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Their letters are in blue and mine are in black and white.

I have been very stingy. I've only been posting fan letters from girls lately. But it's Christmas time and I'm ready to give a little back now. So this is for all you ladies (and gay men) out there. A whole sidebar of hot, horny, hung hunks at your disposal. All open to being used for sexual purposes and thrown away like yesterdays garbage. Enjoy... and keep your pants up!

God Damn Bob,
I don't even compare to the sultry babes that send you fan mail but hopefully you won't write me off.

I have played with dress up jesus and read your hate mail, both have given me hours of fun... I recently started reading your fan mail and I am sorry I didn't read it sooner.

I think you should start a babes of Normal Bob website. I know I would like to see more. You have the coolest groupies I have ever seen. Way better than Motley Crew groupies. The piercings take the cake.

When I read your hate mail, I want to respond to every ignorant goofball and make fun of them. The one that I thought was a genuine asshole though was Man Cow. That fat ass worked for a radio station in the San Francisco area for a while. That pig headed Man Ass got the bright idea one day to block the Bay Bridge completely during rush hour while he received a hair cut. The Bay Bridge is one of the main arteries for traffic into San Francisco. Needless to say he no longer works in San Francisco. He was practically run out of town by a lynch mob. I can't believe anyone else hired that chicken lover.

Anyhow, thanks for the great website. If you are ever in San Francisco let me know. I'll take you to my favorite coffee place and try to hook you up with some hot and horny (and pierced) San Francisco Babes.

Christian Smith

Hm, I really don't have anything very "interesting" to say, except, I love you. If I was a gay man, I'd probably have sex with you. I'd like to say I am amazed by the smart ass remarks you come up with to the hypochristian emails. I laugh like a little schoolgirl to every one. It cracks me up with I see something like "HEY FUCK YOU YOU GODDAMN MOTHER FUCKING SATAN WORSHIPING FAG, YOUR PROBABLY A HOMO AND I FUCKIN KILL HOMOS CAUSE THEY'RE A FUCKIN DISGRACE TO GODS GOOD EARTH. I'D LIKE TO SMASH YOUR FAGGOT BRAIN SO YOU COULDNT THINK ANYMORE FAGGOT THOUGHTS FUCKING QUEER! YOUR SO FUCKING IDIOTEC AND IGNORUNT ITS NOT EVEN FUNNY you really need to go to church, i'm going to heaven, and you're going to hell". It's just too humorous. It's funny because I can honestly say you and I think exactly alike, but I'd have to say you are far better at putting your thoughts into words than I am. Well...... me... fan.... yep.... keep it up.


I really don't understand how these people come to your site. If they are as smart as they say when they write hate mail then they should have an idea of what they doing when they click a link such as this If your that damn dumb to click a link that obvious, then you deserve getting offended. It doesn't take an Assembly language programmer to figure that one out (I do program in asm). Hell my sister even figured out what was going to be linked to, and she can barely run windows. My point is if you click a link that says you can pretty much figure out that there is going to be some chicken fucking happing on that page. Anyway Cool site later.

Matt Tedrow

Subject: Fan mail, 'nough said.

Obligatory complementation (It's probably a word.) / groveling: I love your site. It stirs up so many conflicting emotions and opinions within me that I feel like I'm swirling around in a blackish grey void and I can't find up. You're the kind of person that's right up there with Pete Abrams and, but not quite as nifty, the late Douglas Noel Adams. May he rest in peace.

Regular text. (With 30% less ass-kissing!) I've been reading and playing around on your site for about 3 months. I love your sardonic wit, and the way you seemingly play with those who send you Hate Mail telling you not to hate anyone. It'd be a great honor to get this posted on your site. Blah blah rant yap rave etc.

