His letters are in blue and mine are in black and white.

Alrighty, you asked for it. Here's what I have to say about weenie boy. (Jason McCann)

First Letter: It shows that he thinks your site is to convert people (just like the goal of Christianity is conversion of the masses) and the idea that maybe your site IS a form of therapy for you eludes him completely. If he has followed your site from the beginning and still can't recall all the information you have gathered and presented about the changes in your life, as well as new studies on how our minds can manipulate our emotions, perspectives, and lives.... well then he's the only unintelligent one here.

Second Letter: Mocking "modern" thought? HUH? I have no earthly idea what he's talking about. I thought the whole point of our modern society is the idea that people have the freedom to figuire things out for themselves, in their own way, rather than blindly submitting to the status quo. Modern ideas of "justice," "freedom," "equality," and "responsibility" have nothing to do with energy, or faeries, or any of that crap unless you believe it and structure your personal life around them.

What Jason also doesn't understand is that your conclusions are frankly none of his business. How or why you came to your beliefs, how they affect your life, and the consequences of your actions are your responsibility and your right. And it has absolutely nothing to do with him or his life, unless he chooses to be offended by it.

Third Letter: And yes, we as humans are not living up the potential of our brains. But anyone who knows anything about evolution (biological, psychological, and/or sociological) knows that adaptation and change occurs over time. There was an article out about a year ago stating that people are beginning to use more of their brains because of the technology and information that is now available to us, but there is no way we could make the huge leap from potential to reality without the rest of our world changing as well.

He obviously doesn't comprehend that people learn from interaction, and not from nonsensical rants. I have been following your posts on NoBS.com for over a year now. I have seen you share what you believe, show what you have found true in your own experience, and I respect you for it. You respond to debates with an open mind and attacks with a sense of humor, and that's more than he can say. Jason has shown nothing of himself in his emails, except for consistent misspelling of the word "intelligent," belligerent thought processes, and sloppy reasoning skills. I can see what he is trying to argue about auras and alternative ideas that are not yet (and may never be) completely mainstream, but he is doing a horrible job at it. This isn't a debate at all, it's an embarrassment.

If he thinks you don't find beauty and amazing things in your life (world) then I don't think he has ever really appreciated or understands what you have been posting on the NoBS site. Even before I met you and we talked face to face, I could read in your posts that you appreciate the world you have found yourself in, and are making for yourself. I would have never emailed you to compliment your site, and ask you to meet me for coffee if I thought you had nothing to say. If Jason would read with understanding, then perhaps he would see how nonsensical his emails really are because they only show that he has no understanding of the ideas you are trying to convey. And I will never, ever understand why the believers think that non-believers have to replace the idea of God with something else. I suppose the idea that we simply exist in our world and appreciate what each day brings is beyond the thought processes of someone who is living for the afterlife.

I know I have rambled on and on, and still haven't made it past his first two letters, but frankly, I'm already bored and after glancing at the others, I have no real interest in what he has to say at this moment. I'll see if I can stomach them tomorrow after I've slept. :)


"I'm having a problem with evolution..."

Subject: Nice Site!!
Had lots of fun reading it.

However, I'm still trapped by this insane concept of GOD. I just cant seem to get away from it. I understand what you are saying and certain portions do make sense. I'm having a problem with evolution though. It hasn't been proven. I understand Animals changing themselves to with stand the current environment, but what I don't understand is why a bunch of rocks and water decided to organize themselves in to "living" beings and start enjoying rock music, sex, drugs, and cool shit like that. It doesn't make any sense to me. Then, on top of that, only certain rocks and water got together to do this, most of it didn't. Then, these "so called living" organisms consume "dead" material in order to sustain its "life". What kind of stupid ass shit is this? Its the dumbest damn thing in the entire universe. Why did this planet need people? What's the point? The planet certainly doesn't need us here!! All we do is fuck it up drilling for oil and shit.

I don't know, this GOD stuff makes more sense to me. I don't know why. I can only believe that some GOD, who never dies, never cries, never has anything else better to do, would create a system as senseless as evolution. Oh yeah, Jesus seems cool. He hung around the strip clubs etc. He came to "save" the wicked like me. Oh well, its fucking late, I think I'll go download some more free music and movies while the connections is still good...

Duane Terrell


You have just painted the scenario of two rocks rubbing together to make a duck, the duck feeding off of sand and reproducing with nothing... and now here we are being force-fed Kid Rock. If this is the argument you've got against atheism, you haven't put enough thought into it.

