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It's finally happened. Google has eliminated normalbobsmith.com from their search engines. Don't believe it? Go ahead. Google me. I have been removed from the search results. I'm not exactly sure why, and I have no idea how to remedy the situation.

Months ago I received an email from Google informing me that I was going to be removed because of a "third party modification to an unprotected file leading to detected cloaking," but at the bottom of this warning it suggested I verify its authenticity by signing into my Google account and going to my Message Center. I did so and saw no warnings of any kind, so it was brushed off as spam and I thought that was the end of that.

Luckily I have a big enough footprint already established out there that my name pops up everywhere else, plus Jesus Dressup, Mohammed Dressup, and others are still quite prominent. But the thousands of pages I've accumulated at normalbobsmith.com are no longer a possible suggestion to the Google user.

I've also come to understand that Google isn't quite the superpower it once was. People are finding sites through Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites more than through Google searches.

I do suspect I was hacked. Christ knows there's a legion of potential attackers out there. But I suspect either it's Peepers or Christians. Each, as you'll see by the links, have worked tirelessly to shut me down. Or perhaps it was Free Hugs? Wouldn't that just beat all?

Anyhow, I bring this up because I'm in need of suggestions. The complexity of this issue is far beyond my capabilities as an artist sitting behind a Dreamweaver application. I'm not necessarily dying out here, but it's certainly something I'd like to fix.

Other than that, everything's fine!


* Update: Less than a month after this was written I was added back into Google Search. Then today (11/29/11) I took an order from someone at Google Inc in Mtn View, CA for some of my stuff!

Coincidence? Or is someone there looking out for me? Either way, thank you!

“why do you hate your parents so much?”

why do you hate your parents so much?
that's all; i'm curiuos and i study people too


That's quite a bold accusation. Are you basing this assumption on any substantial evidence, or is this simply how you introduce yourself to people?


“the ball is in your corner; don't dodge it...”

yes, yes and now back to the question; the ball is in your corner; don't dodge it...


The question is easily answered. I don't hate my parents at all. I love them very much and talk with them and visit them regularly. They are extremely special in my life, and I have grown to appreciate them even more in my adulthood than I did when I was younger.

Where did you hear that I hated my parents? Or did you just make that up to be confrontational?


“It seems like you don't get a lot; people answer your questions; you're just not listening.”

I get it from the things that you write about and your interviews; I'm paraphasing, correct me if i'm wrong; i'm also a terrible speller

but in an interview you had mentioned that your mocking of Jesus comes from, your mother being a Christian

and in the rational response blog; you write about baiting your mother

that leaves me with the impression that you are 'on the look out' for ways to twist up you mother (or poke fun at her whether she realizes it or not)

and then what you wrote about how you tried to make a point to your dad and he didn't get. Which he probably did but you didn't get.

It seems like you don't get a lot; people answer your questions; you're just not listening.

and then some other things you write about? and watching your body language in interviews; i can tell you were taken care of pretty well... why do you attack their religion the way that you do? seems odd... i think your more about getting back at your parents for something rather than being this satan lover; or what ever.... what do you think?


And you translate those things as hatred? That's the conclusion you jump to? Not that I totally disagree with my parents, or think that they're completely misinformed, or perhaps that I just hate their beliefs. You conclude I HATE them.

You see, from your emails I pick up that this is how you'd respond. If someone thinks differently than you you'd hate them and there's no in between, so you project this feature onto others. If your kid believed differently there's a good chance you'd hate him. That's what I'm picking up here. If you could see beyond that you wouldn't be projecting it here.

In my world someone can think completely different than me and at no point do I believe they should be punished forever for it. My mother and I can disagree with each other immensely on an extremely personal issue and still love each other. In fact, she can do things that I hate (which she's done), and I can do things she hates (which I've done) yet we both still care deeply for each other without any hatred at all.

The worst I think about my mother, or any good people bogged by religion, is pity. I feel sorry that my mom has to be haunted with the idea that her sons are going to hell for eternity while she gets paradise. I feel very sorry that she's been burdened by this lie. I feel very sorry that during her weakest hour religion stormed in and took over her mind. But she also understands that I believe what I believe for my own sanity and other right reasons. That took time for her to be convinced of, but now she honestly believes I'm an atheist not because I want to freely sin or am rebelling against her or whoever, but because it's what I honestly believe to be true.

My parents and I have an extremely open and honest relationship, to the point where we talk about good times and bad, stark differences of opinion, and life pursuits that counter directly what the other thinks is right or wrong. And we get through it all because we love each other.

I'm very curious. Are you able to see how that can all be so?

“life for a Christian is a hell; this is our hell.”

Yes, I can see how you can all agree to disagree. I can see that as people get older/ a family gets older they tend to be more honest about any issues they've had.

i can see that as people get older they communicate much more civil to each other.
I also can see that as a Christian grows in their faith they let go of trying to control things and they let God control things, perhaps this is the reason why your parents have learned to accept you while your beliefs are so different than theirs.

I bet your mom probably prays for you a lot although she lets you be, which is why for instance you mention in your rational response blog that although, skater bob handed that group of Christians your 'God is fake' tract that they turned to talk to you (probably leaving behind that conversation with the black fellow). I don't think that's a coincidence.

