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Hi Bob, we have talked many times over the past year or so........ I doubt you will remember me...... I am Matt, a teenager in Georgia. I am an atheist, most people do not know I am, but those that matter do. I love to debate over God with my Christian friends. I am always able to use logic to explain their 'proof' of God. One problem, one person, who has more faith in God than anyone I have ever met, has made numerous points that I simply cannot explain. I can't decide whether she is simply smarter than me, or if she really is right. I hope that you can help me make sense of this, and if not, maybe we will both discover something new: Here is the perplexing point as told by her:

{me and Kim could not stand each other in the slightest... we had never talked.... due to autumn twisting stuff around, and you know how she can be.... about 14 or 15 people were all supposed to be going on a missions trip... one night when I was up praying, god told me to tell Kim that "she knew". I was like 'what the crap',... this is not god , this is me... I could never tell her that, we do not get along and she would laugh at me, but I decided if it was god then she would not laugh and it would make sense.

I was going to tell her the next time I saw her and god said not yet.... and I was like umm. okay... this must be me... and kind of ignored the fact. when we went on the missions trip everyone split up into groups.. Pastor Steve did not put us two in the same group because of the contempt for each other.

one morning it was her groups turn to pray,... she stayed there all morning on her face cringe b/c she could see a missionary that was in pain. he was in jail... I guess you call that a vision. well... I had no idea about this... I would have called her a liar if she told me about it.

afterwards she kept saying how she wanted to do something to help god out. that there are people suffering like that and everyone turns a deaf ear. later that day PS(Pastor Steve) had came to pick me up because I had gotten sick because I was in the heat too long... Kim was in the vehicle as well. we were just kind of listing to music and god told me now was the time... and I was like this is stupid... I have no idea what the crap I am talking this point I still could not have cared less for Kim. I told both PS and Kim that I thought it was god but it could just be me, and that it is so small.... but I think god wants me to tell you that "you already know." I realized what she knew and she and I and PS all stared crying at the same time and I told her I was SOOO sorry that I had no idea.

she started crying about how she did not want to do that ... she said I want to help you god but I do not want to do that.... she was pitching a fit about it and I started silently praying and being mad at god for making me be the one to give this kind of news.

and I did not even know, I told him that it was not right that he should have had her prepared and all of a sudden Kim blurted out..... hey instead of being Paul I can be Pauline... . this whole thing was over the fact that she was going to be a missionary and be put in jail and tortured... the night before this a person had been praying for Kim and said wow you are going to be a great woman you are going to help soo many people see the truth. she knew what it was but did not want to accept it, I had no idea till after I told her she knew....

I did not like Kim, I had nothing in common with her and knew nothing about her... there was no way in this world I could have pulled it up... I realized what she knew before she said anything and I stared telling her I am sorry before she started crying... that morning her and PS had talked about it. and had decided that the only way to be sure it was not emotion was a sign from god... I was the sign.}

This Girl, Kim, had a vision that she was to be a missionary, and would die a martyrs death and the original girl, Brandi helped her accept this vision as truth. How do I explain this!? My first reaction was to disbelieve it, but, the story is true. This girl has made several points like this and they are all sound in truthfulness, I can meet them with humor, but she is really starting to make sense. As you already know, I live in the Bible Belt of Georgia, and I am used to hypocrisy of this area, but this one girl is different. Is it possible that something else can explain these occurrences other than God? Is it possible for her to just be a prophet or would that be saying that God exists also? Please shed some light on this........ I fear that I may be sucked into her beliefs....... but what if they are right? I don't want to live a lie........ But what if I, and we, already are? Is there a God?

Please help soon,

Matt, I have got a very simple explanation for all of this, but before you hear it I am going to share with you my own personal "she knew" story.

In my high school Christian youth group I had several very good friends. There were six or so of us guys that hung around together a lot. Two of these guys were brothers (Robb and Eric). One day Eric didn't show up for school or church, and he didn't show up for several days after that. When we asked Robb where Eric was he would always answer something like, "He'll be back. I'd rather not talk about it." It was clear that something was wrong but no one had any idea what. Then I had a dream.

I dreamt that I was in my room and I heard pounding coming from inside my closet. The door was shaking and Eric was inside crying for help. I struggled to open the door, then when it did finally open Eric fell to the floor bloody and bruised. It was a frightening dream. I tried to help him but there was nothing I could do. He was too badly beaten. The next morning I told my youth group friends about the dream I had.

After almost two weeks of no Eric and no explanation, his brother Robb addressed the entire group at our regular Wednesday evening gathering. He told us all that Eric had attempted suicide by overdosing on aspirin. Eric was taken to the hospital, had his stomach pumped and then went to a "help center" of some sort. The whole time that Robb was telling us this I had my face buried in my hands, shaking my head... for the whole youth group to witness. They knew about the dream I had and I wanted to be the friend most traumatized. My "brave" head- in- hands- holding- back- tears was an immature ploy for attention. This dream was going to be my "she knew" message from God. Finally it was my turn.

