Why does everybody hate me so?

I try to be helpful, kind and giving and you still all come after me with your pitchforks, hoes and flaming torches.

Their emails are in blue & mine are in black and white.

Get the fuck out of the suburbs!

People invented them to escape the city!

There's a world out there where people speak, look and act differently than you... and it's cool!

Throw everything you're doing down on the ground! Give your driveway the middle finger!

There's life outside of Oakdale! You should be terrified of your suburb! People die there! It's not worth the lower rent! You don't need a lawn that badly! Who cares about extra cabinet space! There's stuff to do within walking distance... after 9 PM! Television isn't the only option!

The phrase "nice hair" won't be sarcastic anymore! "Hat" won't automatically mean "baseball cap"!

Run as fast as you can with your arms extended forward! Every day won't blend into the next!

There's a world out there where people behave as they wish, believe what they want to believe and do things you never thought of doing, and the people you once knew will tell you to fear it! You'll learn how to parallel park! The different colors of skin won't be a novelty!

I saw Nina Hagan there!

You'll out number them! You'll find out stuff that other people do not! You'll hear new ideas! There really is a thing out there called "inspiration"!

You'll never have to step inside another mall again! You won't get fatter! The people you went to school with will be farther away!

Those people will still be there when you come back to visit.

My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner.

“...jesus hanging on the cross and the frase "hang in there"
...I hope you rot in hell!”

you are one sick SOB! to make a web site featuring jesus hanging on the cross and the frase "hang in there"...I hope you rot in hell!


Come on Skippy31486,

It's spelled "phrase" not "frase". You're almost 17 years old. You should know that one! Try flash cards, they worked for me. You'll be thankin' me later.


“...and the Bible is 100% proven true”

Hi, I stumbelled into your website and it captivated me, probrably because I too was a Christian at a young age. Ya see, my father was a Pastor and I kinda got dragged along into the whole Christianity thing. My father died and in middle school I gave up on God. I was angry and hurt and I too questioned God's love. But ya wanna know what, we dont understand Gods ways, He does know what pain and suffering feels like, and the Bible is 100% proven true: all of the old testament prophesies came true hundreds of years later, specific prophesies! Hundreds of eye witnesses of Jesus' resurection, and miracles, differnet disciples writing the same account.

I have seen miracles and healings with my own eyes, I have had real specific answered prayers, and I know that one day we will all stand before God on judgement day- there is a heaven and a hell.&nb! sp; Deep down inside of all of us we all know- and if you have been hurt by "Christians" like I have- dont blame it on God- he is just and he will take care of them- Please Please Please... reply to me and talk to me.

Thanks Bob.
Jill R. Turner


I am fascinated by your assumption that the reason I don't believe in God is because I blame Him. Does that really make sense to you?

I did not stop believing because I was hurt. I stopped believing because nothing in the Bible has been proven true and none of the Bible's authors were eyewitnesses. The Bible was written hundreds of years later while all twelve disciples lie dead in their graves. You have made some inaccurate assumptions.

Personally I have never had a prayer answered that couldn't otherwise be attributed to normal life happenstance. I think that the "miracles" and "healings" you've witnessed are fabricated (either in your head or by others), and deep down inside I know all of this to be true. Really.

You've insulted my intelligence suggesting that I don't believe in God because I resent Him. These are your reasons for not believing and they're as ignorant as the reasons you believe in Him again.

Did you even read my site?

“You obviously have no idea how much he loves you or what he has done for you please contact me and I will share more with you....”

I take no interest in your dress up Jesus program, its blasphemous and I dont understand why you would make a web page out of something like that, why dont you make another character to play dress up with besides Jesus. You obviously have no idea how much he loves you or what he has done for you please contact me and I will share more with you....


I do understand that He loves me a great very much. But it sounds as if you have more news that you'd like to share. I was told that He loves me a little less than a grandmother would love her grandchildren. Does He love me more than I was originally told? And has he given some sort of sacrifice that could help me down the road in some way?

Let me tell you that presently I feel as if things could be better, and that something might be missing from my life. Can Jesus offer me something that could help me out?

Please share more.

“...this is very sacraligious, and affends me deeply.”

I dont get what your trying to prove, but this is very sacraligious, and affends me deeply. I can take a joke, but this is plan stupid, its not even funny.

pissed off site viewer

I think that your email shows absolutely how you can not take a joke and therefore have no right to proclaim yourself as "being able to take a joke". Being able to take a joke means that most importantly you can take a joke that might offend.

You have not earned the benefits that come with being able to take a joke, first and foremost not being pissed off at dumb jokes.

This Mr. Maddog is what I am trying to prove... and once again I have succeeded.

“I could get the Church in involved in this and get your sight off the internet (try me).”

You succeeded at nothing. The joke was not funny at all. Every person I showed it to, thought that it was very distasteful. For you to even make fun of it, is inhumane. If you are a Christian, you need to set your morals right. Making fun of someone who died for you is not funny. You obviously have to much time on your hands. And another thing, you need to work on your repetition of sentence. You said "take a joke" more than what was needed to prove your point. The real funny thing is, im 18 years old. I could claim your site sacrilegious. I could get the Church in involved in this and get your sight off the internet (try me). I suggest you take it off yourself.

site viewer

Listen, you and I both know that if the church ever found out about my site I'd be finished. I'd lose my pages and I'd probably get kicked out of my church. There's no need to take things to that level. This is just between you, me and the persons you showed my site who found it distasteful.

If you promise to retract your "church involvement" threat I will consider making Jesus Dress Up less of a mockery (more Bible-times outfits).





Of course when I say "Bible-times outfits" I'm including fig leaves, knee high moccasins and one of those pointy wizard hats.

Oh, and baby diapers too.

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