After a while of trying to convince someone you love so much about God and His justice and they still don't listen, the only option for that person is to pray for them; silently pray for them when no one is around and when no one can see, cry and pray and hope someone else can tell them, or make it clear to them somehow.

I understand that you don't believe in God or heaven or hell. But if you understood it, the way we've been privy to understand it you would be able to see it; if and when you get this perspective you will see it; the seriousness of it.

Your mother is your mother; she can't leave you alone... she's probably made peace with the fact that she can't convince you and she's probably come to terms with the fact that what is going to happen is going to happen.

Ultimately you are your own man, ultimately God made you (bare with me, I know you don't believe in God). Ultimately if you refuse God it's between you and God.

It's not easy for a person who believes in God and knows of His justice to thinks about our friends and family going to hell. It's not easy at all. It's painful... utterly painful. It's a hell.
Don't you think that heaven would be a comfort after so much un-comfort in life?
You know this; in the bible it says that those who cry now will laugh in heaven. And those who are laughing now will be crying later.

Mr. Normal Bob, if you're laughing now, you will be crying later. If your mother is secretly praying for you and crying over you and your brothers now don't you think she should have a time of rest from all her worry; and torment and hauntings as you put it? You can see it for yourself; life for a Christian is a hell; this is our hell.

I guess if you want to know the truth; I guess you interest me because you remind me of my loved ones. Maybe if God can use me to put a dent in you; perhaps there is someone else out there putting a dent in my loved ones since they can't take it from me.

And maybe those people you see evangelizing are going out there because they have people they love whom they want to see saved.
I'll take it from your perspective. I'll emphasis the 'IF' for your sake,
IF there is a hell, can't you see that when Christians evangelize IT IS SHOWING that we won't enjoy heaven without our loved ones?

I hope that sentence makes sense; it sounds confusing; I'm taking it from what you wrote in the blog "Okay now my question to you is this. How can you for even a moment enjoy a heaven where your fellow human beings are doused in a fire everyday for the rest of eternity?"
We can't take it, we cannot enjoy the thought of it for one moment; that's why we evangelize. We are showing you that we CAN'T TAKE IT AND THAT WE WON'T ENJOY NOT having you there with us if you refuse His love and offer of salvation.

What you took as rhetoric was him trying to answer your question but you weren't trying to hear it.
Jesus' love gives everyone a chance to see heaven; those crazy Christians were trying to extend His love to anyone open to it that day.

If people refuse His love but I told them about it, and I get to go to heaven and they don't why shouldn't I enjoy heaven when I finally get there?
Don't you enjoy your education while others in your class didn't get to graduate? (I'm assuming you graduated from something).
Anyways I hope it makes sense. I just hope you can hear... and understand.


Ahhh, now I see the misunderstanding you and I have. You're thinking that my example of "Enjoying heaven with loved ones in hell" is me trying to call you out on your heartlessness. While what I'm really hoping to convey is that this impossibility is logical evidence the whole thing's false. It's a perfect example of a tall tale coming apart the deeper to delve into it. It's powerful evidence the belief is false. And unfortunately it is one of many frayed edges that lead to a complete unravelling of this elaborate belief.

If my mother and father are going to allow the belief to make this life a hell on earth, refusing to consider an alternative, all I or anyone can do is allow it and enjoy their company on a different level.

I'm sure you'd relate perfectly if you had a child, parent, brother or sister join a cult, or fall into an abusive relationship. You can try everything and anything to convince them to leave the abusive partner and come back home. But after all is said and done, and there's no talking them out of their devotion, the best you can do is make it clear you'll always be there for them and let them be. And you make no mystery of it. Yours is most definitely the mother of all abusive relationships. This is your hell, as you put it, and there's nothing anyone can do to talk you out of it.

If you, my parents, those Christians at Union Square, or anyone chooses to submit to their fears and make life for themselves a living hell, I'm more than available to talk you out of it if you're looking for help. Short of that however, the decision is yours, and yours alone.

You can cry and suffer and hurt and commit to this until the grave. You may continue to believe this is part of some divine plan from the creator of the universe. However, this in no way obliges me to crawl into that black casket with you. With my folks, and other loved ones who've made an oath to this void-worship I'm certainly more empathetic. My mother and I have an agreement that I'll talk about it as much as she wants whenever she wants, but the second she says "enough" we stop, for her sake.

As long as she's alive I will always be there for her, because my beliefs allow for a discussion to no end. Her beliefs however have an endpoint for the discussion. Because her beliefs (and yours) include an "absolute knowledge" that is impossible for a human to have. When the pain is too great and the conversation reverts, as it always does, to the realization that the god she loves allows for the torturing of the people she loves, all talk grinds to a halt. All part of his great plan, I suppose.

Have no doubt I understand. I understand all of this because my mother and I have talked endlessly about the subject since I was a little boy, right up to last week on the phone. I've come to understand that the most important thing I want her to know is the reasons I'm an atheist are sensible, positive & good reasons. I think that she finally accepts this now. My fear is that as she moves forward into old age, God will become more important than me, and she will let go of me because of it.

Joy, if that's not the most glaring evidence that the belief is a broken and torn invention of man then there's no convincing either of you.

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