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A little about myself: I am a 24 year old female from Saint Petersburg, FL. I recently graduated at the top of my class from the University of South Florida with a bachelors in Biomedical Sciences and two Minors in Gerontology and Public Health. I plan on attending medical school, and volunteer at Hospice and the VA hospital (Spinal Cord Unit). I have a great family and my life is fulfilling. I am healthy and happy, and my future is bright. I recently came across Bob’s site over a month ago, and immediately knew this person had the rare ability to capture and create works of art (whether it be through paper or film). Never once did I get the vibe that he hated his mother or was a vengeful person who is here on this earth to do harm upon others. If anything I developed a little crush on him. And me being a “real girl” who is sweet and loving, would love to make the handsome Normal Bob Smith a happy man ….maybe one day ;)

Joy, I find it very sad that you live such a lonely and unhappy life, where you have to attack someone because of their beliefs. I would hate to see what would happen if one of your children told you they do not believe in God. I feel bad if that were to happen because I have a feeling you would use the same tactics you are using towards Bob. I have a feeling you would look and act like a very ugly and vile person, just like you are now. I think it would be beneficial to yourself to re-read all that you have written, and I hope you realize how unhappy you come across. You seem to be a lonely and delusional woman, and clearly your relationship with your husband is unfulfilling. Your aggressive and bully-like tactics will only create a negative outcome for yourself.

Your manipulative words and “empirical knowledge” might work on a child’s moldable mind, but it won’t work on a grown man with a strong sense of self. After reading your responses, it is clear we surprisingly have something in common. We are both traditional women with traditional values, except I do believe it is beneficial that you learn and improve your math skills, Joy ;) I also hope that you raise your children in believing that they can accomplish anything, and that an individual’s sex should not determine their futures. I also hope you realize that when your child (or children) grows up and starts figuring out the world and their beliefs that you are accepting and open-minded to what you learn about them. With these letters I think you believe it is your duty to convince Bob that he needs to believe, but in actuality it reveals your warped thinking process and reflects your own insecurities.

 I also noticed you are “into” empiricism, which I have an extensive knowledge of this subject because I performed experiments in college for five years using this theory. Your understanding of this theory is completely wrong. In order to test something to retrieve the results, the results have to be observed in an unbiased, natural setting. You are in fact making conclusions and assumptions using your own reasoning and logic, which interferes with the entire observation. Your results would never be used or validated. So I suggest you realize the “results” that you observe from the people you” test”, is completely tainted by your own beliefs and thoughts.

-Bobbi Jo

Thanks for the update, Bob. I actually DID do a lot of scrolling with my mouth hanging open.

When you've been a vocal atheist for as long as I have (and you and I were atheists probably around the same time, at least openly), you learn to see keywords, because you see those same words in emails and posts all the time.

This is another case of another Peggy presenting the same arguments that we've dealt with many times.  It takes a lot of patience to answer them over and over, and I think Bob has more patience than I.  I'm learning this, but it does take time.

I had a "Peggy" in my life when I was younger and hipper. My Peggy had the most severe OCD and ADD I'd ever seen. She was mostly manic all the time, and I found it nearly impossible to simply walk down Broadway in Seattle to go to a grocery store with her, as she would be distracted by something with every step we'd take (I'm not exaggerating here). It took us two hours onetime to walk four blocks, and then at the grocery store she had to read every label on every product she bought.

I think it must have been really hard for her to live her life that way. How in the world could she progress as an individual? The beliefs she held were part and parcel to her OCD: she truly believed rituals had an effect on the universe around her, and if she did not perform each ritual, she would lose some kind of control she thought she had over the universe, or God, or whatever it was she believed.

I will answer one of Peggy's rambling thoughts: she was trying to make some kind of point against atheism by pointing out that nobody likes us.

It's hard to remain loyal to the truth and what you know is right when you know that it might be so much easier to do the comfortable thing and settle into behaving and believing like so many people around you, even in your own family. How easy it would be to be "normal," and "straight," and fit in!  It's amazing that we don't just go along with everyone who doesn't trust atheists to date their daughters! But we don't, because we know we couldn't live with ourselves if we weren't honest with ourselves.

Not that some people don't do it already: look at all the many, many Christian anti-gay leaders who turned out to be gay themselves? There are a lot of them, aren't there? This is what happens to people who cannot be honest with themselves. They couldn't possibly be very happy,  living double lives and trying to keep an essential part of themselves secret, could they?

