If there was a God, I'd thank Him for the steady flow of complaint letters I receive.
Some of my best ideas have been sparked from hate mail.
Dress Up Bob Revenge was a direct request "How would you like it if someone did this to you?". Satan's Salvation comic & campaign were sparked by an email professing that "anything is possible through God", and Ask God was the result of me being asked the question "Who do you think you are?!?"

So even when the fan mail dwindles into single digits, my brainstorming haters keep me going with fresh ideas. That is why....
I dedicate Hate Mail page 71 to them, the disgruntled.
Their emails are in blue, mine are in black and white. Enjoy!

The big news this week is from NASA. A collection of astounding photographs has been taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. The pictures are of Cone Nebula; a massive pillar of gas and dust 2,500 light-years away containing more than 6,000 galaxies within it.

Cone Nebula
Big deal.

What's supposed to be so incredible about this latest discovery is that many of the galaxies inside this structure are a "youthful" one billion years old (considered extremely young for a galaxy by most astronomers and scientists). I have put the word "youthful" in quotations because there is nothing youthful about these galaxies in comparison to our very own Milky Way.

I have recently finished reading a Truth For Youth publication titled "Evolution".
It clearly states that our planet is a sprightly 10,000 years old, made the SAME DAY as our galaxy.

This is dating back to day 1 of a 7 day creation spree. The first 4 days included our galaxy, light, planet Earth, the birth/extinction of all dinosaurs, and finally all of the animals (Genesis 1:1). The following day (day 5) the very first man was invented... and his name was Adam.

Scientists insist that these 1 billion year old galaxies are a spectacular early glimpse into a 13 billion year old universe, this all thanks to a $75 million telescope orbiting 360 miles above Earth.
We're standing atop a planet that's a mere 10,000 years from the beginning of everything (that's 8,000 BC to you and me).

I would bet that NASA didn't even give a second thought to the documented proof written by those who actually talked to God Himself. It's called "a Bible" Mr. Nasa, and I know where you can get one for considerably less than 75 billion dollars. It's all just another disgusting example of our government's frivolous spending habits and blatant disregard of the obvious.

“...there are 100 times more hate mail then fan mail, then why the heck dont you relize that you are screwed?”

i have one thing to say, what the hell is wrong with you?

Honestly after seeing that like there are 100 times more hate mail then fan mail, then why the heck dont you relize that you are screwed?

Your are one sick person i dont know how you can go on the internet and create a webpage like this is should be illegal, i mean faire enough that you believe in everything of wot you put on your webpage, but why would you put it on the web site when there are so many people who do believe in christ? and i do! I dont think that you could get any dumber, and if you like this guy, smarten up!!!!! all this hate mail cant make you feel good bout yourself

Sarah Logan
-a christian-

Sarah, this is going to astound you. Hate mail actually makes me feel better than fan mail! What the?!? Don't get me wrong, I love getting fan letters (especially from girls), but the hate mail is so much more thought provoking, encouraging and entertaining.

For instance, the fact that someone out there thinks that an idea, drawing or writing should be illegal is fascinating! And you not being able to understand why anyone would post beliefs so many disagree with, well Sarah, the answer lies within the very question.

What's there to say if everyone agrees? Is there satisfaction in saying "I think drowning innocent children is wrong!", and everyone pats you one the back saying how right they think you are?

Sarah, you think it's dumb to say things that people disagree with, THIS is why I like hate mail.


“May God have mercy on your soul...

May God have mercy on your soul on judgement day!

Alan Gates

Do you mean mercy in addition to eternal Hell? Or are you talkin' about God turning a blind eye and letting me into Heaven anyhow?


“For he is your Lord, and we are living in the end times.

Hey Bob Smith,
Turn your heart to Christ, not against Him. He came to save you, and now you corrupt his image to others who could potentially be saved by Him. Please try to understand you will be judged by the fruit you produce. This fruit is black and rotten. He loves you; try and love Him. For he is your Lord, and we are living in the end times.

In Christ Always,

The biggest hurdle most Christians still haven't overcome is understanding that nonbelievers aren't refusing God's love. This narrow-minded misconception wastes so much of everyone's time, AND it insults the intelligence of those you're trying to convert. Nonbelievers aren't refusing love or going against God, nonbelievers simply don't believe God exists. That's it!

I totally understand that the Christian god loves me. Hell, the story book on God states that "love" is what God is! It couldn't be any clearer... BUT He doesn't exist! Therein lies the problem with the "He loves you; try and love Him" offensive.

Spread the word of this LuvDanceChick, you'll be doing everyone a favor.


“...and by all means, post this and mock me publicly, it would be an honor to be tormented for my God.

I'd like to say Christians are a lot more bold than people make them out to be. Secular people think they are "out there" because they dress sexually, cuss and generally let themselves "be free." But Christians defy the worlds standards without fear of persecution and redicule. Look at the media. Sex everywhere- secular, and if a Christian says something against it we are made fun of, accused of being to uptight, and I take that criticism kindly. Thank you for thinking I am uptight. It helps me realize I am speaking the truth which disguits you so much that you can't stand to hear it. But non-Christians...they are only following the crowd, doing what their best friend has influences them to do, and becoming a part of the world.

Christians are called to be seperate from the world...but also remember we are all God's people, even more secular folks...they just ignore the message.

People refuse to live by God's rules because of their "independence." It's crap. I am not weak because I realize I depend on God, I am wise because of that. I pray for you guys...and by all means, post this and mock me publicly, it would be an honor to be tormented for my God.


Everyone wants to be a hero. Gee, I can't believe you're willing to stick your neck out and put your e-name & e-reputation on the line like this MissWave14. That takes a lot of e-guts.

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