Hate Mail After my appearance on Inside Edition, and several fantastic articles, I can triumphantly shout
“Finally, Peeper Hate Mail!”

Their letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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Hi Bob, about the peepers.

Your set of videos and theories on peepers is interesting.  I am not a peeper personally, but I would consider myself a deviant and while I do not act on most of my urges/fetishes (you pick what you want to call it) I would say that I understand the motives behind some of the actions they take that you are formulating theories on.  I also think I did a bit of peeping like this when I was a teenage boy in school.

I would be interested in sharing insights on anything you have a theory of.

Two things right out of the box would be your idea that the men wear hats to hide their faces, and your theory behind the passenger window technique.

First, the baseball cap is so no one can tell where your eyes are, it has little to do with hiding their identity.  As you yourself have noticed, they are not exactly shy most of the time.

Also, as far as the window technique goes...I think that it's less about creating a safe space and more about being able to be so close to their target without getting caught.  The anxiety that comes with peeping is the thing that drives these men to do this for hours... it's part of the sexual excitement of it.  At least that's what I think some of them are feeling, judging from your very nicely shot videos.  And being that close while violating someones personal space brings a special excitement.

That's what I have for now, I'm on video 3, so maybe I'll have something else to shoot at you.

Chris J.

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Subject: Union Square Skidoo

Hey Bob,
Very interesting post on the Union Square culture of peeping and good going on the Times pickup that must be validating.

This is not for posting or publishing in any way, just my thoughts: But are you familiar with the term 23 Skidoo: A term police of early 20th century used referring to when they would shoo peepers from around the Flatiron building on 23rd Street. Peepers would congregate there because wind whipping around the flatiron lifted women's dresses revealing their ankles. 

Police today may need to enforce an Old Union Square Skidoo.


“The only professional peeper in the batch is the guy nicknamed normal”

The only professional peeper in the batch is the guy nicknamed "normal" who The Times has decided to write about.

He's anything but normal. He's the sickest of all of them. "Oh look at me...I'm a friend of women...I'll protect them from perverts by showing everyone how perverts victimize the poor women...watch...I have tons of video, 'cause all I do all day is sit in the park looking up women's skirts and making maps and diagrams and obsessing on sight lines up girls' skirts."

Nice. Real nice.
Comment 23 http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/

These complainers confuse me. Are they saying I should politely turn a blind eye on peepers out of respect for their behavior, or humanity? Is TestSubject1186 saying he'd prefer it if I stifled my fascination with their behavior because peeping them in return is somehow unfair, or an invasion of privacy, or quite simply over the line of friendliness to women?

I do not think peepers should be ticketed, led away in cuffs or imprisoned for simply peeping. Deviant behavior, like peeping, is the responsibility of the people to police. And the extent of their punishment is to publicly expose their public behavior.

There is no foul here. However, that "Hey, look at me" speech mentioned above is all directly quoted from a speech I've given several times at Union Square. It's a little wordy, but I think the girls really like me lots more because of it.
Normal Bob


“he's a petty misanthrope disguised as an urban anthropologist.”

i take exception with both the panty peepers and the people peepers, such as normal bob. he's not normal. he's a petty misanthrope disguised as an urban anthropologist. talk about the pot calling the kettle black.  

Ignatius J. Reilly
Comment 30 http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/

When did I call the kettle black? We are both peepers. I am as fascinated with peeping as they are with crotches. I too cannot see the difference and don't understand why someone's not making funny dialog over videos of me and posting them on youtube. I would love that, and not hide.

I can't figure out how if there's no difference why they cover their faces, run and hide, even flee the park when I take their picture? They do not understand why I photograph them when they stand right in front of me behaving ridiculously? If they make a spectacle in front of me they should expect to made a spectacle of.

I show my camera so they can see what I'm doing, while they hide and wiggle and squirm like nervous toads. What's the difference? You're the one calling me out. You tell me, cry-baby.




i think it would be really funny if you did a video like the peeper methods but called it "methods of a dealer" and filmed people selling drugs all day lol.


You might have to put together a sample reel for me to look at. This doesn't sound that funny because both people involved are consensual, and the exchanging of drugs doesn't include words like crotch, panties, peeper-creeper and panty-peeping.

Work on that idea a bit more so it paints something funnier. Although I personally think you're wasting your time with it.

Thanks for the ideas though!

“whoa i must have been really fucked up when i sent that...”

whoa i must have been really fucked up when i sent that cause i dont even remember writing you a letter. "methods of a dealer" sounds like the dumbest thing ive ever heard. Again, i was loaded outta my mind i guess. That just sounds like a way to get shot. Sorry for wasting your time LOL.



“You are just as guilty as the peepers as you are peeping on them yourself. Does the phrase "double standard" apply?”

Subject: Peepers

Just a couple of things enter my mind as I watched this on television today.
1. If the people did not want to be peeped on, then perhaps they should not dress the way they do.
2. You are just as guilty as the peepers as you are peeping on them yourself. Does the phrase "double standard" apply?
Just my thoughts. Glad I live in the sticks and don't deal with the "City."


Hello, and thank you for the email. I have never said that the peepers have no right to peep. Just as they have a right to peep so do I when peeping on them. And I absolutely don't mind if anyone films me peeping on the peepers or makes fun of me peeping peepers. I'm very out in the open about what I do, obviously. However, they always run away, hide their faces or give me grouchy faces when I peep them peeping. I don't understand!

They should not mind either. Are you saying it is wrong for me to peep on them? Am I supposed to ignore their behavior in front of me even if I think it's funny, ridiculous and entertaining? Are you asking me to not peep on them, but they're allowed to peep all they want and people aren't allowed to film and make fun? Are you saying I should respect their privacy?

Thank you for the feedback however backwards it seems to me. I appreciate opinions even if they don't make sense.

Normal Bob

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