Have you ever seen a cell divide in two? All that it needs is water to survive, not living organisms you shit-for-brains. This is all there needs to be to sustain life. Did you know that water has been found on other planets? If it is there it can be anywhere. This tells me that a life sustaining element has existed long before planet Earth. Maybe even forever? Why not?

I believe that an infinite universe (with an option to sustain life) is far more probable than a human god, holy spirit, everlasting creator and paradise in the heavens. And an endless universe with an infinite amount of time (that has the possibility of sustaining life) really expands the probability of us existing at some point.

But if you can explain why the life of your god is more probable than our own I'd like to hear it. And then ask yourself this: "Where did that plan come from?".

The most amazing thing happened during my initial reading of the next response. I was able to tap into some unused portion of my brain and psychically read the inner workings of Duane's subconscious as he wrote his email to me! Of course I am delighted to include what I heard within the letter that he sent.
I put his inner-thoughts in blue text next to what he actually wrote in
black text.


"Think about it."

I'm so happy you took the time to respond to this shit for brains. Hey, an email! That makes 3 this week! I love it when conversations start this way. Thanks Alot.

So, you say I haven't put much though in to it eh? Wait until he sees the thoughts I've had! I could write an episode of Star Trek! Well, first of all, I've never eaten live anything... or at least it wasn't alive when it hit my intestinal track. So, where in my post did I say anything about the living consuming the living? Fact is... I didn't. So you're wrong on that point.

"Then, these 'so called living' organisms consume "dead" material in order to sustain its "life". What kind of stupid ass shit is this?"
I'll just play dumb. It'll go away if I ignore it.

Next, Now, Should I put an "OK" and an "Um" here too? Nah, too casual... you ask me have I ever seen A cell divide in two... yes I have... on GPTV. He knows he's in trouble now! Fascinating isn't it? Twist the knife! Then you state that all it needs is water to survive. Ok... fine... ONE DAMN CELL needing only water to survive, but last I checked in the most smallest of complex organisms we are talking hundreds of cells. In my world there is no such thing as consummating. Why do you breathe? Why do you eat? Tell you what... stop breathing and drink only pure water and see how long you live. Humans are the same as the smallest living organism... at least I am. If the cells in your body only needed water your ass would never stop at burger king. After all, what in hell does your cells need mmm, burgers for breakfast... with vitamin A, B, C, D, E... fucking oxygen? What are those cells going to do with it? Just drink water. You'll live (yeah right). Ha ha ha! God, I'm a stitch! I wrote that he wouldn't live and then I wrote "You'll live (Yeah right)" and I made that up myself! And those two cells.. well, they become 4... then eight. I guess those cells are just going to continue to shrink cause what ever material made those cells is eventually going to run out. Because living things aren't made up of very much water. Damn, I'm a good point maker... so why can't I get laid? I wonder how many times have cells split on this planet? I know he doesn't got the answer for this one! This "DE-BATE-ING" is cake.

Then, tell me, what good is a cell that isn't doing anything? Now that I've successfully explained how life stands still, I'll pull out the big guns and explain how stupid cells are. Cells just sitting around surviving because they have the water they need doing nothing are as good as dead... very useless. It's the "complex cell" that sits and does nothing... because it's TOO complex! So, why is it that one useless cell living in water combines itself with other useless cells and then wa la... sex...drugs... rock N roll... and opinions? I'm going to argue against the most basic cycles of life, like how tadpoles don't become frogs.

And another thing... water sustains life... but where does the life come from for water to sustain? I'd like to see him explain that... because my explanation doesn't have anything to do with life as we know it! See, I don't think you quite understand. EVERYTHING came from ATOMS I think that's why God named him "Adam"? Oh, I'll explain that later. (or at least the particles which make up atoms)!! Atoms by themselves don't give a shit about anything (GOD, Taxes, or otherwise). Hydrogen (Atom) got together with Oxygen (Atom) to form water. Now, where did this other shit come, from (life, bacteria.. viruses)? Hey!! other mother freaking atoms!! DNA is not an element by itself. It comes from some kind of ACID. But, you don't get ACID without atoms. So, you haven't even touched my original statement. You still can't explain why all these atoms got together to do all of this. THERE WAS NO REASON!! Jeez, if Bob would just look at nature he'd see that nothing grows or comes together to make anything. And how long has the universe REALLY been around? 4,000 years according to the Bible? That's not EVEN enough time for all of this to happen!

