functions. Convince them they are small and weak and worthless and need redemption. Tell them everything enjoyable is grievously wrong to even think about, and that their only fun should be in grovelling to an invisible friend.

Ensure that they resent anyone who is not like them in every way – skin color, nationality, political opinion but especially creed. Make such people out to be evil and vile and give them – impotent minorities all – the fictional power to somehow oppress and persecute the vast majority who do think like you.

Teach them to laugh at and dismiss out of hand any faith but their own. Early – early mind you – make sure they are taught the difference between superstitious deadly error – that one raving lunatic in the desert told the truth about a vicious god who killed people, and divine eternal truth – that another raving lunatic in the desert told the truth about a vicious god who killed people.

Instruct them with all severity and import to never question for themselves – to never think for themselves – to never live for themselves – but to seek answers only in one – just one – particular set of semi-literate bronze age folk tales.

Above all – and this cannot be overemphasized – make sure they cannot spell, use correct grammar, or understand basic English words.

That should do the trick.
-David M

[Original post]

“He will not be mocked.”

Subject: You may know this already...

...but you should really consider taking your site down. I am sorry for your intense pain and whatever made you hate God. He will not be mocked.

Galatians 6:7-8
7 Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. 8 Whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; whoever sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life.

Elaine Kazarian

After many many years of opening up emails and reading reactions from those visiting my site would you like to know what's never ever happened prior to this day? The one thing I've been waiting to hear which has never been said? And it's not the scary threats, or promises of riches & fame, or any of all the other things I've had thrown at me over the years. No. All I've been waiting for since day one is an apology. “I am sorry.” Three simple words that no one else could seem to afford, until now. Until you.

Your apology, even though you do not know me, means everything. Your “sorry” for "whatever" has humbled me to no end. Gentle bravery in the face of this intense hurt & hate has brought me to my hands and knees before this one who calls himself “God.”

As I look down upon myself from my mind's eye at this pitiful creature on all fours I see that the prophesy of your scriptures has indeed played out just as predicted. Tears pouring from my eyes, and now I'm kissing and licking my bathroom floor out of sheer and utter lowness, for which I have found the absolute bottom. I am a human sized worm risen up from the mud by the rain shower of grace from above! For the first time I am breathing fresh air and feeling sunlight on my face.

In this world of grief which I seem to have entered into I'm also sweating profusely, and gagging a bit, which I suppose are the lies and bile that I've regurgitated for so many years and am now forced to swallow. Also, my feet are tingly, and my fingertips going numb, and my mouth opening against my will. Salivating, a lot!
My gagging has turned to heaving, and there's a trembling uneasiness from within which I can feel rising from my gut, up into my throat, and OMG!!!!

Elaine, I just threw up the cold pizza I had for breakfast. Don't freak out! My god. I left that box out one day too many.
Forget what I said. I'm totally fine now. The goal is to get it to come out the other end, right?!?! LOL!

Thanks for the email anyhow.



Subject: SEEK HELP



Sandra Prestwood 

I appreciate the concern, but I feel fine. I'll take a handful of Vitamin C though just to make sure.



“The hate in deepest core of your being must be an incredible burden to bear...”

Subject: Not so normal

The hate in deepest core of your being must be an incredible burden to bear and is not 'normal' in any sense of the word. Whatever it is that made you this way is truly unfortunate.
Sir O
(Sir Offenzalot)

Why is everyone always so down on hatred? Hatred deserves a fair shake, but instead all it gets is a bum wrap. Sir O, you might like to know that some people go on and live extremely happy, healthy, productive lives filled with nothing more than hatred in their deepest core.

Oh, but you can't be content with that and just let 'em be. No. You have to stick your nose in and blow snot all over it.

Word of advice. If you really want to win the battle of whatever it is you're fighting for, you might want to try a little less love, and a little more hate. Despite what Disney and Oprah says hatred's gonna kick the shit out of love in the end. Hatred's spent more time at the gym & firing range.


“I am confident you are aware of the school of thought that says when one you are arguing with resorts to name calling and ridicule, you know you've won the argument.”

While I do respect one's right to live as they choose, within the law of course, I cannot comprehend how someone can take so much pleasure in ridiculing something or someone that many people hold dear. Your obsession with ridiculing Jesus , along with other religious figures, is frankly quite childish and reminiscent of the incessant babbling of atheists on various internet forums.

I am confident you are aware of the school of thought that says when one you are arguing with resorts to name calling and ridicule, you know you've won the argument. Looks like you lose and though you may offend many people with your antics, there others who see through your mask of hatred and shake their heads in sheer sympathy. You failed to mention what trauma you suffered, in your past, that has made you choose this road you currently travel. None of my business, I know, I was just curious.
Stay well!
Sir O (Phillip)

That's surprising. You'd think emailing complaints under the name "Sir Offenzalot" you'd be used to being disregarded by now.

What trauma have I suffered that led me to make fun of the gods we've invented? Really? That's your approach?

Phil, there's another reason to resort to name calling & ridicule. Perhaps I've got a book I'd rather be reading, or friend I'd rather talk to, or a thought I'd rather be thinking instead explaining myself to some anonymous nobody bellyaching to me over the internet. This I suppose is exactly what the whole site is. My explanation to people who I'd rather not let waste my time.

Now here's an idea for you. How about spending a little less time worrying about the mood swings of your friends in Narnia and a little more time developing social skills with real people? I believe that's precisely what "Sir O" needs right now.



“...stupid and Disrespectful.”

Your site is stupid and Disrespectful

Alexandra Cerda

This is like crazy coincidental but that's practically a direct quote from our mission statement.


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