First the petition,
now this!
Everyone's against me and trying to ruin my day.


Their emails are in blue & mine are in black and white.

What a frustrating evening I had yesterday. I know that I made an announcement about a "Live Web Cam Chat with Bob tonight!" and I never showed up.

I just bought myself an iBot Web Cam and was all anxious to get it on-line. I did a lot of surfing on the Internet looking for a place to hook up the thing. With some help from a friend I found and figured I could just send people there while I chat in my Yahoo Group.

Everything went kaput. It all started when I couldn't upload files to my web host announcing where to go. I tried and tried but my host was refusing more files (it's a bug in the system that shows it's ugly head every few months). I figured that I could just post it on The Normal Bob Smith Group message board and that'd at least get some people there.

Then I couldn't even get the camera to work with the site. What an ordeal! Why was it so difficult to get a live cam up and running on the net? I started to freak out, then my friend told me to just quit and we should go get a cup of coffee. I was in denial for a bit but realized that she was absolutely right. Nothing was working and it wasn't going to tonight. So we split.

We took the subway to Brooklyn and relaxed a bit in the Verb Cafe. I am so happy that she got me to walk away from it all. I'm the type of person who'll sit there and stress out even though it clearly isn't going to work out.

We had fun! We got to watch a bull dog and a German Shepherd puppy wrestle.

Best shot of Humbert the bull dog we could get.
We even got to see Dan from the Real World hangin' out like he was just a regular person!
Famous star from Real World Miami

I didn't arrive home until after midnight, and wouldn't you know it, I get on-line and the camera starts working at no prob.

I was able to find one Super Chic (Amy) to come view me there but that place was filled with perverted 50 year old men shoving hard-ons into their live cams. What a nightmare! My name floating there in between TenInchTex69 and WankinWilly. Thus I didn't hang out for long to "chat".

But never fear! Soon I'll have a live cam (along with a chat room) up and running on my site, and you'll all be invited.

By the way, the news on the Jesus Dress Up refrigerator magnets is they'll probably be available late January 2003. As soon as I get a few more things worked out I'll be offering a "buy in advance discount" for anyone who wants to guarantee themselves a copy. I've been so pleased with how many of you are excited about their arrival! Hopefully I'll have enough.

And now it's snowing. I'm so happy I got out last night.

“...shut down your site now and the petition will not be made.”

To whom it may concern,

Your web site is a disgrace. You give Christians everywhere a bad reputation with this. If you want to change this you can just shut down your site now and the petition will not be made. But if you put it on again we will sign that petition.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Chris White

P.S. This is the web site that is against you, you should check it out.

So what you're offering me is that I can either shut down my site OR sit back and watch you maybe shut it down for me? How is the first option better for me? Why wouldn't I want to put all of you through the trouble of making a petition?

Now Chris, what you SHOULD be doing is pooling together money (offering plates?) then come to me with a cash settlement (ransom?) for the release of your Messiah (whom I'm holding hostage?).

If you were to get together, like say $50,000 or something then you'd have my attention.

But hell, I'd actually enjoy being the subject of a petition. Makes me feel special!

Subject: The FBI knows

Subject: The FBI knows

I sent them an e-Mail regarding this site. I'd like you to know that I am praying for you. May God bless you and your family! :-)

Troy Lawson


What do you want from me? My site disbarred? Cash? I'll do whatever it is you want. JUST EMAIL THEM BACK AND TELL THEM TO CALL OFF THE MANHUNT!

Just so you know I've flushed all of my Jesus Dress Up fliers and I've thrown my driver's license out the window.

Oh yes, and I've pooped my pants.




No no no no no no no no! No! NO!

I mean yes.

“I got word of a petition against it and I might sign it.”

Dear creator of the Jesus dress up web site,

I am offended by your web site. It is a sin against God to mock Jesus. You should repent or you might ride the Hellavator some day. I got word of a petition against it and I might sign it.

From Fritz Svenson
(it's sweedish)

Petition? What petition? How many signatures does it have? Is it registered? I don't even think that that's legal.

Obviously you're making this up for attention.
Sorry. I'm not buyin' it.


“fuck youuuuuu”

fuck youuuuuu

We here at & Associates are doing everything we can to satisfy our Internet clientele. We greatly appreciate that you took the time to voice your concerns with us and can assure you that your letter has been forwarded to the appropriate department(s). It will be attended to in a swift and efficient manner. We are here to meet your needs.

Internet regulations require us to address with consumer needs while keeping detailed records of your complaints. We stand by our motto that the visitor is always right. Without you there is no site.

We encourage you to continue visiting our while you offer your input. Together we can make #1.

Thank you for your time and generosity.

Bob Smith

“...rood mother fucker”

Subject: no way
you rood mother fucker

Fran Keenan

“Obviously there must be some truth to who Christ is for you to seek to have him humiliated by the world...”

Why don't you do one for Muhammad or Buddha or some other religious figure? Obviously there must be some truth to who Christ is for you to seek to have him humiliated by the world, yet wasn't that what he experienced on the cross any way.

God Bless,
Frank Mullis

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