I try to work on some nice little comics and I still get hate mail!

Their emails are in blue, mine are in black and white. Enjoy!

Subject: I love your site

I may be only 16 but my little insecure drugged out mind is totally intuned with everything you got on here...it made me laugh so much i thought id piss on myself..sorry if i gave a mental picture. Well im glad someone out there in cyber space has a god damn brain... see ya around

your new fan

i must say, you are my idol. i live in a small town in wisconsin at the moment which is complete hell, and my greates escape is your site. i look at you for insipration, because i can only think up so many retorts to "you're burning in hell!! i can't believe you don't go to church!!!!" religion has always been a joke for me, i have a video tape of myself at age 10 with a cape and cane whiping people and telling them to bow down to me for i am CHRIST!!!!!!!!!

sigh, those were good days. just last week a church in my town put up a banner on their lawn which reads "homosexuality is sin!!!!!!!!' its there for the whole town to see of couse, and i feel that a banner should be made right next door.. perhaps you have some suggestions?

Love, Samantha

do you think you could, uhhhh... well....
hollywood dressup password???
(pout pout)


Good God Samantha! The site is yours! (Site turned over here with a smile)

I say you put up a sign that says "...and thanks to original sin, being born is a sin as well!" Or how about "... and so is trimming your beard! Lev.19:27"

You know, I've got a number ideas. Perhaps you should come to Chicago and I'll share them with you over coffee. You could wear that red shirt!

Thank you Samantha.

I write to you just to tell you what I think about your webside: I think it's disgusting.”


I write to you just to tell you what I think about your webside: I think it's disgusting. You are ridiculing the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. He died for you and for all of us to pay for our sins. That requires our thanks and worship.

I found out in my life that God really cares for us and that he showed his love for us in sending his own son Jesus.

May God bless you!
Henrike Stühring


Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that sheep are more obliged to thank and worship Jesus. I mean, we were doing fine down here forgiving sins with animal sacrifices. God was suckin' up lamb's blood for wrongdoings long before the crucifixion.

I suppose in theory it was brave of God to allow the death of His son... even if it was for only a few days. In my mind however we coulda just kept going slaughtering livestock instead, especially now with cloning. Seems to me like they're the ones who really benefited.

I hope you have a Happy Easter anyhow.


how long do you think you will be laughing??”

you sir are an asshole.
All I have to say .. is.. how long do you think you will be laughing?? you sick fuck..


You know, that's a very good question Lesia. When I'm laughing, I rarely take the time to ponder how long I'll actually be laughing for.

During the moments that I'm laughing my mind is pretty well focused on the thing I'm laughing at (in this case it is your email to me). It also depends on what exactly you're referring to. Pertaining to your letter and this response, I laughed for a good 10 to 15 minutes. If you're talking about Jesus Dress Up and all of the silliness it's blessed me with, well I'm going on 2 years now and I don't think I've laughed so consistently for a 2 year period before in my life!

But what I actually think you're talking' about is what am I going to do when the laughing stops and I'm burning in Hell. Am I right? Well Lesia, that little picture in my head will probably keep me laughing for a long long time. My favorite part is that Satan already has dibs on our souls the moment we're born... and God keeps on makin' more of us! AND He calls it a gift!

I could be waist deep in hot lava and still have a smile on my face with that brainchild. Thank you for that email.


you've got school children playing that in school.”

I think u have turned Gods good out look into a mockery! I think you should shout down your sit! you've got school children playing that in school. I think you have a real problem! you are a true jerk! you have no respect for others!

You Are A Creep! And A LOSER!!!!!

JoAnne Fuldee

Holy smokes! School children? How will our society ever pay for all of those prison cells and padded rooms we're going to need when they become adults?

Jesus is our savior and is here to save us from satin...”

hi guess what Jesus is our savior and is here to save us from satin and u should not have a web site against Jesus. In the end Jesus will confront u about doing this. i hope mabey one day u will come to belive in Jesus and go to church and learn the gospel. i have hope in u. now please stop judgeing god in a way that u dont even know is true. the dress up Jesus thing is very unrespectful and very mean. i think that u should get it off the internet!!!!

In Him,

Hi Christy, guess what, you can not ask me to live my life without the soft, luxurious touch of satin against my tender cheek. Nothing will come between me and my PJ's, not even judge of all judges!


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