Lost in a world of sin.

Their emails are in blue, mine are in black and white. Enjoy!

Subject: "God, Please stop loving me to death!"

Praise you!

God should thank you for uplifting him from the dregs of fundamentalist literalism. While perusing your website, the only images of God that comes to mind is a humorous and lighthearted caricature. I fail to see what all the fuss is about. This, at least in my view, is much better than the idea of a God who so loved the world that he wiped out practically every living thing on it in the flood of Genesis. Or, the (supposedly) very same god who is supposed to fly down to Earth on a cloud and reel in his beloved followers in the wake of the apocalypse of Revelation. And, of course, the merciful God of Abraham, who just before Abraham was about to sacrifice his son, Isaac ( as a demonstration of loyalty), says "Wait a minute, wait a minute --only kidding!!!" No, no, this God is one sick puppy, yet his followers seem to think they need to defend him. This is the most remarkable thing about these people. I mean, if the omnipotent Judeo-Christian god really existed, would he really need to be defended by something he created in one afternoon ? (please!) But, of course, it is really your soul they are thinking about. After all, if they could dupe you into believing this nonsense, then they, too, might win an addition star for their crown once they got to paradise.

Anyway, keep on doing the good lord's work, there, brother Bob, and have a wonderful Easter.

Randy Narozniak

“What would Jesus think about your website.
He has seen it you know!

My heart is saddened to know someone could be so lost in the sin of the world they would wish to make a mockery of their only path to heaven! From before you were born Jesus has loved you and given you nothing but his love.

He is our only way and no demon, no person, not the devel, not even ourselves can stop him from loving us. What we do on earth shall be bound in Heaven. The only possessions we can take with us when our body ceases to be is what we held in our hearts while we were here on earth. Think about it.

What would Jesus think about your website. He has seen it you know! Have a good day.


As I sit here lost in a world of sin (drawing funny pictures of Jesus, swearing on occasion and being atheist) I consider the feelings of Jesus as He gazes down from the next dimension upon my very website.

These "Heavenly times" of Christ's afterlife are no paradise. His cursed eternity is overflowing with heartbreak and a pitiful display of bellyaching only a supreme being could muster.

I imagine a literal rainfall of tears threatening to break God's rainbow promise here on Earth.

I picture the saddest wails of hopelessness that make Hell seem like Disney Land, and I see a large gathering of angels surrounding Our Lord Jesus, patting Him on the back assuring Him that everything's gonna be OK.

Poor poor Jesus.
This is what it sounds like when doves cry.

Clearly you are not a Christian, perhaps even an Atheist but it still does not make it at all acceptable to defile such a man as Jesus Christ...”

There are things such as your website that make one wonder how civilization could have possibly plummeted so far. Clearly you are not a Christian, perhaps even an Atheist but it still does not make it at all acceptable to defile such a man as Jesus Christ, who even if you do not feel the same is the lord and savior of millions upon millions of Christians everywhere. I think that it would be a positive step for you that you remove this page (which isn't funny even from a non-religious standpoint) as soon as possible.

A Concerned Christian.

I have to correct you here Concerned Christian. Being an atheist does in fact make it acceptable for me to defile Jesus Christ in this way. You see, as an atheist I do not believe that there is a God, therefore Jesus is/was not the Son of God. This leaves us with 3 options (as atheists).

#1- Jesus was a fake, a liar and/or mistaken.
#2- The stories of Jesus are entirely contrived, exaggerated, falsified.
#3- Jesus WAS God, and when they killed Jesus they killed God, leaving this universe godless.
(I couldn't think of a #3 so I threw that one in off the top of my head.)

Considering these three options it seems to me that there is nothing wrong with defiling His image... except for the "assassinating God" scenario. Then that'd be pretty fucked up of me, but as I said, I just threw that one in there.


I hope Jesus laughs in your face if you ever ask him or his father for guidence.”

I can not believe that there is actually a site like this, you should be ashamed of yourself for encouraging people to make a joke out of Jesus, his life and his death. This is just wrong and I hope you feel aweful.

I hope Jesus laughs in your face if you ever ask him or his father for guidence. Your a terrible person and may God have mercy on your obviously scared soul


I'm really not sure if your letter is real or fake, but I love the "Jesus laughing in my face if I ever ask Him for guidance." That's priceless!

I imagine my prayer going something like this... "Dear Jesus, I know that I've done some semi blasphemous acts in the past, but I ask You to give me guidance through this very difficult time right now."
(Insert 3 1/2 hours of silence here)

That's it! Thanks Mel!

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