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Not at all sure what thoughts to post here this week.
If you think of something interesting, questions you'd like answered, or anything regarding this page, the site or me personally please let me know. I'll be happy to oblige wherever possible and perhaps have something interesting to post in this long-ass sidebar. But for now all I have is this email I received about 30 seconds ago.


"Hi, I would like to know if you would have an interest in purchasing this domain name (I found your contact information online and see that you own jesusdressup.com correct?).

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“I am going to pray that God does WHATEVER IT TAKES to get your attention...”

To compare Jesus to Lady Gaga is so sad & sickening.  It makes me realize that you do not realize there is a God in the heavens who is Creator and Redeemer, and no matter how much you make fun of Him, He pursues you all the more, and His love never changes. 

You need help my friend, and I am going to pray that God does WHATEVER IT TAKES to get your attention. ..

Joy Jackson

Luckily for me my belief in his non-existence also rolls over into his non-existent reaction to prayers as well. And this applies even in cases where the absolute limit of the non-existent powers are being genuinely summoned.

However, I completely understand that the main point of your email is a need to maintain the illusion that prayer actually gives you control over that which you have none. For that I'm glad my publicly displayed contact info could be of service to you.

Joy, the dream of wishing things true takes many forms in each and everyone of us. You are not alone.

I have a hand-puppet I whisper my most precious wishes to, and I have asked it that your God finds himself in a shoebox on the ocean floor with his mouth duct-taped shut and his hands tied behind his back, preventing him from performing any of his sought after magic tricks.

From now on at least we'll know why prayers don't work.

“evidently you do believe in God because you asked for Him to be in a shoebox in the ocean.”

Your hand puppet can do nothing.  God has worked many miracles in my life, and He changes people!  I will continue to pray for your deliverance, and evidently you do believe in God because you asked for Him to be in a shoebox in the ocean.  He made the ocean, and set it's boundaries.  You need to think out of your box.  Jesus loves you.

Check out halos.com
Joy Jackson

I am so sorry to tell you that hand-puppet has also performed many incredible magic tricks in my life too. Everything from getting me to floss regularly in a time when getting me to floss seemed impossible, helping my favorite sports team beat the spread, to making me happy in times when I was sad! True miracles that have no other explanations besides "hand-puppet." Breathtaking hand-puppet sorcery that makes your God's "miracles" come off like shady, back-alley hustler scams. Sleazy, slight-of-hand tricks to snatch your wallet with one hand while the other is up your blouse unhooking your bra strap.

Hand-puppet is to your god what the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy is to the Cookie Crisp Wizard. Your god is a dwarf in a land of giants. Hand-puppet is the Ringmaster of the dancing poodle act that is Jesus Christ, and apparently you believe in hand-puppet because you mention him in the very first sentence of your email to me.

Joy, I have one other shocking truth to tell you. One that might disturb you greatly. Each and every one of the miracles you credit your god is actually hand-puppet stepping in granting Christian wishes! Hand-puppet is so generous, gracious & giving he requires no thanks, credit or acknowledgement. Unlike your god who demands it and is jealous when he doesn't get it. I am so happy he is at the bottom of the ocean where he belongs!

I love you hand-puppet! Do you love me too?
Of course I love you, Bob. How could I not?! You've got your fist up my butt!
I sure do hand-puppet. I sure as hell do.


“Your hand puppet is just that, a pawn in your hand, that does what you program it to do.  God have mercy on you...”

Bob. you will be without shelter when Jesus appears in the sky, soon.  Please read the Holy Bible.  There are so many prophecies that prove it is true.  The 2300 year prophecy is awesome.  

   Your hand puppet is just that, a pawn in your hand, that does what you program it to do.  God have mercy on you, and I will continue to pray for you.  The blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin. 

  How would you know what God Almighty's miracles are if you don't read about them?  You spout depravity. God is way beyond any of us, and yet wants to be with us and in us.  The BIble says the natural mind can't understand the things of God, and we have to have the Holy Spirit to comprehend Him.  So, I understand where you are coming from in that sense.  You are trying to understand God from a carnal point of view.  It doesn't work. 

  God loves you very much, as much as His own Son, Jesus.  He can heal your pain if you ask.

God bless, 
Joy Jackson

Then, after all of that, all your words, your beliefs, your morals, predictions & judgements, all truth be told, your god is nothing more than a glorified hand-puppet.

So from both our hearts, I'm sure you'll agree, praise be to hand-puppet.

“He holds the ocean in the hollow of His hand.”

He holds the ocean in the hollow of His hand...  He holds you in His heart.
Joy Jackson

And while he's holding me in his heart I'm here with my hand up a puppet's butt. What a trio the three of us make. Someone should paint a picture.


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