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“As much as it is right and just for beliefs to be criticised,
it is wrong for beliefs to be insulted.”

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Subject: The disabling of your account

I'll start off by being honest.  Sometimes your atheist content annoys me.  I'm an Agnostic myself, but sometimes the way you portrait Christianity reeks of arrogance and even hatred of the faithful.  Hatred breeds ignorance and evil, no matter who it is you are hating.  Certain policies by the US government that have victimized Muslims demonstrates this reality.  An institutionalized hatred of Christians could easily cause the same thing to happen but with Christians being the target.  I feel that there's a trend emerging in this country that could quietly make that a reality, and it scares me.

That's not the point of this email though.  I can't believe, for the life of me, that your youtube account was cancelled.  I've been following your content for a while now, and I can say with confidence, that, while your content is not necessarily meant for children, it's also not warranting of a ban or account disablement.  I'm not sure that it's possible for me to describe how disappointed I am with Google because of this.  While I support google's right to make that decision, I disapprove of the decision itself.  If google does not black out in protest of SOPA later this month, I will be boycotting youtube as well as google and encouraging others to do the same, simply because of this.  

What I'm saying, in a round about way, is that I support your first amendment rights, even if a corporation or the government doesn't.  I feel that this is something bigger than just a youtube account.  It's the continuation of a culture of censorship and suppression of truth.  I don't know if you feel the same way, but in any case, I just wanted to express that I'm on your side on this one.

-An angry drunk
Nathan Frost

“Jesus existed and what He said is historically true at least. Any historian will tell you that.”

Subject: Mistake

I'm sure you get these kind of emails all the time and you rightly should.
Your Jesus dress up website is a disgrace.

It is a disgusting spit in the face of the One who died for You. Now I dont usually send preaching emails like this but your website made me really angry.
I have been truly saved by Jesus in a way that you will never understand in your current state. I have witnessed real miracles, healing of the sick.

So I ask you, for yourself, to please take down this blasphemous website.

Jesus existed and what He said is historically true at least. Any historian will tell you that. Whether you believe is up to you. But think, why did so many people in the first century, who knew Jesus, never ever relent under extreme torture? Such as having their skin peeled off while alive, all they had to do was renounce Jesus and they would be left. Why did they stay strong to the end? They would not have done that if they weren't 100% sure that Jesus was God. 

Now I know the more I preach, the less you're gonna listen. 

So please, search your heart for Jesus. He is waiting for you. He truly is.


Indeed, one fact we've learned about human beings is when humans are sure about something, so sure they're willing to die for it, that thing has pretty much always turned out to be true. Example? In Islam people regularly die for the Great Prophet Muhammed. Some I've even heard have gone through great torturous penalties for refusing to denounce Allah. This, of course, is counted as evidence towards the truth of the Qua-ran. And as you've already stated, you agree.

Right now, over in North Korea, people are dying by the thousands for their Great Leader, Kim Il Sung, who is an all powerful deity. Irrefutable evidence that he is indeed The Great Ruler of all the World. Again, we're on the same page here so I'll proceed.

Have you ever heard of Jim Jones? He was a reverend who was the Son of God. His followers in Jonestown all died for him. Some even took the lives of their loved ones! Did Jesus' followers do that? Hmm, Jesmond? And they did this to prove the truth of Jim Jones' godliness. In my opinion, by these standards, we should both be reconsidering a belief in Jesus in exchange for these. After all, they killed their families too.

However, Jesmond, the Branch Dividians proved the truth of their leader, David Koresh, by sacrificing themselves, their families, and even the lives of strangers outside their compound! Thus this almost unquestionably guarantees the truth of Dave's divinity, and the one and only salvation of their blessed tribe. Again, you're left to convert due to this larger sacrifice given by these followers. A sacrifice greater than those who simply were tortured a little and died for Jesus.

I have also heard that there've been Buddhists who died for Buddha, Hindus who died for Kali, and Heaven's Gaters who died for Marshal Applewhite! As I go down my list of gods who people were willing to suffer and die for, and knowing that this is powerful proof to both you & me about their god being true and real, I'm now realizing there've been hundreds of gods, all around us, throughout history!

PLUS you've witnessed sick people healed! People who were sick then got better?!?!? That never happens. I am blown away.
As you requested, I just searched my heart for Jesus and he was there on the crapper the whole time.
Thanks Jesse.

And don't be so down on yourself about your preachiness. You make preachy emails an art.

“In the world today Christianity can seem like and overplayed song at times i know, at first it was great but then it gets boring and conventional.”

Hi Bob,

Thanks for the honest and sensible reply. You're clearly a smart man. 
Please know that I emailed you not out of hate or anything, but out of love.

Now when I saw your game of course, I was naturally offended. And I still think that even if you don't believe in Jesus, that out of respect for people's beliefs you should take it down. 

You see I myself have experienced great transformation and found great peace and truth through the Lord Jesus Christ, and as I am His disciple I must follow His command to preach and to reveal the Way to the world. I merely hoped that you could find for yourself this great happiness and salvation.