There are not really a whole lot of things that all atheists could have in common save for the whole not believing in gods thing. But there is one thing that I think many of us do share: we think that it's very important that the things we believe are true. I'm sorry to say that the believers in my life tend to not care about that very much.

Hellbound Alleee

Oct 29, 2011
“thanks for including me on your hate mail wall ”

thanks for including me on your hate mail wall but you should post the whole thing... I'm not shy, i'm a writer; we're actually pretty similar; it takes one to know one.

but you got to be honest... come on; show some integrity

(there are two posts missing)

you should also include the stuff i posted on your channel wall; i don't know if you noticed but that was me too. Post the whole thing...


Oct 29, 2011
“you think, you're so clever...”

i'm noticing a pattern; you make your self have the last word... that's false... and very illuminating on your character...you think, you're so clever...


Oct 29, 2011
“does she [your mom] think that when someone writes to you "you suck" and then your response is "on pretty women's breasts" that that is a positive thing?”

"I've come to understand that most important thing I want her to know is that the reasons I'm an atheist are sensible, positive & good reasons. I think that she finally accepts this now."

does she think that when someone writes to you "you suck" and then your response is "on pretty women's breasts" that that is a positive thing?

Really? you may not be peering into the black pit of your soul but, i am.

You didn't even post the psychological profile i did of you; that one is a good one.. Why???

I even re-thought it; maybe (but I'm not too committed to it because from your own words you parents sound nice but)

I thought to myself; "what if he was severely abused and that's why he's scared of women and awkward acting with them?"

Then I thought of the possibilities; "who would have been the one to abuse him? Mother or father?"

If your father abused you severely then you'd hide behind your mother's skirt which would be when she would coddle you or if your mother abused you severely and that's why you hate your mother and have rejected her beleifs"

but I don't think either of those make too much sense, because you don't act like an adult who was abused."

you do act like a spoiled brat though, that one makes most sense... i know a lot about people like you; in fact it's almost as if we switched places; In fact i used to do what you do but in Washington Sq. Park, then i moved to the Mid-west; you're ten years older than me...

Anyways like I said, I can't wait to see how it all turns out for you; I've been watching you for a while, who knows this could go on for years...Maybe you'll rise to the status of Jean-Michel Basquiat; you probably know him, he was an artist who rose like a shooting star but then he died of an overdose...

I've been writing about you for a while on my blog... i use you as an example like a character study...
You're a very interesting fellow. Bob, and I love this kind of dramedy.


Oct 29, 2011
“Normal Bob, did you offer the Union people a place to stay during Hurricane Irene?”

oh this was me too: from the rational response squad... you should post this too...

"the guy was answering your question; you just didn't hear him because you already assumed you knew what he was going to say; He said everyone gets a chance to go; so if his friends hear the gospel and refuse they refused to go.
here, i'll answer it if you are willing to hear. (don't mind my bad spelling)

I love my friends but they have the same opprotunity as i have to turn to God; if i go to heaven i'm sure i will see all the ways they had opprotunities to go to heaven and I'm sure i will see all the ways the refused it.

Normal Bob, did you offer the Union people a place to stay during Hurricane Irene? If so and they refused to go to your house after all your pleading and they died, i think your reaction would be "I loved them, i told them to come, they didn't listen and now they are dead; what else could i have done."

those people knew it was you behind the pamphlet even though you sent skater bob to do a job you were too afraid to do and they reached out to you and you refused it. You can't say they didn't try.

I bet you have friends who went to the same schools you did; i bet some of them aren't as successful as you are; but you all had the same opprotunities; are you inviting them you stay at your home and are you feeding them and paying for their rent??

no, you work hard for what you have... you enjoy your home and probably don't even think of them; so i hope that answers your question;


Oct 29, 2011
“you should post everything i write...”

you got to admit; it was pretty good; look how many people responded; when i first posted there were only three boring people agreeing with you; i look now and there are 22 comments that's 22 - 3 ='s
oh what ever; i'm a girl... i don't have to do math when i don't want to. the point is that's alot; you should post everything i write...


Oct 29, 2011
“satan offered you the world and you took it”

the only reason why you are having so much 'success' is because you sold out. satan offered you the world and you took it.. one day it's going to be time to pay the piper... you're being really stupid... you gave up all your morals... you were a dorky kid pineing away at all you didn't have; that's why you shouldn't covet... because now you sold out what was important for what is cheap...

what a waste... your such an attractive guy too... you should have waited... God would have given you everything if you would have waited... you're like all ruined and cheap and yet; you're going to school some guy for selling drugs to a pregnant girl... what a hypocrite...


