I have received many of your emails regarding Wild Irish Rose and his series of letters to yours truly.
Some of you have been worried about my safety while others just baffle at the absurdity. But most of you have asked the same question that I have asked many, many times...

Are Christians Crazy?

Following, is a series of emails from WildIrishRose who has since recanted and asked to remain anonymous.
As usual the Christian emails will be in blue and my replies will be in black and white . Enjoy!

Are Christians Crazy?

The answer would seem to be an obvious "Yes". Surprisingly there are many Christians who are not considered "crazy" and are roaming free, like normal people.

There are also well known Christians who are held in high regard. Despite their beliefs in super gods and evil monsters, they're quite productive members of society just like you and me.

Jimmy Swaggart is a well known TV personality who is not only a free man but is considered a "sane" member of society by most Christians.

Tipper Gore is Christian and she's married to Presidential nominee Al Gore. It's true!

Kathy Lee Giffard is not only a singer, actress and an ex-talk show host, but she is also a proclaimed Christian!
Even though she supports child slavery, Kathy Lee is a pretty good example of a normal Christian in a somewhat monogamous marriage... to an 87 year old.

Having a rock and roll life does not necessarily make you a non-Christian. John Tesh is a popular TV personality, musician and, yes, a Christian.

Tammy Faye Baker is a fine example of a Christian today. Classy, confident and self aware, the staples of a quality Christian.

God Damned
Christian Rock


If there was one thing I could narrow it down to that exposes the farce of Christianity, it's that Goddamn Christian rock.

There is almost nothing that touches my heart more than beautiful, beautiful music. Asking me to give that up for Christian rock and hymns is a damnation worse than hell.

It is a fact that Christianity and rock have, don't and never will mix. That alone is evidence enough that Christians are wrong and God does not exist.

Despite all of these facts there are many folks out there singing rock and roll music to Jesus. When a group of Christians form a band there is just no hope that they'll ever rock.

This is a band called Mercy Seat. They all have guitars like a normal rock band, they dress in rock-n-roll clothes and that kid on the right looks about 13.


If your kids are trouble makin', drug dealin' gang-bangers I suggest that you introduce them to DC Talk. It would be the gift that says "I care".


These kids got to meet the lead singer of Christian rock band Petra, and, boy, they were stoked!
"I met John Schlitt. What a guy! I can't say much more than that!" proclaimed Josh Renaud at PetraRocksMyWorld.com

...and you can't get much more "Christian rock" than Lynn Mullins.

What in the world is wrong with you?!!! Are you some kind of satanic worshipper or what?!!!! Get this site off of the Internet, or I will take the matter to all of the higher authorities until it is removed! (and I won't be alone!!!)


And what is it that I'm doing that is so wrong Mr. Man!

You are being very disrespectful to The Lord! Whether or not you are a christian doesn't matter, you should still respect the Savior of a large part of our population! I don't care if you agree or not... just keep it there and I will do something about it!



You've gone too far putting my message to you in that site for everyone to see.


You went too far threatening me and my web site.
You'd better watch what you email people bub.

Sorry, that wasn't a threat, it was a promise.



"I'm sure your Mother is real proud of you! (NOT)"

I understand your plight. No censorship indeed! Act bizarre, live it up a little! Well, thank God you don't know my Grandmother. I'm sure your Mother is real proud of you! (NOT)
Anyway, please do post this in your site! What I have to say is this - I want everyone else to think about how they would feel if this were their mother, with whore outfits and the like. Then put yourself in the shoes of those of us who look to The Lord as our Redeemer... Still no conscience? More to be pitied!


Regarding email to the right.

Aren't gonna post this note are ya?
Why NOT??????? Ashamed?!!!!!


All right, calm down there sparky... your letter is posted in "Hate Mail".


Oh my god, did you just use the term "NOT". I'm so sure, dude! This is a perfect example of why Christianity is so wrong! It's the complete lack of cool. I would dread waking up in the morning knowing that part of my religion was being a dork for the rest of the day. Oh god, and the lack of music to choose from. I mean Stryper?!?! What were you guys thinking? It's such a sad thought to imagine giving up my Ramones and Lords Of Acid to listen to your DC Talk and Petra..Ack!!

But back to the my-mom-as-the-hooker dress up page that you were talking about. You might as well be saying, "Imagine that your mom is Casper the Ghost. Now imagine if I did a Casper the Ghost dress up page. Wouldn't YOU BE UPSET?!?"
Frankly, it's very hard for me to relate.

