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Hello Mr. Smith!
Amazing artistry, somewhat disturbing and somewhat beautiful.  It is a gift (or maybe you wouldn't call it that?).
I have so many questions for you and my curiosity is really getting the best of me so I'm hoping you won't mind the following.  Since you have gone public and wish to share information I'm thinking it may be ok.  If the answers are already on your website, I apologize as I haven't read everything...there is much, much, much to go through.

1.  What made you leave a life with Jesus (just an educated guess from one of your articles) for a life of Atheism?

2.  Are you just against Christianity or are you equally against Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Native American Religions, Baha i Faith, Wiccan, etc., etc.?

3.  Wondering if the Satan costume is simply to start a discussion or if there is a deeper intent?

4.  Do you believe that what we do or how we treat others matters?  If there is no after-life, does it matter?  Do you believe there is no after-life and if so, how have you come to believe it?

I understand the concept and the draw of Atheism, and the desire and right for free thought.  But why is spreading the news of Atheism so important if what we do in life doesn't matter?  I understand why people want to spread the "good news" of Christ because it's premise is to change one's life (for the better) and offer eternal happiness.  And why others want to share the teachings of Buddha because of the peace they say his teachings lead to in this life and beyond.

I truly hope that you have the time to answer, but understand if you don't.  Thanks for your time and hoping all the best for you.

Hello Nicole!
Happy to be on the receiving end of all your questions. You hit it on the nose that each and every one of these questions has been asked and answered several times by me before. But I've found it never hurts to remind myself what I think and how I got here. Every so often my answers change as I remember new details and go farther into the future to reexamine old actions.

1. What made me leave Jesus for atheism? Well, that one's simple. I couldn't help it. I realized faith was completely empty. A baseless reason to believe. And it's all Christianity, or any religion, has to go on. I could make up anything in my head to have faith in and adopt it as a life's belief. Obviously that wouldn't do because I really want to know what's up. Not what feels good, or seems nice, but what's really happening. And if I can't know I wanted to know that too.
To make a long story short, atheism made sense, while Christianity sounded like Crazy-town. I want to make sense, and not sound like I was from Crazy-town. Which probably has something to do with the name I gave me.

2. I am against all faith-based religions, which pretty much includes them all. I have strong feelings about faith, and convinced it rolls out the red carpet for any falsities that feel good or stroke the ego. It's such a broken path to truth. Don't get me started. Or go ahead! Haha!

3. Yeah, the Satan costume is because it's just really cool looking. It's sparked some great conversations, and it's just a lot of fun.

4. Yes, I absolutely believe that what we do and how we treat others matters. How you treat others plays a HUGE part in how you're treated and how pleasant your life will be. If you think life doesn't matter unless there's another one after this, that strikes me as a horrible casualty of religion. Another gargantuan pet peeve of mine against it. It's just so wrong.

Since returning to my atheist roots (I wasn't born Christian) my eyes have been opened wide to the many costs of faith. Costs that the people around you pay. The cost that you yourself pay. The cost society pays. You may be taught that your belief is there to change lives for the better, but truth is, it divides you from others, devalues this life, and discourages exploration.

Remember, you're the one who keeps saying life doesn't matter. Not me. I value life more than you could possibly imagine! Because according to me it's the only one you're sure to get. My heart sinks when I think about how miniscule and petty this life seems to you compared to the one you're counting on in the grave.

I hope that answered your questions. I'm glad you asked them. I learned a couple things about myself today!

“I have two fabulous gay brothers, but that also respect others beliefs.  Even Lady Gaga respects the figure of Jesus.”

Subject: [Lady Gaga Jesus Dressup] Really Necessary??

Not very nice. Really.

So hateful.  So sad.  I don't care what kind of queen you think you are.  There are queens with taste...and queens with no class.  I imagine you already have a good idea of which category you fall into.

I have two fabulous gay brothers, but that also respect others beliefs.  Even Lady Gaga respects the figure of Jesus.  

Not sure what your point is, but you will never have peace in your life when creating such conflict and disrespect in such a blatant way.  Even a good season does not make a life.   Its obvious that somebody hurt you really bad along the way, and I hope you are able to find some peace within you life.  Love is the best and heals all wounds!!! 

I wish you the best and that you achieve whatever goals you may have for your life.  While such a site may get you a lot of Facebook friends, it will not bring you unshakable joy.  No use pointing the finger at somebody else,  when we are also ones to be blamed.  We are all human, all fallible and all in need of loving more and living in a more loving fashion.

Best of luck.
Marcello Baglioni

Since when has Lady Gaga respected Christianity? She simulates fucking Jesus on stage while splashing in blood, for Christ's sake!