Oct 29, 2011
“Oh bobby, oh bobby, poor bobby, what is going to happen to you??? you're headed for a disaster...”

after reading your love diaries (and making a perfect profile) i conclude that everything else i said about you is true too...

whether you admit it or not... why did i doubt myself; thanks Bob your awesome... i feel sorry for you but i'm happy at the same time.

I feel sorry for you because you have no idea what's going on and i'm happy because i do..

and it's all because you don't believe in God and i do; you said it yourself about yourself; your selective on what you put on there and what you don't...

Oh bobby, oh bobby, poor bobby, what is going to happen to you??? you're headed for a disaster...

oh my goodness, you are so wrong about so much, it's like watching a car wreck; fascinating... why did i doubt myself...

goodness Bob, i was right without even knowing much about you; i know what i'm talking about; your headed for disaster... seriously;;;


Bob, listen to reason... when it all starts happening (i don't know what) please remember what i said; what your mom has told you and all the good things people have told you....

i think your judgement is coming soon BOB, post this, so that when it happens and God uses you as an example people (who are paying attention and not under a delusion) will see..


Oct 31, 2011
“In Brokeback mountain there is a scene where Heath Ledger's character hates himself so much that he picks a fight with this guy just so he can get beat up? Is this what you are doing?”

In Brokeback mountain there is a scene where Heath Ledger's character hates himself so much that he picks a fight with this guy just so he can get beat up?
Is this what you are doing?

I notice a lot of sex pot girls like you; but you already know these aren't quality girls. They're just user girls. Why don't you find yourself a nice girl who will love you and take care of you?
But you can't be selfish to keep a girl like that around... to get a real girl I mean... real girls have standards; not the kind of standards that cheap girls have.

You should get yourself a real girl. Real girls are nice and they will take care of you. You might even fall in love with someone who takes care of you; you never know....it could be really great....
You could become a happy guy... a content guy... think about it...

You probably know this though; but the bible does say that God is the One Who gives an understanding wife... maybe if you stop hating God He'll give you a wife... you seem like you really want one...
Fathers can give their sons an inheritance of houses and wealth, but only the Lord can give an understanding wife. Proverbs 19:14

Live happily with the woman you love through all the meaningless days of life that God has given you under the sun. The wife God gives you is your reward for all your earthly toil. Ecclesiastes 9:9


I think if you'd really like me to answer your emails you're going to have to sum-up your last 10 emails into one. I don't see me getting the time to read & respond to all of them anytime soon.

Give me a sumup of what you'd like and I'll happily respond. Short of that you're going to be waiting a very long time.

And Happy Halloween, Joy!

Nov 1, 2011
“Have you ever seen Little Shop of Horrors?”

It's not good for a man to be alone. If a man (woman/ person) burns with lust it's better for them to be married.

Bobby, don't you know that it's the man who makes the woman.
You want a dream girl.

Find a girl/woman not based on superficial stuff but a good woman, an honest woman and make her your dream girl. She will be.

It's the man who purifies the woman.

Have you ever seen "Little Shop of Horrors"?

The Lyrics to Suddenly Seymour say it pretty well (express this concept) the whole dialogue is really great too:

"Suddenly Seymour is here to provide you Sweet understanding
Please understand that it's still strange and frightened
For losers like I've been, it's so hard to say

Suddenly Seymour, he purified me"

Nov 2, 2011
“I think it with my own son) "I brought this child into the world and he's nothing like me. God forbid, he gets destroyed in hell, it would be as if he were never born, born to die.. born for nothing... how can that be? My son?”

You're probably breaking your mother's heart. This isn't a guilt trip, I'm serious. I'm a mother and a woman (duh) and if you were one (a mother) that cared about your kids and you poured your life into them and you taught them you expect to see results.

You work and you expect to see results... recognition, get credit for what you do etc.
This is probably why she has to stop you from taking.

It's as if her work meant nothing, she did it all for nothing... because nothing came out of it...
I've read a small bit of how you interpret scripture and you're understanding is all wrong..
Actually to be more specific, you twist the verses you don't like for example the mountain one and you deliver the ones that suit your agenda correctly (you even gave me some insight on that winepress one from Rev.) but you twist the meaning surrounding it which is justice.

People who don't believe in God can't do any good and that's evident by the advice you give, in a nut shell you advice:
"Use peer pressure on them to make them conform and then throw them away like garbage."
Is that what you think about humanity, about people?
You mock the Muslim for doing it to you, but you turn around and tell someone else to do it.
(it's been done to you, so you want to get back at someone now, huh)
You adopt the same method that you supposedly disagree with... shifty... shadowy, corrupt...
You're no different than them.

