Hate Mail One of the risks one must take when embarking upon a hate mail section for their website is that of having some of those haters be fake. I do what I can to keep this section as authentic as possible and accept it's simply part of the game. I hope the entertainment value isn't lost in that fact. That said, when I discover letters which are indeed fake I either remove them,
or leave them posted and interrogate the troll. Thus,
the Files of a Trolling Atheist

His/her letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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When I first started this site trolls were simply those mythical monsters that lurked under bridges. Now "Trolling" has all but consumed the internet world. Personally, I don't mind being trolled. I can take any amount of criticism, name calling, fakery & verbal prodding and easily turn it into amusing content for my site (as seen here).

However, it's important for me to not be a troll. There's a difference. I want to be able to create the art I create, write the comics I write, and make the games I make and I invite everyone to come and partake in it. However the moment you enter these pages and then complain to your host (me) about the decorating, you cease being a victim. People need to expect their complaint and/or hate mail to be read and replied.

The subject is important to me because I also see the problem trolling has become. I mention this article on trolling in the letters to the right.

The most apparent way in which it effects the site is within the comments section on YouTube. Videos that I shoot and post there, especially when the subject is female, get hammered with the most ruthless, unclever, hate-filled comments you could imagine. Sucks for me, because I get feedback from these girls who I had no other intention but to show them off and they just don't want to have to deal with the public abuse. Often they ask to have the video taken down based solely on the comments.

The Trolling Atheist on the right here doesn't see the difference between what I do and trolling. I'd welcome your comments on this, because I do.

The following correspondence is with the person who
claimed to be Diane Abbott on the previous page.
“it was all a trolling on my part and you took the bait.”

I didn't say god is real I'm atheist. But if people like to go to church and don't really buy into organised religion, perhaps old people for the company and community, then don't slate them, they're not shooting abortionists or spreading religion.

Religious people shouldn't spread their theism and atheists shouldn't spread their atheism especially in the know it all atheist way which has gotten a bad press.

What's worse Islam or Christianity? Probably Islam, and with so many like me and you in the west becoming atheists and the influx of Muslim immigrants to north America & Europe they will dominate us as they claim they will they believe so unquestionably, they will take over with sharia law then we'll be even more fucked. Multiculturalism had worked, religion has failed. 

Ps it was all a trolling on my part and you took the bait. Keep up the good work though, love the site. Doubt this will make it on there though. Maybe edited. 

[Trolling Atheist]
aka Diane Abbott

[The next morning]
“I had respect for you.”

Exactly, what a coward that you don't put my reply on your site. I had respect for you. You are no worse than them. 

[Trolling Atheist]
aka Diane Abbott

So I was thinking about it, and for the life of me I can't figure out why you'd lose respect for me responding to and posting your fake hate mail before knowing it was fake. 

I'm curious what sort of logic you're working with, and your problem with me as an atheist that'd make you want to fuck with me.

It's interesting, unless there's no thought behind it.
Let me know.

“you are no better than a fundamentalist Christian or Muslim preaching your non belief and ridiculing those who believe in God like a smart ass smug know-it-all.”

I still stand behind what I said regarding going to church doesn't hurt anyone, especially if they are not true believers but go for the community and friendship, and yes, comfort it brings. But you are no better than a fundamentalist Christian or Muslim preaching your non belief and ridiculing those who believe in God like a smart ass smug know-it-all. And your going to give me the whole "there's ppl in south Africa who believe sex with a virgin cures aids, do you think that should be respected?"...was me again BTW. But that logic doesn't apply to your average churchgoer. 

[Trolling Atheist]
aka Diane Abbott

I'm realizing I can't believe anything you say now, so I guess we're done.


“I win. You lose.”

Yeah like when you don't have answers to emails you ignore them then publish your reply as the last one pretending people didn't reply. I win. You lose. 

[Angry Atheist]
aka Diane Abbott

You didn't answer my question though. Why should you be so dramatic when yours are ignored?