I can go on and on, my evenings are free for the rest of the year... but really you haven't even touched my original points. I'm beginning to think you didn't even read what I wrote. Now, for the other part about explaining the life of GOD etc. I don't know it all. In fact, what I don't know could fill a quarry. I cant possibly know it all. I hardly know some things.. I cant prove to you GOD exist... only he can do that. Well, Him and the Devil... but God's got him trapped in Hell. I suppose that Angels could prove it too, but they're watchin' God's back, 'cause they're the good guys.. like me! I really don't understand your last question. What day is it today? GOD created us in his image so life comes from him. If you believe that a big large mass of stuff sitting out in the middle of no where can just explode (after being dormant for who knows how long and we still don't know where this ball of mass came from) then the existence of GOD is just as feasible. Now Adam and Eve, that's feasible. That fits into my "believe whatever" motto. You can not explain with total truth where this universe came from nor can I explain with total truth where GOD came from. This is where I give myself legal license to separate completely from logical thinking into the magical world of an over active imagination. Join me! We both have the same task at hand. You believe everything happened just because. I believe GOD exist I relish in keeping the word "exist" singular. and I frankly don't care where he came from. He can be a pop tart about to be eaten in 5 GOD minutes but as far as we were concerned he'd still be GOD. I should really go to an "open mic" night somewhere and get discovered.

The difference between our two arguments is that the physical properties they may or may not exist where ever GOD exist may allow for such random acts of creation. Hmm, that sentence looks weird... but it made sense in my head, so I'm sure it's OK. Imagine a place where snow can survive in a fire? Time to give this fella an impressive dose of where God lives. GOD in truth may actually exist in that kind of environment which explains why no one in the bible can give heaven true descriptional justice. Except for the fire/ice description. However, in the world in which I live everything happens for a reason... everything!! Cause and Effect... Every action has and equal and opposite reaction. This universe is a place of reason... GOD's universe is probably isn't. In God's universe even basic grammar is beyond reason!

Now, this is just where I spout my mouth about the relationship between man and GOD. Finally I can quit trying to make sense and rest my tired brain. So, I'm not trying to prove or disprove anything here (below). Its long as hell and you being an atheist will probably make you laugh until your sides split. I don't blame you. I'll believe anything. Try me! I am beyond reason as well! This shit is crazy as hell but it makes sense to me... oh well. I've made my choice. ...believe stuff I can't even believe. Oh well.

GOD made everything and my book says he made us in his own image, God looks like us! Got it? then our life is actually his life. When we die, a piece of Him dies. Like twins! Sounds stupid... I admit. but that's what I believe. Oh well. But GOD isn't bound by the physical properties of this universe. He created it so he can exist apart from it. Why would he spawn all these angels etc. You see, angels are God's babies, we're the angel's babies, and our babies are the animals... and so on! If you were GOD... would you want to be alone? Or would you create Duane Terrell to keep you company? To break a piece of yourself off and grant it freewill is amazing. There are so many amazing tales I've yet to tell. Wait untiI I tell you of Munchkin Land! It's kind of like if you were to clone yourself. Think about it. We are all clones of God! Wait a sec. I probably shouldn't over emphasize that we're all little Gods. You take a cell from your body. You combine it with some egg and you have the perfect split image of your self, and the egg's self... oh, stop being so particular! it acts somewhat like you but it is separate, having its own desire. We're Angel-clones put on Earth to battle the evil Satan... don't you see?

Also, it can be kind of like having a child. Think about it. You have two people who share each other lives. They get together and these two lives combines to create how many children you want to have. Or in my case, I can't even get to first base, but I digress. Each child may have similar behaviors to the parent but they are all free thinkers. Except for me. I'll buy anything some guy behind a podium tells me to. GOD can spawn himself in much the same way. So, when GOD realized his own existence (if there were ever such a moment). Should I put a period there? Dammit, it's so much easier when I tell these stories by a campfire. He created Angles. Obtuse angles, acute angles... hell, He made every angle! But the angles had a draw back. Now, you would think that a GOD who is perfect would get it right the first time, and since I am not a bible scholar Nor a high school graduate. Hell I can hardly keep the nachos from comin' out my mouth when I read to myself. I cant say GOD ever said he was perfect.. I know he said the earth was good or perfect. Nor have I ever read where GOD said we would agree with everything he did. What I may recall is him saying... HEY I'm GOD... my way... or the highway... but that's a different subject. Where do I come up with this stuff?! Ha! Thou shall not kill is not the same as saying... You shall not kill and neither will I, nor will I send people to kill you. But I am off subject. That should take care of his "Why does God kill us when He says thou shalt not kill" retort I'm anticipating.