When Jesus was sought after He didn't run, or try to protect Himself or, make a defense... that's brave...
You can't even expose yourself to emotional pain without having a defense mechanism set in place; mocking, that's all it is.

And it's not even a very good one, you might convince the unthinking but people like me can see right thru it.

You only feel safe with people who agree with you, anyone else makes you scared. But the world isn't made up of people who agree with us... how can you feel safe in a world like this?
You create a defense mechanism to protect yourself from pain.

It's stronger to expose yourself to pain. It looks weak but it's actually strong (one of the secrets of life)
You're 42 years old and you're stunted. It's as if you never left adolescence. You're still that awkward teenager...

Anyways, it breaks my heart to read what you write; I can't imagine what you mother must think. It must knock the wind out of her. It also must make her really depressed inside.

Women are really sensitive.. we can't really take stuff like that... it hurts us so much...
I think she might be thinking (cuz I think it with my own son) "I brought this child into the world and he's nothing like me. God forbid, he gets destroyed in hell, it would be as if he were never born, born to die.. born for nothing... how can that be? My son?"

I could be completely wrong and you can post this and expose it to mockery if want (most people on your site may not understand but some will and you'll be used like a tool by God to spread His message- whether you believe in Him or not) But that won't change what could be going on within your mother... and if you're as noble as you try to portray yourself to be... wouldn't a noble person care about his mother? Wouldn't a defender of pregnant girls and skirted girls care about their own mother?
Wouldn't that be a logical conclusion?

You even defend yourself from your own mother... don't you trust anyone? Does anyone get to get into your heart and know you, without you hiding and defending yourself?

Just because you write the way that you write doesn't prove that you let people in... the fact that you feel lonely proves that you don't let people in.

And you're going to hate this but; no one can let someone into their hearts without letting God into their hearts first. I know that for a fact.

I'm into empirical knowldege.. remember, that means i test everything and watch the results...


Unfortunately, Joy, you weren't there, and aren't here to see the damage religion has done to my mother, and how it got her when she was at her most fragile and defenseless. How what she really needed was a slow easing into repair and an introduction to having faith in herself, but instead got the "quick fix" of Jesus Faith. That's how religion works. It seeks you out when you are at your most torn down, presents itself as the only solution with zero emphasis on self reliance, then builds you up in a structure fully dependent on complete and utter submition to "the god," all else be damned. It's a code straight out of the "Cult-building for Dummies" handbook. Every cult follows these guidelines.

It is also deeply unfortunate that this lesson is so ingrained into the mind of the religious. This is what you're trying to do here. Tear him down, make the subject hit rock bottom so they can be putty in anyone's hands. Important life decisions aren't supposed to be made when at your most desparate, Joy.

There's so much ugliness being laid on me here by you. I'm not even sure where to begin. Then I realized I've got nothing to address here. I mean, how does one converse with someone who thinks no good can come from an unbeliever? Or there is no true love with anyone until you love God?

How do I talk to someone who believes my life's worthless if I die not believing? And that's precisely where my concern for my mother comes in. I see her turning into this person I see here. That same defeatist attitude, plus fear. Hopelessly submerged in all this fear.

Luckily, unlike you, my mother knows me. She knows how special she is to me, and I am to her. She knows better than you could ever know what we've gone through, and how we've come out on the other side of that. But most importantly, and despite people similar to you in her life, she knows I'm honest with her. She knows why I believe what I believe, and how her example in life played a large part in swaying me the other way. She and I both know her beliefs hurt my feelings, and mine hurt hers, but none of that adds up to hate or detracts from care, as you've suggested.

All your accusations, that I might not really care for my mom, or how perhaps I could be viewed as nothing in her eyes without God, they effect me in no way. You know nothing of me or my mom and our relationship. Your insight is no insight and can all be flushed. Such a grim outlook on the world and people different than you. All thanks to religion.

Joy, I have to tell you, I felt as if I was doing you a favor by not posting all the emails you're insisting I post. Each and every letter from you declares another astonishing reality about yourself. Much of which made me wince in solidarity with the people around you. But I will gladly give them all up on the site so your entire self can be portrayed as accurately as one can be presented here on the internet. Which isn't very accurately at all. Something you don't seem to comprehend.

Thank you for all the time you're putting into me and the site. Knowing how you think is of value to me.

More from NewfoundJoy (Peggy) in Comments...


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