More Hate Mail you want, then more Hate Mail you shall have!

Don't get the impression that the letters of disapproval have waned or that the people have started to change their minds as a result of my insensitive taunting. I was just kinda hopin' that you all would want to get to know the REAL me along with all of my highs and lows... but NO! You only love me for my Hate Mail! Fine! Here's your goddamned Hate Mail along with more of my witty retorts.
Thank you for your email

Their emails are in blue & mine are in black and white.

I must admit that I get more Hate Mail in a day than I could even image having the time to reply to. Sometimes it's just easier to slap a stupid picture on them and let you get a cheap laugh off of the immature silliness of it all. So here ya' go.

youz a mean mans with some preroblems. Icantz even beginn ta tell U how muches I hatewhat youz aadiogn I thnki yuou ahould be eaten by da midgets wit da big teeth thangs. And da other thangs that have da thangs vcuz U suk jerk suk thang. Imz watchhen u...

Angyr in Arkansas

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: I just saw your web page, called "Jesus Dress Up." What an offensive, tasteless, sacrilegous piece of garbage that is. I am appalled at your sick, twisted attempt to be amusing and humorous. You should be ashamed for making light of the death of Jesus Christ. May God have mercy on you.

JACK (in Texas)

shut up whit jour sik site!

Ingje van Roest

At least we know where your going.”

That is wrong to do that. At least we know where your going. If you know what i mean. You need to take it off the net.


Listen, if I were Jesus, I wouldn't be all hot-n-bothered and cast me down to Hell.

Let's make believe that I'm Jesus and Jesus is me, and he's made a Bob Dress Up web page that pokes fun at My "crucifixion on the cross" sacrifice for mankind.

Most definitely before I'd cast Jesus into Hell I would ask him "Why"? Jesus would surely explain that the stories of the Bob-Bible don't fit into any of the realities in today's world. Jesus would then go on to explain that there is a far greater value to questioning the Divine Powers of Bob instead of simply pretending that it is possible to love entities in other dimensions.

I, being God, would not only spare Jesus an eternity in Hell for doubting, but I think that I would even grant him a leadership role by My side over all of the Kindoms of Heaven, and you and I both know that he deserves it.

So Mr. Key2PaulsHeart, if God is even half as merciful as I am I'd say that we do NOT know where I'll be going. Maybe Hell, or maybe even at the right hand side of God Himself.


“I am Mrs. Key2paulsheart.”

I am Mrs. Key2paulsheart.

I am not believing you would think that god would even think about putting you as his right hand man. If you think that what you are doing is the right thing to do, then your wrong. You don't need to be pitting satan outfit on Jesus Christ. He died for our sins but right now the sin you are doing is wrong all the way around. Satan ans christ is nothing alike. I think you know that. The only reason why you got that web site is for attention. You don't need that kind of attention. You could do something better and more christian, And for the book you need to be called Abnormal Bob.

Mrs. Key2paulsheart.

Abnormal Bob?!? Ouch! That's pretty harsh! I suppose that you think God would rather put you at His side?
"Yes Sir! Whatever you say Sir! That's a great idea Sir! May I scrub Your feet while I agree Sir?"
Just what He needs, another "Yes Man"... I mean woman (sorry about that. I had a whole other picture of you in my head).

I assure you Mrs. KeyToPaulsHeart that the attention I get from my site is just an added bonus. I'd be thinking these same thoughts and writing these same ideas even if no one cared at all. It's what I truly believe and the fact that so many are interested in what I've got to say tells me I can't be THAT wrong.

Thank you for your interest.

“where does the bible ever say that if you're not a Christian you go to Hell?”

Heya Bob, where does the bible ever say that if you're not a Christian you go to Hell?


Most would tell you that John 3:16 is the place to go for that.

“...the bible makes no claim that if you're not a Christian you will go to hell. Your site is a farce.”

John 3:16 says "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." Nowhere in that verse implies that non-Christian faith = Hell.

All John 3:16 tells the reader is that if you believe in God you wont perish, you have everlasting life. So again, where in the bible does it say that if you aren't Christian, you go to hell? Nowhere, the bible makes no claim that if you're not a Christian you will go to hell. Your site is a farce.


No, I can assure you that the Bible specifically says something about being a "Christian" somewhere. That's what my whole site hinges on! And I can also guarantee you that you can not point out where it doesn't show up! If you can prove that to me, well then sure, my sites a complete farce.... but until then you're the farce!

Hell, Christ named Himself after the Christians... explain that! I bet you're sorry you even started this huh?


You claim all over your site as fact that the bible says something to the effect of "if you're not CHRISTIAN, you will go to HELL!"”

You claim all over your site as fact that the bible says something to the effect of "if you're not CHRISTIAN, you will go to HELL!" I see that you're trying to be funny to dismiss the whole argument. So then can I assume that we're in agreement that you have no clue what you're talking about since you nonchalantly brushed this off with a lame attempt at sarcasm? Obviously you aren't very different from the Christian sheep you like to rip on.

You, just like your precious Christians, don't seem to understand or use basic logic. You wrote, "I can also guarantee you that you can not point out where it doesn't show up!" Yeah. That's telling me! Ok, let me break it down kindergarten style for you...if something isn't written in the bible I can't site it for you because it doesn't exist. You with me here? I realize I'm going a little fast, so if you're having trouble comprehending remember to sound out the words in your head. You like to challenge peoples' beliefs, yet you know nothing factual about those beliefs! You poke fun at the blind followers, yet you use their information to rebuttal rather than your own knowledge. "Hell, Christ named Himself after the Christians..." Did he now? Where exactly did you gather this piece of information? From one of those Christians you mock and take for idiots?

You regurgitate the same type of uneducated, out-of-text gibberish for your own defense! As for being sorry, I'm only sorry that I have taken ten minutes out of my day in an attempt to explain to you basic logic that any kindergartner from the Los Angeles School District knows.


Would you like to know what it is about you that I find so amusing? You seem to think that I place any kind of validity on the Bible, and that it makes some sort of difference whether or not it uses the word "Christian".

I was raised a Christian and I promise you that the Christian faith teaches that if you are a non Christian you will most certainly go to Hell. "Christian" is a title thought up long after the Bible was first written and it refers to those who believe in Christ and that He is the ONLY way to get to that fantastic God in the Heavens.

Understand that I on the other hand think that anybody (no matter what they call themselves) who thinks that eternal paradise is available for those who believe in any god are living in the dark forests of Denial Island nowhere near the flourishing continent of reality.

You clearly do not comprehend my humor nor do you even understand the concept of sarcasm (you spotted it yet you still replied to it as if it weren't sarcasm at all). You are just another knee-jerk anxiously awaiting the next avenue to creatively showboat your ignorance. That's my favorite.


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