The Christians ask:
" Why won't you just believe?"

As usual the Christian emails will be in blue and my replies will be in black and white . Enjoy!

A reader joins the feud.

This letter is intended less for Bob and more for the fanatics who have a problem with Bob's genius. And yes making this site does make Bob a genius because of the creativity involved in being the first to come up with this brilliant concept called JesusDressUp.

Well let's start off by saying that I am not Christian, and have absolutely no desire to be anything like them. I'm Atheist and glad to be because that way I see through logic rather than faith (faith holds no logical sense, trust me on this one). Bob, as far as your site goes, it's one of the best things I've ever seen. It's funny, it's witty, and it's creative. I especially like how you respond to your hate mail so well and discount the fanatics' rants. Well this can be considered a rant back at the Christian psychos.

I'd like all you Christians to realize that you're not right. Now I'm not saying you're not right because I am, or because Christianity is silly (and it is). I'm saying you're not right because you can't prove anything. Think about it, you all talk about your religion as if it is proven fact. You all sound idiotic when you bitch Bob out (not that I'm saying stop, I think Bob enjoys retorting your letters, I know I love reading his retorts). Also, you all seem to think that life is lived to prepare for this supposed afterlife. Please realize that life is lived for life. If the only point of life was to get into heaven, then why have life. Your God supposedly knows all past, present, and future then he must be able to judge you before you actually make your actions because he knows what your choices will be. If you haven't figured it out, I'm talking about this 'free will' your God gave everyone, if he knows everything, that implies predestination. Predestination discounts the possibility of free will because your actions were set before you made them. So by the Christian belief, we have no control over anything we do, Bob was predestined to make this web site, and you were predestined to be jackasses who bitch about it. Well I've written a lot, I'll end this here. Well Christians, bitch away...

Steven Thrasher


"Your kind of people is the thing that makes this world bad!!!!!"

Do you have no respect for peoples believes!!!!!!!! If i said something about your believes would you get mad???? well i think it is stupid and very immature to come up with sites like that....... If you dont believe in something doesn't mean that you have the right to make fun of it........ It really dissapointes me that you and anyone can do somethin like that.......... Your kind of people is the thing that makes this world bad!!!!!
You Know what its no point in even telling you about this and wasting my time on morons that have nothing better to do but to make fun of the truth.........So you no lifes go back to what you are good at......
i love christ how about you?????

Shalini Patel

Thank you for your splendid letter. I really can not thank my readers enough for taking the time to write in such wonderful emails.

You have many questions in your email and I want to get to them all.

First off, do I respect people's believes? This is a good question and well worded. I thought about this long and hard. I've come to the conclusion that I only respect the believes of intelligent people. I do not respect the believes of those who are dim and not thought out. You fall into the later category.

Second, I could really care less about what anyone says about my believes. I'd like to pose the question to you Shalini (because I find it to have the insight of an idiot/savant in a blindfold). Do you get mad if someone says something about your believes? If the answer is yes, I'd like you to explain why. Feel free to elaborate and use all of the question marks and exclamation points you'd like.

Lastly, you asked, do I love Christ? This is a tricky question that deserves the appropriate attention. I asked it to myself, aloud, in hopes of getting the true, immediate, gut reaction. I came up with what I believe, not only to be as honest an answer as humanly possible but also a tiny glimpse into the heart and mind of Normal Bob Smith. Answer: No.

Some time has passed now and I am realizing that I do hurt deep inside when someone says something in opposition to my believes. It starts with a sensation not unlike a pain felt when a loved one has passed on and it ends with a moving of my bowels.... wait, that's just the chili. Nevermind.

"And when I check out hate mail and fan mail I NOTICED THAT HOW MUCH MORE HATE MAIL THAN FAN MAIL YOU HAVE!"

Well I found this dress up jesus and well it was stupid. As you can guess I'm a chritian and I belive in jesus and god. And when I check out hate mail and fan mail I NOTICED THAT HOW MUCH MORE HATE MAIL THAN FAN MAIL YOU HAVE! Jesus save try it out.

Remington Stemler

You certainly seemed to get excited towards the end of your message there. All of those caps coming up so suddenly in your email, I bet you thought yourself another Sherlock Holmes or Matlock.

Remington, I receive much, much more fan mail than hate mail. I just don't post all of my fan mail because, frankly, it isn't that interesting to most readers. The hate mail on the other hand is entertainment for all! For instance, in your letter you declared yourself a Chritian and called my page stupid. That inspires enough laughter to power several hundred blasphemous web sites.

Seriously though, I go try out you Jesus save and me no like, k?

"Jesus is coming and you may have to answer to him for this sacreligious site!"

Be careful my son, Jesus is coming and you may have to answer to him for this sacreligious site! Wipe it out, don't play with the lord, he died for you and me and you should respect him enough not to do something like this. Please wipe out your site.

Your soul is for ever lasting.

Kane Dalley

Yeah Kane, I'm quite aware of the plan God has. Every man's eternity to be decided during this short stay on earth. Infinity resting on our wishy washy, 3% capacity brains.

Did you know that there are people who spend their hard earned money on a plastic fish that hangs on the wall and sings? And they think it's clever! "Dharma and Greg" is one of the highest rated TV shows right now. Have you seen it? We're all a bunch of simpletons! God put the fate of man's infinity to our own discretion? That's the silliest thing that I've ever heard!

The fact that so many people still buy such nonsense should be evidence enough for God that we're not up to the responsibility.

Why is "faith" such a virtue, anyhow? It seems to me that God's process of elimination doesn't separate the good from the evil. This process only separates "logical thinkers" from the "believe everything they read" folks.

These are just a few of the questions I'll be asking Jesus when he arrives.

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