Rantings about Me to raise my ego: And no, I'm NOT a female by the by. I'm a 14 (15 December 19th.) year old male living in south Texas. You can call me The Sought. I pride myself on raising the IQ of those around me. I'm not an atheist, yet I don't have a conventional religion. I believe that since we came from nature, so shall we return to help it grow food for others to live on. That is, unless we're filled with latex and stuffed inside of an airtight coffin. I believe that Nature, while not sentient, is the true entity to be worshipped. I'm not a pacifist when it comes to humans though. I'm multifaceted in my beliefs. Sometimes I want to help people, sometimes I just tell them to walk it off or die. Survival of the fittest. My meager website that can't compare to yours in any way can be found here. Fin.

Thanks: I'd like to thank the good folks at for helping me make sure all of these words mean what I think they mean.

The Sought

"Does your mother know about this web site, is she proud of it."

you no, I just would like to let you know, that I was disappointed. I Love Jesus, He is my Lord. and He died for you and me that is how much He loved you and me. I Just want you to remember when you go to bed at night, that Jesus does Love You. Does your mother know about this web site, is she proud of it. anyway, I am not trying to be mean, just wanted you to know how I felt.

God Bless You
Lynn Roberts

Always with the mother. Is "making mother proud" the grand scheme of life? Is your mother proud of the quiet secrets you keep and the opinions that differ from hers? Or maybe you simply assume that your mother is correct about everything and you've chosen to believe nothing else?

Lynn, my mother is a devout Christian, and I love her very much. She does know about my site and my beliefs, but also knows that it is not for her.

It pains me to think that you yourself might be a mother and you've got a preconceived notion of what your child will be and the beliefs that child will have. Be prepared to have moments when you are not proud of that child, because it looks to me like those moments will be plenty.


"There are several motives why a large part of humanity has rejected Jesus as their Savior. Read these and see if any fit you"

It is my hope that if there is someone on this list who is reading only, or is searching for truth, that they pray the following prayer and see what happens:

The Skeptics Prayer
"God, I don't know whether you even exist. I'm a skeptic. I doubt. I think you may be only a myth. But I'm not certain (at least not when I'm completely honest with myself). So if you do exist, and if you really did promise to reward all seekers, you must be hearing me now. So I hereby declare myself a seeker, a seeker of the truth, whatever it is and wherever it is. I want to know the truth and live the truth. If you are the truth, please help me."

The "Skeptic's Prayer" is a scientifically fair test of the Christian "hypothesis", - that is, if you do not put unfair restrictions on God, like demanding a miracle (your way, not His) or certainty by tomorrow (your time, not His). The demand that God act like your servant would not be a scientific fair test of the hypothesis that there is a God who is your King. And you also should be honest with yourself by asking, "Would I submit to Jesus if it were indeed proven to me that it is all true?"

There are several motives why a large part of humanity has rejected Jesus as their Savior. Read these and see if any fit you...

One motive people do not become Christians is because of hypocrites.
But just because the church contains hypocrites does not mean that all Christians are hypocrites. The failures of the believers do not invalidate the truth. Jesus Christ had very harsh words for people who were committing the sin of hypocrisy, especially the religious leaders of his day (Mt. 23:15). People can and do enter the ministry for the wrong reasons, or they can compromise the convictions of the faith. The fact that people have persecuted under the pretext of following Jesus only goes to show that those who said they were Christians did not possess the peace of God and that they were not followers of Jesus' teachings. Yes, the church still smells from the smoke if the Inquisition which WRONGLY destroyed heretics in order RIGHTLY destroy heresies. But Jesus himself warned that there would be those who called him "Lord" but would act directly against the will of God. Christianity does not stand or fall on the way Christians have acted throughout history or are acting today. Christianity stands or falls on the person of Jesus, and Jesus was not a hypocrite. He lived consistently with what He taught, and at the end of His life He challenged those who had lived with Him night and day, for over three years, to point out any hypocrisy in Him. His disciples were silent because there was none. Since Christianity depends on Jesus, it is incorrect to try to invalidate the Christian faith by pointing to horrible things done in the name of Christianity.

