I'm back and here to stay!
Thanks to Flashbacks.com, JesusDressUp.com and NormalBobSmith.com have a permanent home on the web.

As usual all of the Christian emails will be in blue and my replies will be in black and white . Enjoy!

Either everyone in the world is a Christian or I'm being screwed!

OK, the holidays weren't the busiest time for my pages but this is ridiculous!

So I'm going to check my traffic for the holidays. I'm expecting it to be below average because most people are with their families and not at their computers. However, I was astounded to discover that on the day of Christmas nobody visited Jesus Dress Up.

Perplexed, I called my web hosting company and was told that their services were not "down" for that day and no explanation could be found.

Now I could really care less if my pages drop to zero visits for a day, but something really seems fishy indeed. Could it be a "Christian Blacklist"?

I am not here to speculate but I have switched hosts and now I can rest assured that JesusDressUp.com and the rest shall remain on-line for every day to come.

I am going to simply conclude with a quote from a very high profile musical group with the words "Things that make you go hmmm."

Here is a fan that I believe would have wanted to visit Jesus Dress Up on Christmas day.

HI, My name is Vova.
I'm from Ukrain.

Excuse me for my English.
I like drugs? every day I smoking ganj (maryhuana ;)~ Sometime I take geroin (near 2 time in week) I'm have fune story and poetry of Drug, but it in russian lnguage Do you have friends, who know russian? If yes - give them my email, please I'll be happy if whos of your friands or you will be written me ;)

Thank you, bye ;))~


Are you buyin' that Vova wouldn't have visited Jesus Dress Up that day?
Yes, I thought not.

" Some of the most intelligent people are significant characters in the Bible."

Bob, It's sad to see somebody with as much talent as you with a site dedicated to the mockery of Christ.

I hope one day that you can see that God loves you & wants to bless your life & use you to bless others.

His goal is not to turn you into a 'mindless robot'. Some of the most intelligent people are significant characters in the Bible. Mark was a Doctor, Paul was a genius (used to be a high ranking Pharisee before he met Jesus). Solomon was the wisest man who ever lived (apart from Jesus).

He created you with individuality & uniqueness that separates you from everybody else, & wants to use you to reach people that I couldn't reach.

I know that my words may be going in one ear & out the other because I'm sure you've heard all of this before, but I just wanted to send you this letter & tell you about a God who gave his life for you because He loves you. Greater love has no man than this.. that he lay his life down for a friend.
Take care Bob,

Jason A. Ogle

First off, this concept called "Christ" is well deserving of a good old-fashioned mockery. It's an idea from 2000 years ago that raises its ugly head to control our lives. That alone calls for some harsh probing. But the fact that so many buy into this legend and want everyone else to do the same, more than qualifies it for some low down, back-alley mockery.

Anyone who instructs me to change my thought process with a threat of death, I resent. And that's what it is. Do or die. Not my idea of freedom at all. Thus, the resentment, doubt and mockery.

Jason, the ease in which you accept responsibility for other people's eternal lives is horrifying. Without a shred of proof you're claiming to know the intentions of the Bible's authors. Men who believed in demon possession and grew hair on their necks.

The "mindless robot" stereotype are your own words. That's what you think I think. It's a .50¢ concept of what a non-Christian thinks. Unlike most, words do not go in one ear and out the other with me. I have listened. So much listening I have done. Your words hold little water.

And the qualifications for being a doctor back then involved sawing off body parts and prayer groups for head colds.

"Lance "Koolbass" Martin"

Since Jesus is the Son of the being that created you, I'm glad to see you actally think about Him!! I realize there was probably not much Love in your heart when you created this site...but Jesus stands ready to Love you...even as you are. It's because of self-centered jerks like me and you that Jesus died, so in spite of our filth, we can be made presentable to our God, Through belief in Jesus and that cross you drew on your page.

Lance "Koolbass" Martin

Dear Mr. Koolbass

The love that I feel when I'm creating these pages is great. It is much different than the "love" that you're familiar with. My love is expressing myself. I love being creative, without restrictions.

It looks as though your love is for ghosts and inanimate objects (the cross that I drew on my page). I'd like you to explain to me how your love and worship for a cross differs from the love and worship a bushman has for a rock with a face carved into it.

So from one self centered jerk to another (a true selflessness would take no pleasure in a heaven while all others be damned), you can spend your life making yourself presentable for death. I'm going to continue aiding the evolution of mankind the best that I can.


PS. Why did you nickname yourself cold fish? That must drive the ladies crazy!

"... offended by your website that features a game where you have the choice to dress Jesus...as a mime."

I am a Christian and I was very offended by your website that features a game where you have the choice to dress Jesus, the One who dies on the cross for you and I and the whole world, as Satan or as a mime or other degrading and offensive clothing. Jesus died on the cross for us and felt all the pain of all the worlds sins go through Him for us!! I am not saying that you are a bad person or are going to hell, but please consider taking down the page.
Thank you.


The key word you used is "Choose". You can choose to visit the site. That's what makes this country great. As long as people aren't getting hurt, no harm done. HURT FEELINGS DON'T COUNT! Goddamn people out there getting hurt feelings. It's an extremely outdated emotion when pertaining to entertainment.

People like you should not surf the Internet. You're going to ruin it for the rest of us!

By the way, the mime idea is hilarious! A MIME WITH HIS HANDS AND FEET NAILED DOWN! HOW DOES HE MIME?!? HA HA HA!... priceless!

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