Anyway, about the Angle draw back.. I call it Rich mans syndrome. And I capitalized the "R". Don't ask me why, that's just what I do. Let's assume that you were a wealthily man. You had your "friends" over ever day partying. That's it Duane, paint the picture with words. How would you know if these people were your friends or if they were just using you because you had money? How many times have you heard stories of rich people going poor and only finding out who their true friends where when they didn't have anything? And when you found out that those people were using you, didn't you want them to burn in Hell for the rest of eternity? Well, that's all God wants too. Its a story told over and over again.

Anyway, GOD gave the Angles everything. They only had to feed his ego (worship). The god I worship makes Himself invisible AND craves attention. Get it? I know... doesn't sound like a nice word or very Godlike to use but he is the same GOD who said he was Jealous. Remember, he made us in his image. He thinks perverted thoughts, spreads gossip, blankets His fears in ignorance and craves sweets. Every single emotion we have so does he. Especially "love". That's why He's the God for me! But feeding the ego of your rich friend is easy when he's feeding you steaks every night isn't it? Sure it is. One other thing... Since Heaven has everything in abundance there is only one commodity... LOVE. You see, it's like money there. Your average 2 acre cloud goes for about 60,000 pieces of "love". The coins are valentine shaped! Love rules everything. GOD is love. When you feed GOD's ego because you love him (you want to), then every thing is cool. Of course Angles loved each other. After all, we on this planet don't just love GOD and not each other... same as there. If the Angles loved each other it was the same as loving him. Hmm, I wonder if I should be institutionalized?

So, this is where we came in. GOD needed something more. Angels are such a bore! He needed people who were tempted, People He could fuck with, judge and destroy. which is the quickest way I can explain it. People who really had to choose him over something else. And sacrifice their eternal lives just so that God could get His ego stroked. In heaven.. he was the only game in town. Its almost like if you had two friends and one extra ticket to the football game. Mmm, I wish you could get hot-dogs with butterscotch on 'em. Which friend would you take? If you only had one friend then the choice is easy. The choice is REALLY easy for me then. So, he created this Universe, gave it properties and put two people in it. The rules were simple. Eat this tree... not this one. He also gave us punishment and reward. Eat the tree of life... you continuing living... eat this tree... and you die. The world he gave this two people was excellent. "Trees of death", doesn't that world sound excellent?!

What was the problem? Lucifer (Satan) didn't like it. He's the villain in my story. Gosh! I like stories. I have no doubt he probably loved GOD with all his might but this little experiment broke his heart... and a lot of other Angels as well. He probably begged GOD to get rid of us. GOD refused and even Lucifer probably began to question GOD'S origin and what right he had over anything. So, Satan set out to destroy GOD. I hope Bob sees the conflict I've created and which side is the good side. He hated him at this point. Now, Heaven it self was at WAR. But how do creatures who can not die fight? I don't know. But this is a very intelligent question I've brought up. Note to self: Contrive fantastic tale of what war in Heaven is like. I guess you would have had to be their. I took care of that point rather nicely.

Anyway, Satan lost and was sent here. To Earth, in sin format. Its kind of a punishment per say. The punishment of getting us to sin and receiving our eternal souls to do with as he pleases. If you don't like them... then go live with them. But Satan had other plans. He set out to deceive and deceive he has done ever since. Oh he's so evil! Everything evil is what Satan is. Just like how everything good is what God is. It's so perfect! Don't you see? Satan only has one Goal in mind and that to make sure as many of us ignores GOD as possible. Satan makes us question GOD existence and he is very clever at it. He knows the Universe backwards and forwards and will stop at nothing to destroy us. Well, he stops at anything that could possibly reveal his existence, but he stops at nothing after that! He hates GOD and he hates us. He will cater to your desires. He knows we are much like GOD in a sense but we cant fix the things we break. Except for mechanical devices... and surgery, and stuff like that. Oh and taping stuff fixes things too... oh nevermind.

This is just my opinion. I could be 100% right... I could be 100% wrong. I could be 50% right. Ok, debate is not my strong point... along with common sense and making toast. But I have had the same struggle as you. And this was my conclusion. I gave up rationalizing all of this years ago. I'll love Jesus... I'll love GOD no matter what. Make-believe or hiding, I just love the Guy! I ain't perfect. I do my share of shit. Excessive masturbation. But I will give credit where credit is due. My life...my existence... belong to him.

Well, I'm tired of writing now. My imagination is exhausted! But I'm sure you just had the funniest read of your life. Glad I could be so entertaining to you.

Duane Terrell

Thank you for the email Duane. I've taken what you've said very seriously.
You've given me a lot to think about.


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