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The Store is OPEN!

Normal Bob Smith truck parked at Union Square South, NYC, USA! Behind Babies R Us, down the street there, on the left.

Yes, it's here. Just in time for the holidays, the Normal Bob Smith Store open, online and at Union Square! We've got magnets, shirts, bumper stickers and ink stamps! Buttons, postcards, dvd's and tons of fun stuff! It's going to be a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS for some lucky atheists out there with loved ones thoughtful enough to shop here! Ooh, the surprises we've got in store here at the No BS mobile mall.

You can come on down to the the truck, or if you can't make it here, simply visit the store online. Brenda or I will be happy to take your order and make sure it's shipped out there very next day, 2 Day Air! Now how about a little tour of what we got?

Here on the left we've got Jesus Dressup fridge magnets! That's right! The Original, Star Wars, and Jesus Christ Superstar are three of the six there are to choose from! What fun there is to be had on the door of your refrigerator with these wonderful toys.

How about the unique and colorful NBS pinset? Show off your loyalty to the site to all your friends! Looks great on any lapel.

Last month I sold out of the bumper stickers I'd made, but never fear! The new shipment just came in and they look better than ever.

I'll tell ya, nothing looks sharper on a car bumper than one of these babies telling it like it is to everyone riding your tail. Be the happiest guy in town, because you pissed off everybody else with the TRUE Coexist symbol of 2012. We're serving it up 100% godless. It's sure to be a holly jolly Christmas this year.

Christmas Jesus Dressup also available for the holidays. Only $10!

Still not excited enough? Well how about BDSM Jesus? Don't like it? Well there's nothing he can do about it. He's nailed down!

It doesn't get any hotter than this, except for the hottest spot in hell, where you'll be destined this! Speaking of which, I'm back in the Google search! I don't know what happened, but they put me back where I belong, with Jesus Dressup right at the tippy tippy top!

So happy Thanksgiving to us all.


“Paul, a major missionary of the Bible, killed Christians and hated and scorned Christ followers. Then...”

Hey Bob, I was really offended by your site, and how it mocks the Man God that died for your very sin of posting such a horrible website.

I hope you realize He loves you, too much to keep u the same and ongoing with your site. Paul, a major missionary of the Bible, killed Christians and hated and scorned Christ followers. Then, Jesus came to him and said, "why are you going after my children (Christians)? Repent and follow me." And Paul prior-name Saul) did love and worship Jesus Christ and really learned the severity of his sin.

Why did you make your website? Why do you hate and mock God?

Erin Ruman

Dearest Erin,
First of all, thank you for your email. In these times there are far fewer defenders of God & Jesus on the internet than there were just a few years ago. So many people are caught up in their electronic distractions. Plus the voice of atheists have all but drowned out any remaining squeakings of religion on the World Wide Web. It's nice to see there's still people out there willing to stand for things like Jesus and God. That said, I think you are very very wrong. Regrettably so.

No one can die or be sacrificed for someone else's wrongs. Suggesting that this is even remotely possible in any way shape or form is the highest form of injustice and unaccountability. Claiming that an innocent can absorb the penalty for the guilty, and it is moral and good, is perversed. This alone is deserving of a mocking dressup game. But this only addresses your first sentence.

A perfect example of the criminality and outright grotesqueness of absolving the guilty of crimes through the trivial act of believing it's already been accounted for by someone else, is Paul/Saul. Paul is said in the Bible to've been responsible for the death of hundreds. Perhaps thousands. He murdered people simply based on the god(s) they did or did not believe in. Not only were his catastrophic crimes against humanity forgiven, but he is a hero you think is worth noting. A trumpeted figurehead to be exemplified. Imagine this in today's world. Someone with the same genocidal credentials, perhaps even responsible for murdering your own non believing loved ones, given complete immunity and placed at the top podium in a mega-church. How does that strike you? Is this truly deserving of glory in your eyes?

My feeling is that to pretend crimes and wrong-doings are disposed of at the asking is deeply, deeply disturbing. What you see on my site isn't a hatred of God. It's a hatred of an idea. It's the mockery of an absurd and chilling concept. I suppose it's my smack in the face to all who believe this worldview is there for the taking as an immediate painkiller for guilt and responsibility. It skips some of the most important steps necessary for moral growth.

Might I suggest that you order one of my bumper stickers for your automobile as a symbol of your own repentance from such a flawed concept? I think it'd be an impressive message for you to advertise. Much like your hero Paul/Saul, but for our team!

Again, thank you for at least trying to defend yourself no matter how wrong everyone online says you are.


“I have prayed...”

I have prayed for you

Gregory Gallaher

On the Effort Scale I give you a 0.


“Wasn't looking for your approval actually.”

Wasn't looking for your approval actually. Found your website deeply troubling and offensive, but I am grateful for free speech. 

Happy Thanksgiving, Bob.
Gregory Gallaher

Oh, be honest. You had the option of praying for me and not saying so. THAT would be you not looking for approval. But instead you needed to say you're praying, thus needing approval. And just days before Thanksgiving. Alright Gregory. Thank you. You have my approval.

Now I'm going to give to a children's charity then go tell the children what I've done. 


“Not Cool!”

Commend U On Your Efforts

But What U Did With Jesus Is Not Cool!  Be Careful!!

Paul Randall

Wait. What do you mean "Be Careful??" Like lightning bolts and heart attacks, or just crazy Christian psycho killers?

Thanks for lookin' out. Please get back to me with details.

“B Careful!”

Just Saying B Careful!

Paul Randall

Oh god... That's not good enough! I have to KNOW what you MEAN!


“Spend At Least Half That Time Researching & Appyling Jesus Then You Would Be Fair In Your Analysis”

U Will In Time!

But U Should First Study That Which U Don't Understand, Then Make A Decision Based On Thorough Investigation & Application. Just As U Did With Your Career Choice. Spend At Least Half That Time Researching & Appyling Jesus Then You Would Be Fair In Your Analysis. Then Even After That Let Others Decide What They'll Major In Without Redicule, U Did.

Paul Randall

Likewise, if you spent half your time studying the rules of word capitalization you might one day omit yourself from the list of warning letters not to be taken seriously.



“stick your thumb in your butt.”

You can always stick your thumb in your butt. It might make you feel better.
Paul White

Hey, you were right! It does!

Uh oh. Now I think I'm gay.


Hi Bob, Sorry for that comment. I was offended at the web site but actually Jesus would never have said something like that. Amazing how touchy we humans can be sometimes.

Take care man. Best wishes. Chow
Paul White

It's "Ciao" not "Chow!" YOU'RE the one who should go stick a thumb up his butt!!!! Prick.

Wow. You were right.


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