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eing a non believer, I have the same concern that so many other non believers do.

What is going to happen to me after I die?

For so long now Hell has been the only option for a non believer like me, and that has always seemed to me to be totally unfair... and painful.

So it occurred to me!

If God has the powers to create Heaven, Hell and the universe, then creating a tolerable 2nd class afterlife for those who don't believe but don't deserve eternal suffering seemed more than plausible.

I remembered the loophole.
Luke 18:27 What is impossible with men is possible with God."

It was a long shot, but I decided to ask God for another option.

Last night I prayed the prayer... and the most amazing thing happened. My prayer was answered! I asked for a sign, any sign from above that He was listening and willing. Then, seconds after my "amen" I felt the most wonderful feeling come over me. It was so warm, tender and peaceful, as if God were telling me,
"Do not worry. You're idea is genius, and I have made this third afterlife available to all who don't believe in Me but haven't dedicated their life to praising Satan."

I totally flipped out and started calling all of my friends on the phone!

"God just made an alternative to Heaven and Hell for those of us who are good but don't believe that the Bible is true!" I screamed.

I am still completely overwhelmed and I'm now on a mission to spread The NEW Good News of God's limitless grace, love and understanding.

The details of my prayer requested very simply a nice room with a comfortable bed and a view, basic cable (not paradise). It'd be an afterlife free of evil (murder, rape, cannibalism, etc.) but regular "sin" (white lies, cursing, porn, dirty jokes, etc.) would have a blind eye turned on it. There'd be no super powers or flying around, but you'd be allowed to have loved ones from Heaven come visit you for the religious holidays.

I ask you now to join me in spreading The NEW Good News. It's all part of God's commitment to promoting good deeds.

Share my story with all who don't believe! There is a NEW Good News... and once again we all have God to thank for it.

“Why don't you just carry on with your life and believe what you want.”

Although I do agree that the bible is made by man and therefore it is flawed, I do believe in god and Jesus. I think that it is so funny that you are preaching "Jesus is bull" and that people should stop wasting their time believing. But What I find is so funny is the fact that you yourself have dedicated your life to proving it wrong. Why don't you just carry on with your life and believe what you want. You are being as "bad" as any religious group by preaching your bull.

I think that the old saying goes " pot calling the kettle black" is that right? I think so. Anyway, I think that you have lots of talent I mean you designed your own web page. But why not use that talent doing something good for you rather than proving in your head that your right. Its time to loose the grudge against God and Jesus and carry on with your life.

please feel free to email me and talk about this more. I enjoy religious conversations/arguments.

Robert Antonisse

You asked me the question, "Why don't you just carry on with your life and believe what you want?"

Robert, I am carrying on with my life believing what I want. That's the point of my whole site! The reason that I'm doing this is because I enjoy it. I enjoy it a great deal! I love talking about my beliefs and lack there of. I think that it's all very very funny. There's loads of comedy in this stuff and I am fascinated with the notions people come up with to prove that the Bible is true.

Your "pot calling the kettle black" quote would only be a valid observation if all I went on about was how much I hate Christians talking about what they believe. I don't feel that way at all. I encourage everyone to talk about what they believe, examine it for all it's worth and defend it to no end. It's a commendable act.

You yourself say that you enjoy religious conversations / arguments. Why don't you just go on with your life and not talk about it?

I'm sure that now you see what I'm saying and how idiotic your email to me was.

By the way, do you really think that I've got a grudge against God and Jesus and that I'm knowingly preaching "bull" as you put it? Please explain if this is just another flaw in your thinking or if you actually think I don't believe all that I've written on my site.


“WELL NOW so you think there is a hell? What created it? is there truly a heaven do you think?? just kinda curious. ”

Now you asked me in your reply "do you really think that I've got a grudge against God and Jesus and that I'm knowingly preaching "bull" as you put it?"

First you kinda combined 2 thoughts . 1. Yes I think you do have a grudge against God and Jesus, Why else would you dedicate so much time to make fun. 2. in allot of peoples opinions (so far 87 pages of hate mails worth) You are preaching bull.

Also you asked "You yourself say that you enjoy religious conversations / arguments. Why don't you just go on with your life and not talk about it?". Ok first I don't dedicate allot of time in discussing religion, except to family because I feel as though everyone has a right to believe what they want. However, When I see people whom bash other peoples beliefs as you so successfully have I feel the need to step in and add my 2 cents. I know that no email or letter will change the way you feel and personally I to find it funny that people are asking you to Pray and repent for your sins and save your self, I mean don't they see that you cant change someone who has already made up his mind?

I thought your side ad about praying to god for an alternative in death for those who don't believe kinda funny. I mean, you stated that you were concerned about what's going to happen when your dead, and then you state "For so long now Hell has been the only option for a non believer like me". In that statement you basically stated you think there is a hell. WELL NOW so you think there is a hell? What created it? is there truly a heaven do you think?? just kinda curious.

