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Subject: Hello there :D !

Hey there, I stumbled upon your site not because of looking for any religious controversy you have a knack of creating, but because of your video series of peeping on peepers, which I found fascinating. Having discovered your site, I stumbled upon the controversy that you create and peoples reaction to you.

Let me give you a brief background on myself : I am Australian, born and raised as a Muslim. I am currently doing biotechnology in university, and have always questioned everything, even religious taboo, much to my parents dismay and disapproval. I did go through an atheistic phase about 2-3 years ago, but right now im a bit more moderate and religous. Having said that, you seem to have your opinions and you stand by them almost religiously. These opinions are entirely new to me, as is you as a person and your mind set.

I hope that I am not boring you too much, but I wish, through dialogue, get to know you more, and more about your mindset and perspectives. You interest me because of how different you are (compared to me), and I believe it is my role as a human being to expand my mind and my perspective by listening to views which I consider to be vastly opposing to mine. You are free to publish my emails onto your site, but please hide my email address and alias. Having said that, whatever you sent to me will remain between us, unless you wish otherwise. You are free to ask me anything you wish, and I will answer it to the best of my capacity.

My first formal question would have to be : Which religion do you find a greater threat ? Islam, or Christianity ? (I recall reading on your site that you dont seem to mind Judaism)

Thanks for your time.
Terry Seeberg

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“Why do you sin?”

Why do you sin so much?

Elliott Middleton

Why do we all sin so much? I suppose that's a question better answered by some sort of rocket-scientist/brain surgeon of some sort.

What an insightful question.
Thank you.
I'm dying to hear your explanation.

“Sin is something that isn't good, anyone can admit that...”

Thanks for the reply sir :-)

Sin is something that isn't good, anyone can admit that, but I think overcoming it takes knowing God for who he really is. Have you ever sought God? 

I completely agree with what you are saying :-) 

Elliott :-)

And yet it could be also argued that sin is indeed something good, because it's precisely what we learn from. You and I can read all about what we're supposed to do, but until we make the mistakes ourselves and face the penalties of our actions first hand we do not learn. Making mistakes, thinking wrong thoughts, committing acts of sin should be considered a necessary, normal part of life since it is from those things that we learn and grow.

I know that for myself each and every great leap I've made in growth and maturing has been the direct result of making mistakes that you consider sin. Simply saying they're wrong and we're damned because of them is a terrible oversimplification. Without sin we would never fully understand what good behavior is and have these experiences to learn from. Sin is actually good for this reason and your god knows it. It's why he made it mandatory.



“If you don't know one hundred percent (and you don't) that Christ is not who He says He is, you would be wise to hush with your website cross dressing Him”

My my, if you only knew what is ahead of you on the current path you are on.  Im so sorry you lack the better wisdom that would lead you to keep you mouth hushed rather than blaspheme.  If you don't know one hundred percent (and you don't) that Christ is not who He says He is, you would be wise to hush with your website cross dressing Him on the cross.  It is not wise to make a light matter of something that could potentially be very serious, eternally serious.  

I have seen some horrible things the humans would call afterlife or hell, you have no idea how regretful you will be.  You are truly playing with fire.  If you have not met with God and been told Christ is a liar stop your website and any blasphemy and foolish talk from your mouth, your ways will come back to haunt you.  I love you more than you could possibly know, that is why I am warning you.  There are terrible things ahead.  You never know when your last day will be, be careful while you are here and don't deal so foolishly with weighty matters you are not experienced or knowledgeable about.

It seems all the people who don't know God have the most to say about Him, I encourage you to not seek man or any other source than God Himself, seek Him diligently with all of yourself, call on the name of the God you don't yet believe in and if you don't find Him what can I say, but.. if you do you will have spared your very soul.  

Be careful, as it is you are playing with God Himself. 
Creation Rebel

Do not think your warnings of eternal hellfire, wrath of God, and threats of unmeasurable regret are falling on deaf ears. In fact, I'd be willing to bet I'm a louder, more passionate, more alarmist Chicken Little than you yourself could ever dream of being! You see, Mr. Rebel, I too am well aware of the gargantuan fist your power hungry god in the heavens holds over us all. I too do battle on a daily basis with the creatures of the next dimension, and I too spend countless hours studying the tricks & trade of the Super-being up in the sky! But while your efforts are to follow & submit, mine are to stay one step ahead of that bastard!

You see, I'm onto this "God" fellow, and although he may have the powers of omniscience and omnipresence on his side, he is no match for my incredible gift of mockery, double-entendre, and plain ol' douche-bagery. With the skills I've honed over these many many years I have been able to thwart EACH AND EVERY ONE of your God's lightning bolts, seductive temptresses, Y2Ks, plagues & world-floods! Not to say it's been easy. I've sustained several stubbed toes, a spilt glass of orange juice or two, an entire load of laundry ruined by a misplaced fountain pen, and countless botched attempts to get laid, but I still stand tall! My incredible posture in these moments of victory says more than silly words ever could.

Listen. I understand why you cower in his shadow, bathe his feet in sloppy wet kisses, and stand feebly ready to plunge a dagger into your loved-ones the minute it's commanded of you to do so. This, my friend, is precisely the reason why I stand up to the bully. YOU are the reason I dedicate my life to overthrowing The Dictator! You, my friend, despite your pleas for me to submit, are the very reason I vow to bring this unsatisfiable Mr. Perfect blood-luster to his knees, by his hair, to nurse from my tit, in front of the ENTIRE WORLD!

I do not ask for your gratitude, servitude or thankyou's as does he. No, I do not look to own you like he. I am here to set you free! I am here to chop off the head of God himself so you may witness the shackles pop open, your chains falling to the ground, and your very first tears of joy following closely behind.

Thank you for your email Creation Rebel. Your silent request for freedom from this looming entity has been heard loud and clear! I go forth alone, with your desperate words in my front pocket and sensual dreams of our first open-mouth kiss on the lips in my dreams.

Normal Bob

“Well I'm not a sir, and I'm sorry your words have no shock value...”

Well I'm not a sir, and I'm sorry your words have no shock value, you sound so much like my enemy, I've heard his boast and demon tounges so many times, once you endure his taunting tounges there's not really any shock in anything else. So the facts remain you have to stop judging the character of God by the actions and words of men, you must learn wisdom enough to finish speaking of things you have no knowledge of, until you come to know the truth from the source you have no truth and will find that you have spent your life wandering baselessly in this earth. It is a warning dear heart, your time will run out and your maker will require your soul to pay for your offenses. I hope so badly you take heed.

Creation Rebel

I have indeed heard your tireless warnings, but I must take you by the shoulders and cast you aside! Exhausted, you fall to the ground, your hand reaching out to me as I march bravely forward towards the one you call God. The maker be damned! He will fall like all the gods who've fallen at my sword before him!

My sweet, I stand corrected. You are indeed not a sir, which means our kiss will be ever more fruitful when I return to you with nothing less than the bloody severed head of Jesus Christ himself. All I ask of you is to prepare newly laundered bed sheets for that glorious glorious day.

Normal Bob Smith



Creation Rebel


“I hope you burn in Hell”

This is disgusting. I hope you burn in Hell for this.


Your email is revolting. My wish is that you simply have less than average luck crossing streets.

Now you go again.

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