Wow. What happened to the time when the Queer Movement took pride in having nothing to do with all the dumb shit breeders cling to? When the problems that straights burden, like marriage, military and yes, Jesus Christ, were easily discarded and left to the mainstream to fight over. Now, and I see this again and again, gay people putting all their energy towards shedding these beautiful differences for the boring triumph of blending in with the norm.

Marcello, you don't have to respect a belief that deems your matters of the heart a damnable offense. You are not required to honor something that's doing everything in its power to suppress and abolish your rights as a human being.

Embrace the notion that LGBT are ahead of the curve! Fuck. I remember in the mid 90's in Chicago when I witnessed my first Pride Parade. Leather daddies & gay boys wearing only thongs dancing alongside mothers pushing baby carriages! Toddlers waving rainbow flags! Entire families, young & old amidst drag queens on penis-shaped parade floats! And proud! And here you are taking two steps back demanding more respect for a belief that condemns homosexuals to death and an eternity of torture. It's a sorry sight.

Respecting it is vouching. And vouching for something that condemns the essence of who you are is an exercise in self hate. The polar opposite of pride.



“new York must be a place so far away that one can make a mockery of a man that changed the world and split TIME itself...”

Subject: Wow

Man, new York must be a place so far away that one can make a mockery of a man that changed the world and split TIME itself.. All under the convenient guise of "comedy".

He died for you. I've spent a lifetime trying to run from that fact. Until a year or so ago. Now I understand what a life of meaning is like. What things like JOY and PEACE are about. I'd like to introduce you to him if I could. His name is Jesus. Love ya man.


Him dying for me also includes him coming back to life a few days later, hugging his friends, showing off his scars, then hovering up into the clouds to mount his throne and be declared king of the universe. Forever.

Maybe if after all this no one went to hell, ever, I'd get some goosebumps. But no. Only the ones who bow to him dodge that bullet, thus dividing loved ones from each other into separate compartments of eternal pain and eternal pleasure.

His "sacrifice" I deem unimpressive and unworthy of thanks.
And to think you were successfully outrunning it.

“I was my own god basically and I didn't want anyone telling me how to live my life. The problem is I don't know how to be a god...”

Well man, the problem is that we as Christians have done a horrible job representing him. Sorry. Your arguments sound SO familiar. Not to diminish their sincerity... It's just that I used to specialize in picking preachers apart, finding incongruence in what "Christians" preached at me, and generally dismissing the whole thing. I was my own god basically and I didn't want anyone telling me how to live my life. The problem is I don't know how to be a god... And I suck at it.

From all accounts my life was great from the outside but inside I was seething and became jaded with the day to day banter imposed on me by having to respond to "good morning". Ever had one of those days? So it all kinda left me in this "is there more to this life" kinda mode. Not good. I had a God shaped vacuum in my life and tried to fill it with________. Tried it all. Nothing.

Bob I'm not telling I know a ton about the bible and have all the answers but I can tell you that I consider myself at least pseudo intelligent and I live a life that is now fulfilled and all I had to do was give up on me and let him change me. Surely your not so narrow minded that you would make such a huge eternal decision based on what you've HEARD..... and not try it for yourself? Hmmm Bob? I'm just asking....


Hold on one second. Since when is it necessary to declare who's god? NEWS FLASH! We're not supposed to have any gods! Worshipping anything or anyone is a wrong turn. You took a U turn when you were supposed to keep going straight ahead. The second you think you've discovered something to worship you've got a serious problem, because nothing's perfect.

"I was basically my own god." Jesus Christ, who in the hell fed you that garbage? I swear, sometimes I can't believe the ridiculous philosophies religions spoon-feed their flocks. And that in a nutshell is the problem. Imagining you've found god immediately makes you servile, relieving you of any further responsibilities, except for kneeling, bowing, and other complacent behavior.

I promise you Bill, I don't declare myself god in any way, shape or form. I'm flawed. I go into every day of my life knowing I make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, including the people who determine the identity of god. [Insert life-in-tailspin moment here] But wait! If no one's perfect, and life's purpose isn't to scour the earth for god, then how do we make decisions? Know right from wrong? Answer important questions? Find our special purpose!?!?!

Bill, that's what life's all about. Figuring it out. Applying logic. Weighing the pros and cons through dialog with others, and yourself. And no. That's not you being a god. It's taking control and responsibility. It's maturing. It's called "growing up."

The reason so many Christians do such a horrible job representing is because doing a good job isn't required. Just believe God's been discovered and the rest is taken care of from that point on. The answers, the purpose, and eternity.

Bill, you never used to specialize in picking preachers apart if you were persuaded by "you were your own god" and "god-shaped hole in your heart" nonsense.


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