Hate Mail

Daring me to make
Mohammed Dressup,
then shrugging it off.

Their letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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This last weekend, the actor Kevin Smith (Silent Bob), from such classics as Dogma & Clerks, posed with a set of Star Wars Jesus Dressup and posted the picture on his Facebook page (click above picture to see).

I had been out of the house all day, so when I got online that evening I was baffled as to why I had so many sales, seemingly out of nowhere. That one post of his got 12,000 Likes on Facebook, and over 2,300 Shares, and the comments are priceless!

But for less impressive numbers regarding how unpopular the act of emailing hate mail has gotten, I received 1 (yes ONE) "hate" letter (featured at the top of this page) that night. The couple others are ones that've come in over the course of 2013.

Funny comments on Facebook regarding Kevin Smith's post

The hate mail section at my site will probably never be what it once was. One time just a few years ago, just about the time when smartphones became popular, hate died away. Since September of 2000 there'd been more than a decade of a new page weekly. Sometimes even twice a week! Now it's measured in years.

Either way, I hope you can see I do my best with what I get. Hell. Maybe that's the underlying reason why I finally made the Mohammed Dressup magnets – Which is the running theme of this year's page addition – A last, fleeting plea for hate mail.

Actual Jesus with BDSM Jesus
at the store Zombie Glass in Omaha Nebraska.

Lastly I'd like to thank Mr. Smith for the shout out, and suggest to him that his store in Jersey, Secret Stash should agree to carry Jesus Dressup on their shelves, doncha think?
Kevin, if you're reading this, The Stash has rejected the samples I've sent them over the course of a few years, twice! The first of those two times it was explained to me – "These are just a bit too racy for our store. Maybe if he wasn't on the cross?"
You know how to reach me.

“try doing a similar one about Mohammed”

Show your age & try doing a similar one about " Mohammed ".


How does doing something similar about Mohammed show my age? I don't understand.


“Tis rather childish to take a cheap poke at a religious figure”

For a start, try offending Muslims...by making fun of Mohammed instead of Jesus Christ, and see how you get on.
Tis rather childish to take a cheap poke at a religious figure, like you have. You'll have your day in court mate when you take your last breath on this earth, then you will be facing the person who you are making fun of.


Seriously, what do you think would actually happen if I or someone else made Mohammed Dressup magnet game here in America? Do you imagine assassins with broadswords storming me, a lone gunman, or just constant prank phone calls from angry Muslims avenging their Prophet?
Do you find such a reaction admirable or just in any way?

Just really curious. 


“doesn't take much up top to be a scoffer.”

Like I said, "show your age"   do it. Have a go, it may educate you.
But dont  have cheap shots at peoples Christian beliefs.
It doesn't take much up top to be a scoffer.


All right. Don't say you didn't asked for it!
• http://normalbobsmith.com/store/mohammed.html

The jokes on you, Kevin. I've nailed all of my windows shut, piled furniture in front of the door, and I'm waiting inside holding a broomstick & trashcan lid to shield me from whoever breaks through.

Ooh, the Muslims are gonna be so pissed when they hear you told me to make these! I'd hate to be in your shoes come Judgement Day.


PS. Lemme know if you need instructions on how to make a crockpot helmet with a bubble-wrap face-mask and a toilet paper tube in the mouth so you can breath. Found that out the hard way.

This is when Kevin stopped replying.
It's when they always stop replying.


“my religion prevent me to say any thing about prophet of the christians”

Subject: Mohammed Dressup

my religion prevent me to say any thing about prophet of the christians but love isaa prophet because my god order me forgive people who talk about islam religion with bad words god with us .if u study history of islam civilization u will know what is the islam relgion and who are mohamad prophet the most famous and the great man allover the history

Tamer Ahmed Nassar

Admitting that your religion prevents you from criticizing religion is indeed stating something very critical about your religion.



And then this happened...

“I hate you”

Subject: I hate you and this site


Chelsea Hitt


I think you might have emailed the wrong person.


“i sincerely regret disturbing you”

I apologize. Didnt even know i had sent an email. Either way, whether it was my kids or i, i sincerely regret disturbing you.

Chelea's mom


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