In the world today Christianity can seem like and overplayed song at times i know, at first it was great but then it gets boring and conventional. However, there is a real and indescribable truth in Christianity for those who are willing to look, which just makes the entire universe make sense and I wish our society could see that. 

So that is why I wrote you Bob. 
May you find real meaning behind your life.

P.S. I have seen real miracles. Not sick people getting better, but sick people getting instantaneously better, medically confounding healings.

Ahhh, but therein lies the problem, Jes. In a world where beliefs aren't criticized the future is bleak. Human beings are terribly prone to dreaming up horrible, hurtful beliefs, and almost habitually seeking to spread those bad ideas to as many people as possible. Unfortunately we are also too quick to buy into bad ideas. Especially if they play to our ego. Criticizing bad ideas is the only way to force the conversation of whether or not what we believe is substantiated by good reasons.

I'm not sure if you noticed, but this is exactly what's happening right now between you & me. As a direct result of my insult, reasons have been exposed. I gave you my reason why people dying for beliefs is no reason at all, and you presented that you yourself have had a personal experience with instantaneous healing right before your eyes! Unfortunately your experience is only your own. I have had no such experience, and obviously I shouldn't change my life's goal based on an experience of some faceless stranger's vague claim, just as you wouldn't change your belief if a similar claim were made to you about some other religion.

As you have witnessed, criticizing each others beliefs, though may cause emotional distress, the dialog that follows is of great value. Since we're both adults, we're completely emotionally capable of dealing with distress at the "criticized beliefs" level. I would even argue that it's our responsibility to expect criticism. Didn't Jesus himself tell you to expect scoffing because what you believe is indeed unbelievable?

Jess, without a dialog we're doomed to divide into warring tribes which are left with only one other option. And it's not "live in peace together forever and ever." I beg you please to stop thinking your beliefs are above criticism. Why would anyone want to hold onto a belief they can't defend in the face of criticism? That's what I don't understand.

You should be anxious to defend your beliefs, unless you are insecure with your reasons.

“If you truly believe in dialogue, then create a website which promotes dialogue about beliefs”

Indeed Bob you are correct. Belief should definitely be criticised and examined for that is the path that leads to truth. And it is this dialogue of beliefs that shows our evolution as a society. You are right that there are so many people in the world who believe what they believe for the wrong reasons. And a deep examination would break that. Personally I certainly do not believe my beliefs are above criticism at all, but being open to criticism does not make my beliefs flawed, my belief system has stood up to any and all criticism I have ever received, and in most cases the criticism comes from people's lack of understanding of my beliefs. So as a part of Jesus's command, I must spread His Word to anyone and everyone I can.

Which bring me back to the topic of our first email, your Jesus dress-up game. You see as much as it is right and just for beliefs to be criticised, it is wrong for beliefs to be insulted. And I would say this regarding any slanderous website depicting Muhammad, Krishna, Buddha or anybody that many many people hold dear to themselves. And I must say that I am surprised to find that you are so educated and sensible, and you speak of respect and criticism for other people's beliefs as the way to prevent us descending into warring tribes. Yet you have created a game like this. This game is not a criticism of beliefs, this is petty poking at the beliefs of millions of people. And it seems to me hypocritical that you speak of the need for "dialogue" and respect while creating a game which embodies a distinct lack of both.

If you truly believe in dialogue, then create a website which promotes dialogue about beliefs, and not a website which provokes people to descend into warring tribes. 

And of course I know you won't listen, but I finish by telling you that Jesus Christ is there waiting for you, I pray you will find Him.

Oh, now I'm beginning to see where our misunderstanding lies. You're under the impression that what Jesus did on the cross is respectable, when in fact it is reprehensible.

An innocent person taking on the wrongs of the guilty is an utter annihilation of justice. In no way whatsoever, in any court of law or moral logic is it good, healthy, or commendable to let the guilty go free while the innocent are punished for their crimes. My dressup game is a criticism of promoting (in fact commanding worship) of this complete perversion of justice. Only the person who commits the wrong should be dealt the punishment. Any other variation of this in any way defeats the entire purpose of justice. Promoting it is wrong on so many levels that I can't believe you even have to be told.

That's it. Any excuse you give for this act of sacrificing an innocent for the guilty, punishing someone else for the crimes of another, allowing it in any way forks the path away from morality. You know it. I know it. We all know it. But you've had it taught to you as right, and told you must believe it or else, so you bend your logic so it somehow makes sense.

I'm sorry to tell you this Jess, but this conversation would not be taking place without the insult that brought you to me. You have to admit this is true. And you must also admit that you've been able to withstand this insult without lashing out violently at your neighbors, burning down buildings, or hopping a train to NYC to punch me in the face. It's a silly game that plays with a supreme being who lives in paradise who is at no risk of being harmed here or in heaven. You withstood it, and so can everyone else. You know why? Because it's a cartoon drawing. Not war. If an allegiance to this deity provokes violence, the artist is not to blame. The belief is to blame. Any confusion over this is an example of morality being misled down that forked road I spoke of earlier.

On my site I've gotten over 500 pages of dialog about Christianity, religion, & atheism, all sparked by the game that brought you to me. I challenge you to find a site that's sparked more dialog. And when you find those sites, you can bet I probably already have a username there.


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