Another motive people do not become Christians is out of ignorance.
This is not ignorance that there is a God or a person named Jesus Christ, but rather ignorance to the facts validating Christian faith. Many times this ignorance is self-imposed. Some people are not even bothering to consider the claims of Christ, while others are actively refusing to believe.

Another motive is the simplicity of the gospel.
It is so simple to become a Christian that even a child can do it. In fact, to enter the kingdom of heaven, Jesus taught that we must become as children (Matthew 18:3). In simple faith, we must place our trust in Christ whether we be college professors or people who have never finished grammar school.

Further, people don't become Christians because of the mistaken idea of what really is a Christian.
Many think Christianity is a religion with a set of negative commandments saying, "Don't do this and don't do that." They get the idea that when you believe in Jesus, you resign yourself to a life of unhappiness, restrictions, and boredom. Since no one wants to live that way, they write off Christianity as something to which they don't want to commit their lives. The Christian life is anything but boring, because there is the daily joy and excitement of knowing the living God and experiencing all the good things He has in store for us.

Some people don't become Christians because of guilt feelings.
They have lived lives in which they've committed many ugly acts and crimes, and they don't believe they can be forgiven by God and that a decent life can be given to them. However the Bible clearly teaches that anyone without exception, who seeks God and desires to be forgiven of his sins will be forgiven. If you will come to Jesus, He has promised to forgive you of your sins, and He will allow you to start over again with a clean slate, no matter how corrupt you have been.

Another motive some refuse to accept Jesus is because of some specific sin in their life.
They realise that, if they become a believer, they will have to stop committing that certain sin, and they do not want to stop. Many people love their sin to the point that they will miss getting into heaven. To become a Christian, a person must repent (change his heart and mind) of his sins, and this many people are not willing to do even though Jesus said, "Except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish" (Luke 13:3, KJV).

In addition, people refuse to believe in Jesus because of self-centeredness.
Someone has said correctly, we believe - that Christianity is the EASIEST religion in the world to believe, and it is also the most DIFFICULT religion in the world to believe. It is the easiest because God has done everything for us that needs to be done, and it is impossible to add to the work of Christ. It is the most difficult because we have to admit to ourselves and to God that we cannot do anything to save ourselves. Our pride does not like that, since we want to work out our own salvation our way.

Human nature desires that we dictate our own terms, but God will accept us only on His terms, and this fact keeps many people out of the kingdom. There are many motives why people reject Christ, but there are no good reasons.

David Mazur

I cannot believe that you totally left out the single most valid reason that people don't believe! The reason being that it is completely unbelievable! How could you miss that one? The most obvious one?

Is it because you yourself are a hypocrite, picking and choosing from the Bible what to believe, paying no mind to the confusion that you're dragging people into?

Maybe you're just ignorant. You're content in gathering only those who are stupider than you who do not see the obvious?

Could it be that you're a simp, living in a make-believe world with magical entities floating all around you, believing in fairy tales that most children grow out of?

Is it because you've no idea what a non-believer is about? Your idea of a non Christian is that they are ignorant, self-centered hypocrites, guilty of ugly acts and crimes?

Perhaps it is because of guilt that you do this? You feel horrible about yourself and the things you've done and you're looking for the easy way out? Not having to take responsibilities for your actions , instead passing them off into another dimension where the "Forgiver Of All Things" lives?

Or could it be that you just can't stop? You've never thought any deeper than what you've been told and read. There is no alternative because you refuse to ponder the suggestion?

Maybe you are just being self-centered? You like the power of pretending that there's a super natural being on your side, giving you permission to make people feel guilty?

There are many motives behind people who reject the obvious reason (that it is unbelievable), because that'd mean having to explain things that make no sense and have no logical answers. And then the people you know would look at you like you're a loony that talks to God inside his brain.

That, David, is a pretty good reason.

"u r 1 sad fuckin cunt!!!"

u r 1 sad fuckin cunt!!!

Graham Truman

O G, I M?
U R 1 2! F U 2 U # 1 F!
I P & I C U 8 P. U: "MMM"
I M B 4 U, K?

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