Finally you said "I'm sure that now you see what I'm saying and how idiotic your email to me was." I think that part of discussion is 2 different opinions discussing point and each having the right to say what they want but then you go and criticize me and say that my opinion is idiotic. Well now your just playing no fair. That's another thing that makes me laugh about your site you get defensive and you criticize people just to make you feel better or something. In my email I never said that you were wrong or stupid (hell I even complemented you) and yet you though you should take cheap shots at me,

for shame Bob for shame. :P
email me back
Robert Antonisse

It's clear to me that what we've got here is an inability to get the joke. You've got this limited train of thought that so many of my "Hate Mailers" have and I enjoy exposing that very very much.

An Atheist worrying that his lack of belief will damn him to hell is a funny concept. You can't experience that joke because you think (like so many other Christians) that atheists believe and just choose to go against God and Christians. It's one of the biggest misconceptions that Christians have about non Christians and I love toying with that. It's the reason that I created the Pray For Satan's Salvation Campaign and also the Ask God section where you can email a prayer to God and get a reply in 6 to 8 weeks!

Keep in mind Robert that these emails from you that suggest I am spiting God are saying the exact same thing that a previous 5,000+ emails have said. I'm aware of this misconception. I expected it from the beginning. Instead of getting annoyed by people telling me what I think I have chosen to hand it to them on a platter... and make comedy out of it.

For example I find it funny and entertaining that you felt it necessary to "step in" and give your 2 as if you're not just another parrot rattling off all you've been taught, and that I wasn't aware of how you might feel... and perhaps I should.

I think that the reason I started "playing just no fair" takin' cheap shots with you is because I didn't want you to think that I was being friendly. I don't want you to misinterpret all of this as an invitation to hang around.

Your first email to me (like your second) shines with that limited train of thought I'd mentioned earlier. Combine that with your assumption that I'm a liar... and you're just another funny lookin' guy anyhow, I don't want you to leave thinking that I respect your opinion.


“P.S. I really hope you have the balls to publish this.”

Alright, I have had a few days to look over your site and what you wrote to me and I came up with a different opinion of you. let me explain, sorry if it gets a bit long. By the way, the reason I thought of this idea was from your picture of you praying to god and the picture of you talking on the phone on hatemail page 87

Ok, I see a young 12 year (or so) born again christian, that is unclear of his fate in the future. So you go to a priest and ask him if its normal for you to be having some homosexual thoughts of your best friend (Jason I believe was his name) having oral intercoarse. Hearing this, the priest then shows you techniques, style and speed of which you should suck his little boy cock. He then procceds to show you and let you show him what you learned. From then on you and Jason enjoy each others sexuality using the priests ideas to help.

Then in highschool, even though you and your friend are mocked and shunned away from school and your comunity because of your open gayness you still procced in homosexual acts. Till one day your poor "friend" dies in a car crash (God rest his soul) NOW all of a sudden you have this feeling of anger and sadness that lives in you, and it doesn't go away with praying or going to "see" the priest. So you decide, fuck it I hate god and I hate the world and everything it stands for. Afterall, not only did your friend die and God did nothing to save him, but anything that you do to try and get back in with religion and your comunity, is turned away because society says that its wrong to be gay. Poor soul.

I think I understand why you hate god and christians and why you try to piss them off like they did you, when they told you to stop sucking your friends dick. Its ok you can admit it. we live in 2002 where you can be openly gay and people (for the most part) should except you.

There, does that show a different and unique prospective on Bob? I hope that you publish this (if you were a man that is) and I encourage any other disappointed reader to write other suggestions as to why Bob is the way he is. You see Bob like most athiests, you mistakenly think that all people who believe in God have no sense of humor. I found alot of stuff on your site funny and with my last letter when I mentioned your praying for God I was turning your words on you like you did to me and others who have wrote you.

Please again feel free to email me and tell me if I am right or wrong
Robert Antonisse

P.S. I really hope you have the balls to publish this.

Robert, are you flirting with me?

I am so delighted that you think accusing me of homosexual acts with my "dead friend Jason" (a fictional character I created to make a point) is going to offend me. I am also delighted that you're so obviously lying, and very poorly I might add. You are clearly offended and lashing out at me for pointing out your inability to get the joke. If you were actually setting me up you'd be happy that I fell into your trap. You would also have some funny material stored up to seal my fate. But there was none.

Homosexual acts? Come on Robert. Do you think I'm offended? Those are your issues, not mine. I enjoy being accused of homosexual acts. My lust for the opposite sex runs so rampant that I figure it kinda balances everything out. Have you seen the newest Super Chic? OUCH!

I don't think that you have it in you to give a unique perspective. In fact, there is nothing more stereotypical than an unfunny homophobic Christian telling me that I take part in gay sex. You've no idea how transparent you are.

I received your email today. I have posted it today, and it didn't even take one ball to do it.



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