Of course I was up-set, but I over acted for the attention. Everyone did. Girls who'd ignored Eric weeks earlier were weeping in small groups. I reminded everyone of the dream I had, emphasizing the parts that could pertain to attempted suicide and attaching meaning to various segments to make it even more impressive... and it worked. My dream impressed everyone, so I played it up even more. Yes, for the attention. It's a normal teenage reaction. Never once did I want to consider that I dreamed what I did as a result of the mystery and worry I felt. Everyone knew something was wrong. The dream could have fit any unfortunate event involving Eric, but I wanted it to be a message from God, and so did everyone else. Oh what a wonderful conversation piece it was. My popularity got a huge boost that evening because I'd been a part of it all... through God... who was dubbing me Eric's most important friend.

So my explanation to you is this. It's an embellished story, exaggerated after the fact, told and retold for attention, popularity, and to validate faith. You are not going to be able to argue with Brandi about this. You can only go with what you know. Do these girls fit this profile? What has your experience shown you? Do you truly think that God is toyin' with children's heads, using them to pass on these ambiguous codes between each other?

I should also remind you that I am a totally biased party. I feel/know that there is no God, and my life experience points in that direction every single time.

Now let me be totally frank. When you're dealing with a circle of teenage girls in the midst of a popularity contest, everything has to be taken with a grain of salt, and this goes double if they're on a Christian Missions Getaway. Those things are drama-havens.


“Jesus died for your sins and mines

You should be ashame of yourself. If you did not know, Jesus died for your sins and mines, and he lives today. But most of all he loves you, how can you do this? This is heart breaking, not funny!

No Meekspat, I did NOT know that He died for mines! I have to tell you that this comes as quite a shock to me. I'm bothered that Jesus gave His life for such a horrible tool of war. Did you know that 30%-40% of all mine victims are children under the age of 15 and in the last year there was an estimated 20,000 new land mine casualties! Land mines cause extensive injuries, which often lead to amputation, severe disabilities, and psychological trauma!

The fact that Jesus Christ sacrificed His life for them and now all of this has happened totally cancels out sacrificing Himself for our sins. It's a lot less funny and tons more heart breaking than my site could ever be... in fact, any shame I felt about making Jesus Dress Up has been completely cleared by this news.

What a horrible thing Jesus did.
Thank you for your informative email Meekspat.

You deserve to burn in hell.”

I find your little "dress up Jesus" game irritating, stupid and so offensive. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but yours is just sick. Although you might get alot of people out there that actually like it (i feel sorry for them), I believe that it is very sick and such a childish thing to do! You deserve to burn in hell. Hopefully you'll get saved before judgement day!

Nathalie Hosey

Oh Nathalie, you couldn't possibly mean the same Hell that Joe Hasselwood, Adolf Hitler and Phil Hartman's wife are in, could you? You have to be talkin' about a lesser Hell. Like the one that Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes went to.

I mean, it's only blasphemy! Heh heh.

I don't think its you should be ridiculed if you don't belive in god... And you shouldn't poke fun at those who do.”

I don't think its you should be ridiculed if you don't belive in god or if you might blame god for some things in your life. But I do think it is terribly unfoutunate if you don't belive in anything at all. And you shouldn't poke fun at those who do. Thats all.

Heather Dignan
A. Catholic

I disagree with you completely Heather. I think that people have every right to question, ridicule, or poke fun at what I believe, and I've got every right to do it back. Why not? I'd like to hear why we shouldn't question each other's beliefs and stand up for our own.

Is it because you think there's nothing to gain by examining what you believe? Are you saying that people shouldn't talk about what they believe or share what they think with others? Are you trying to tell me that questioning someone's beliefs can sometimes be hurtful and therefore wrong?

I am anxious to hear the reasoning behind your statement, and if you say "respect" then my yawn will surly exceed the yawn that followed your "blame God for the things in my life" stereotype you've regurgitated onto me.

Eagerly waiting your reply.

“please amend this if not i will have to take it further

i am very concerend about this website as i think that it is making a mockery of what happened to our dear lord
please amend this if not i will have to take it further

yours sincerely
miss catherine burness

Catherine, It has been 3 months since I got your email. I would like to apologize for not getting back to you sooner. I'm glad you waited for my reply before going any further with the matter. I am seriously looking into your request and the process is taking more time than I'd anticipated.

Thank you for your patience.

That could really offend some people. Do you care?”

That was not nice bob. You should show Jesus some respect ya know. That could really offend some people. Do you care?


Do I care if I offend some people with my beliefs?
Do you?

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