“You are no better than fundamentalists”

Because it seems like you do it to many people, if you don't have an answer then you pretend like they didn't reply and only post your response prior to that email. You are no better than fundamentalists 

[Trolling Atheist]
aka Diane Abbott

First of all, you should've just approached me as an atheist with a question. I'd be happy to answer anything you ask, and I will also happily tell you when I don't know the answer. I've done that before on the site.

I definitely stop responding to someone's letters if I see they're no longer talking coherently, ignoring everything I say, going on and on and on (like Peggy aka Newfound Joy), and if I've addressed the same question dozens of times before I have been known to brush it off the hundredth time. Repeat questions do get under my skin sometimes.

I also stop if the person is being disingenuous, like you. There are times when I can tell because you go so far over the top, so I just bail. I don't know what you believe, what's a lie, or what's your version of sarcasm (clearly it's way over my head). You confuse a conversion thinking it's a 'gotcha!' if I don't catch on that you're only pretending to be an uber-Christian. How do I maintain a dialog with that?

Ask me flat out your question without the fake identity or whatever else. I like being challenged. 

“Convenient that you are always the last email on every page.”

Convenient that you are always the last email on every page. I bet most people don't know what you are talking about and think you are making no sense. You just cut them off to make yourself look good. Very biased. 

[Trolling Atheist]
aka Diane Abbott

See, there you don't answer my questions. Do I now get to proclaim, "You lose! Don't answer my questions, huh? How convenient for you. I bet you feel like a big man now, always being right by avoiding the real topic! Your priority is just to make yourself look good here. You're so biased."

Is your problem with me saying Christian beliefs cause harm, but you're saying today's Christianity doesn't cause any real harm in today's world? Is that your beef? What exactly is the pressing disagreement I'm dodging to further my own glory? I'm dying to know.

I wonder if you can answer questions, or are you just another Gary Amirault? I have to consider these sorts of things when I'm being dragged along in a directionless dialog. Had you considered perhaps it's your letter writing skills that are responsible? Hmmm?


“You act like you are the fucking oracle.”

You are biased. The religious people you argue with believe they are right and so do you. You act like you are the fucking oracle. What are your questions anyway. 

[Trolling Atheist]
aka Diane Abbott

Ahhh, now I'm understanding more clearly why I bail out on conversations with you. You don't read my letters or answer my questions, even when I ask them several times. I'll ask it again.

Is your problem with my anti-theism? How I think Christianity in today's form is still harmful? That seems to be a point you bring up more than once, and since I can't get a straight answer out of you I'm taking a shot in the dark.

Yes, I am indeed biased. I make no secret about it. We all are. Believe me, in real life I'm much more reasonable with friends, family & acquaintances. Online however, with complete strangers, I pick sides. Being biased is essential to comedy. Lose all bias and you stop being funny. It's as simple as that. I do try to balance it out a bit, but my motto for the site has always been, comedy trumps sincerity. That's the price of good entertainment, Abbott.

You got me at a good time. I just finished reading this article on trolls & trolling. I'm fascinated with how your mind works, your obsessive online relationships, and lack of real world ones.


“You give atheists a bad name.”

Funny? You think your a comedian? You give atheists a bad name. Live and let live. 

[Trolling Atheist]
aka Diane Abbott

Well of course my emails aren't funny, if you refuse to read them!
I honestly thought my "Grandpa depends on it, end of discussion!" summary was amusing. But the funny doesn't happen always, I admit. Especially when your audience is utterly humorless (motion in your direction). Thus, an allowance I make for myself to cancel correspondences when they're going nowhere. Like this one!

So you're really for this "No critiquing other people's behavior - Live & let live" philosophy? I mean, apart from you critiquing mine.

Yeah. What about that? My bullshit is no different than their bullshit (so you say), why not live and let me live?

Jesus Christ, I fucking got you! I totally fucking beat you with your own words! Now I WIN! YOU LOSE!!

Wow! You're right. That is fun. What a high! I'm on top of the world!!! Now the judging panel of the internet universe will return the crown to me! Oh, the sweet taste of hate mail victory. This is soooo worth it. Bring on the fakes! Your labor only furthers my GLORY!!!!

I am the oracle.


You and I finally found common ground. Live and let live, unless they're bothering the shit out of you.
Admit it. That's fucking funny.

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