I suppose if I worshiped Casper the Ghost I would be upset at a dress up page with him crucified on a cross and dressed up as a whore. However, I wouldn't be offended. I'd just think that you were a jerk. The last thing that I'd do is email the person and think that they'd give a shit what I thought. Honestly, I think that everyone who emails me "Christ stuff" wants their letter on the site. I mean why else would someone write these useless emails to me? Do they think that it's going to change decades of experience with beliefs that are etched in stone? Listen to the kind of silliness that I have to read through....

God forgive you for you know not what you are doing...fool!

Kim Kosan


I found your Jesus Dress Up web page very offensive! You should remove it immediately! Do you want to go to hell??! Praise the Lord,

Brett E Harrington





hey there, i was just checking out your website and i think your crazy, what the heck would you mess with jesus for? just wondering, reply if you want. peace my dude



The stuff is listed there on the left side of the page for a reason. I'm already convinced. You people are the ones who have to figure this shit out and bend it into sense.


" I truly don't have an opinion"


Whoa! I finally saw all the posts (your hate mail...). And the sidelines...
Well, after all of that, I can see where you're coming from! And I apologize for attacking you. What I see, having been raised a catholic as well, is an angry young man who is fed up with a lot of the crap we've been fed in organized religion! And I appreciate that, because I too am angry about that!

There is so much merit to what you say about everything, like who is supposed to be going to heaven vs. hell... I truly don't have an opinion - only God knows who is worthy and what it takes. I try to keep an open mind about other people's spirituality and my own - but people didn't just make Jesus up, that I'm sure of... I don't know how, but I am.

It all comes down to which spiritual leader you choose to follow, I think. It is hard to fathom Jesus as the 'son' of God, just as it is hard to comprehend God as three persons... then, who's to say that anyone will get it right unless they learn to follow Buddah? What I'm saying is that each of us has to just find whatever path it takes to get us to a peaceful place within our own souls.

One other thing Bob, your reply to my last letter didn't make one bit of sense... what in the world are you doing going off about Casper? I'm saying respect Jesus as other peoples' light, okay? You think about it. Who do you love? Would you want one of these people toyed with? Okay, especially using The Lord on a crucifix - I think it adds injury to insult. Let's say that your best friend has just been beaten to a pulp by a gang of punks, is lying on the ground in a pool of blood, and someone takes his picture, posts it on a website and adds graphics so that people can dress him up in women's and baby's clothes! Wouldn't that be hilarious? Kick him while he's down, right? Come on now, you're intelligent enough to see what I mean! Why would you want to make fun of what I say? You're obviously sensitive to things other people say when it comes to what makes you angry, so why not also give someone a chance to open your heart about empathy? Instead of ridiculing what I'm saying, put yourself in my shoes! I adore Jesus Christ! You don't, but that doesn't mean that you have to be insensitive to my feelings!

So, are you really such a hard ass that you really don't care? Does playing the hard ass give you an edge in this world? Do you really want to be remembered as the guy who messed with people's feelings? How would that give you pleasure? I'm sad to think that a lot of the rebellious young adults in today's society take this attitude. You will mellow in time, my friend, and may regret this turn of events or you may not. But it wouldn't be too late to just get rid of the Jesus page and turn it into a scarecrow or how about one of those 'Boys on the Block', or whatever they're called? (check out Burger King...LOL) You can still do it while saving face and still looking like a bad ass. :o)

In the meantime, you may also want to check out this website http://www.beliefnet.com/story/32/story_3248_1.html.

Anyway, I'm sorry I was so rude to you.
Yours, Rose



The following day

So, how do you feel about what I said to you? Do you not want to share any of your thoughts or feelings? I think you're actually an OK guy!
Are you gonna talk to me?




I will reply to you with this. I love Casper the Ghost. Through my childhood, into my teens and then even in my 20s I love Casper. I derive a tremendous amount of joy from his existence. Right now I am going to draw a picture of Casper dead. Not only dead but beheaded with blood, guts and stuff. Then I will draw a pair of bunny ears on him.

I am feeling my pulse.
Everything still seems normal.
I do not feel any less happy having looked at it again.
Five minutes later... I'm still here and I'm fine.
I just realized that it is only a drawing and it really doesn't do anything. Is that crazy?

Rose, you are crazy. How can I tell? Besides your threatening letters and the way you recant what you say, your need to now be accepted by me shows just how nutty you really are.

Fathoming God as three people (one of whom is his son?) is the least of your delusions. There are a number of other things that you should be spending your time doing other than worrying what I think of you. My opinion is that you need to decide which side of the fence you are on, stay there.
If you are so sensitive that an email from me hurts that much, do not send threatening letters to people that you disagree with.

In the meantime, DO NOT send me any more emails. I will not reply and you can not change my mind. I think that you are crazy! If you think otherwise, read through your letters again, now look in the mirror. That's a crazy person.

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