I'm still astounded that you all care so goddamn much.
Watch out people, you may not be able to defend yourself from the harsh, unconditional love that the Christians have for you.

As usual all of the Christian emails will be in blue and my replies will be in black and white . Enjoy!

Here are more of my favorite kinds of fan mail.

Once again, none of these pictures were included with the attached email...
or were they?

Well the Jesus Dressup site was a bit absurd, but I had fun with it. I couldn't agree with you more: "I don't need Jesus to be my saver from the people!" Christianity makes no sense, religious or logically or historically. I can't understand why so many people believe in it. It is kind of like my theory on computers. Most people by windows compatible computers. (Why? Don't know). But those of us in the minority who own macintosh computers know how much more sense the system makes. Oh well, go fight city hall.

See you in Hell, I guess. Sara

I have never sent feedback to anyone about anything on the net - I'm just built that way.

But, I was moved to compliment you on a fresh, irreverent and so welcomed take on a subject that makes people go nuts! It's all supposed to be fun, Right?


What a wonderful page. Thought I would let you know of the fabulous joy that it brought to the graduate students' computer lab at Oxford, 5 am this fine morning. I sat with a Masters' candidate in Biblical History, dressing Jesus, laughing till I thought I would burst, and feeling much better about my unfinished essay. And that was some sweet sharp code, as well.

Cheers, Kate

"Laugh about your website now..."

Laugh about your website now, but you'll answer for it when you die, and Jesus throws you into Hell. Have fun burning FOREVER!

The Brands

Oh yes, I know. Hell is where the devil lives. He wears red pajamas... heh heh.

"... he doesn't wear red pajamas."

You know the greatest accomplishment the devil has done is making people belive he doesn't exist. The Devil doesn't live in Hell yet. He'll be thrown in there soon though, along with you, if you aren't saved.
Also, he doesn't wear red pajamas. He appears as an "angel of light". You probably wouldn't even recognize him if you saw him.

The Brands

Wow! That news of him appearing as an angel of light sure puts you one step ahead of the almighty super god of evil. I betcha he's irked that that little disguise is no longer a secret. Hey, I guess that now because the news is out, I'll be able to dodge him myself, don't ya think?

"The Devil is the most subtle creature alive."

Too late. He's already got you. You're being used by him and you don't even know it. The Devil is the most subtle creature alive.
Rev. 12:9-That old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world.

If you want to know a little about Hell, go to this website- http://www.av1611.org/hell.html

But if you would like to know the truth you must be saved. If you ask God to show you the truth he will. Timothy 2:25,26- If God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth;And that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will.

The Brands

Joey & Mari Brand

It's so easy to forget about those mega fantastic super beings doing battle in some unimaginable dimension while I sit here thinkin' up the next goofy outfit for Christ. I hope the sadness that my webpage has brought doesn't get Jesus sucker punched.

Now that I've been made aware of the deceitful nature of Satan (That really came as a shock) I'll definitely be on the lookout. The first "Angel of Light" that I see is gonna get tazered right in the face.

Oh yeah, I read that quote from Tim and it got me a little concerned that God might also have this "Angel of Light" thing goin' on. Can you see how easily people could get those two mixed up? Here's a tip, look for the halo. Chances are that's God.

"You shouldn't bite the hand that feeds you."

Dude. Mancow was right. Your site is a disgrace. How dare you stamp on your creator like that. You shouldn't bite the hand that feeds you. Are you gonna take on the cow? I heard him challenge you. You think you're man enough?

Reaper's Underworld

Dear Reaper's Underworld

Let it be known that it was Mancow that backed down from me. There is nothing that I'd like to do more than punch your precious DJ's face in. I am guessing that he ran screaming because he is not only a COWard but also a fake. As a fan, you should call him and ask him why he is letting down his fans with his basic lack of credibility and balls. His blatant hypocrisy forces me to question the intelligence of his fans.

By the way, Mr. Underworld, what did you mean by "shouldn't bite the hand that feeds you"? Are you talking about "Cow" or Jesus? I am trying to establish if my assumptions about you are as accurate as they appear to be.

Normal Bob Smith

"I wonder what you replaced religion with."

Criticism is easy. I wonder what you replaced religion with. We're all just electricity and neurons, right? We all wind up the same in the end, right? So why follow the rules of society? Mass murder seems fun to me right now.

Philip Hamer

Oh Philip.
If you do not see the repercussions of such a horrendous act other than the trivial, belated threat of Hell, then your ignorance to the basic facts of life are almost as frightening as the act itself. Believing that our worth is counting on the existence of God tells me that you have very little else to offer and view others the same.
You might want to look into that.


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