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Thank Google Filter Bubbles for
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Their letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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Yes, it's true. The newly instituted search filters at Google have resulted in a massive hate mail decline.

For those of you who aren't familiar, new search filter devices are being used by Google, Facebook and many other big named sites to calculate your interests & disinterests then use this perceived profile they've made of you to determine your personal search results accordingly.

Their example is a good one. Let's say you commonly click on links related to automobiles, because you're a collector or car salesman or something, and you search the word "beetle." Google will put all of the Volkswagen Beetle results up top on the first page, while the insect beetle falls farther down the list. And the more automobile related searches you conduct the farther back in pages everything else gets pushed.

View this TED lecture to learn more...

Beware of Filter Bubbles / TED

On the surface this may sound more polished and handy for you the user, but at a larger scale it gradually limits your online experience. You stand less chance of discovering new information. With these filters, you're assured repeat information again and again. And the more you get that same information the smaller your bubble gets.

Now, for one person alone this may not sound so tragic. But on a mass scale, with billions of searches effected, the way in which new information is discovered is derailed. And a population shortchanged of new information is a doomed population.

That beetle example is what's used in the Google ads I see regularly on the subways (below).
When you type in beetle we can guess you mean car and not the insect if you've searched for cars recently. It makes things a little bit quicker and a whole lot easier for you."

What they don't tell you is that guy there is now less likely to accidentally find out about the insects, which is how we humans find out brand new information. Accidentally.
The new interesting discoveries you've made in your life were NOT when you were specifically looking for them. They were discovered and appreciated when they accidentally fell into your path on route to something else. Hell, that's one of the best parts of the internet!

So I've been adding my own 2¢ to their ads, as you can see above.
I'm sorry Google, but I just feel this strongly about it.

Here's a closer look at the sticker I made.

DuckDuckGo – "They don't track or bubble you!"

As for the rest of the world, Google needs to be made aware that gearing search results towards individual interests is a terrible thing, and their policy needs rethinking. It's important for people to be shown things other than what's comforting or familiar. Search results should also deliver on the basis of importance, opposing world views, and truths we may not want to hear. Plus, at this rate it could be months before I reach page 500!

And to show I'm not all "anti-Google," I love that for 2012 they'll be punishing sites with too many above the fold ads. Advertising is entitled to no free speech privileges. Its voice will survive no matter what.

“you have turned him into a mockery for your own kicks”

How tasteless, and sad, that the Son of God who died for you, you have turned him into a mockery for your own kicks.

Donna McLoughlin

No Donna. No. My motto has always been, it is not for my kicks alone. On my death bed, looking back at the life I've lived, if my mockery of the Son of God made even one other person smile then it's all been worth it.

I ask you to consider this sacrifice I've made in comparison to his.
Thank you.


“you are a blasphemer”

I think you are a blasphemer, of my lord

Jeff Novicki

I'm sure you're already aware that you come off as far more insightful and observant than your average person. I am impressed. You wouldn't be a rocket scientist by any chance, would you? I will not be the least bit surprised if the answer is "Yes. The best."



“Please remove this website. Its hurting the religious ethics”

Please remove this website. Its hurting the religious ethics. I guess you are also a christian.

Please dont get a punishment for this from God. when you realise your sin may be it will be too late. Jesus is God Almighty please dont make fun of him like this you will be the loser.
I hope you will cooperate. Thanks in advance.

Alfred Paul

You and I both know that as Christians this is not true. Am I wrong when I say we are forgiven of our sins, any sin, as Christians? I'm sorry to say this Alfred, but it seems you are not reading your Bible or studying what it is you should believe if you do not know that. It sounds to me like you are not a true Christian, and it is actually you who will be the loser when it is too late.

If you do not know that being a Christian means being saved from our sins, then you are disrespecting Jesus' sacrifice on the cross much worse. Please Alfred, learn the meaning of Jesus and his sacrifice for Christians. You are hurting our religious ethics.



“Your a sicko”

Subject: What

Whats wrong with you? Your a sicko

Elizabeth Heinz

That's stuff's so easy to say, but I bet you wouldn't be so tough if you didn't have the GOD of the UNIVERSE in your corner.

It's so obnoxious. How about kicking me in the teeth while you're at it? Does that make you feel big and strong, putting down somebody who's going to burn in hell for all eternity? What're you doing later this afternoon? Egging the homeless?



“I have a feeling that 10 years from now when the shock value of what you are doing runs out and you can't pull anything else out of your ass you will fall into the Abrahamic path”

Subject: No longer entertained.

to bob
First let me say I started off as a fan of the site years ago. I thought it was pretty funny poking fun of religion and all, but the more I look at what you do exactly the less impressed I am with any of it. You don't poke fun of religion. You poke fun of "certain" religions.

You say you are an atheist and you obviously do not like Christianity aside from just the poking fun part (you can admit it, it won't hurt anything). At the same time you show support for other religions that share the EXACT same belief structure! I don't see what you do anymore as poking fun. You are trolling for attention and as most fools waste emotion on people such as yourself it doesn't take much prodding to provoke the mindless flock.

Nothing you do actually contributes anything to anybody except yourself, I'm not bashing you for that but I think you are confused in that you believe you are performing some kind of service to the community. You use humor as a weapon, nothing wrong there again but in the end all you are doing is playing emotional games with feeble minded people, defeating them and than standing proud and smug as if shooting fish in a barrel is some noble act. You really don't have any kind of respectable intellectual discourse. I have a feeling that 10 years from now when the shock value of what you are doing runs out and you can't pull anything else out of your ass you will fall into the Abrahamic path in one way or another.

If you were to ask me why you do what you do for I'd suggest it has nothing at all to do with religion and everything to do with the attention you require. That alone wouldn't cause me to look down upon anybody, however the hypocritical nature of how you go about it is what I find so disgusting

Bryan Anderson

Well there you have it. I was hoping to reach the 500th page of hate mail before being called out. How ironic all this time I've been peering over my shoulder anticipating the looming Christian attack! Leave it to an ex-fan to confront me head on with the obvious. You must tell me, how long was I able to string you along before you noticed? A couple years? Five? Six? More? I have to admit, those first several I was banking on good looks & slick talk, and the hypocrisy was just me being cute. But now so much time has gone by. 12 Years! Can you believe it? There's no backing up or U turns at this point. So I must slink ever forward, covering lies with lies, flip-flopping, and just hoping no one notices. You think I've got 10 more years? I'm flattered! I'm doing my best. Thank you.

Bryan, if you could do me a favor and keep this between you and me I'd really appreciate it. You kinda hit on a weak spot that supports my entire infrastructure. Exposing it could really hurt my reputation. Believe me, I'd never be fool enough to post your letter, or publicly admit to your points. Alone however, you can take pride in solving a long standing lie that's been the backbone of me, my site, and pretty much everything that keeps my head held high, nose in the air.

Again, I can't stress it enough – Please keep this between us. Posting your discovery will only hurt the fans. Think how you would've felt if someone did that when you were one. We don't want that do we? A favor to your ex-hero? Is it so much to ask? It's much appreciated. In return, give me your mailing address and I'll happily send you one of my Unitarian (shhhhh) bumper stickers, no charge.

Thanks Bryan. And hush hush ;)
Normal Bob


“it makes.me want to upchuck”

This is.soo. horrible.that it makes. me want to upchuck you should mot dress Jesus. Up.as lady gaga.

Morgan <3
Sent from my Kindle Fire

Jesus. Who uses the word "upchuck" anymore?


“I do”

Apparently I do

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