...worst arguments against Jesus I have ever heard.”

The people try hard to talk themselves out of the obvious.
I probe deeper into the subject to find out why.

As usual all of the Christian emails will be in blue and my replies will be in black and white. Enjoy!

If it's available to you, I strongly recommend HBO's "America Under Cover" Sundays after the Sopranos.

Several weeks ago the topic was evangelists and faith healers "A Question of Miracles". I'm going to skip over the obvious farce that they exposed them to be and share with you a related topic covered on the same show.

Where Religion Came From
This is my personal transcript from the show.

During our evolution, spanning millions of years, important changes in the human brain took place. Changes that aided the survival and eventual dominance of our species.

It was the development of the frontal lobe of our brains that gave us the power of self control, organization and the ability to see ahead. To anticipate. It was at this point that we became the only living creature that could foresee our inevitable decay and death.

To compensate for this, a parallel development in the brain took place.

As the frontal lobe expanded the lower portion of the brain began to shift and regroup. It was this that gave us memory, creativity, emotion and fantasy. This was also the period of time when man became religious. Religion allowed us to overcome the fear of our own mortality as it offered short term victories over disease and other misfortune.

With this information in mind, experiments were conducted on people.

This is where it really started getting good for me.

Prof. Marcel Kinsbourne
Prof. Michael A. Persinger

In a laboratory these Neurologists have been able to reproduce every aspect of a "religious" experience. The rising sensation and ecstasy to the feelings of a sensed presence and even being at one with the universe.

Those who participated that were religious had a religious experience. The subjects experienced near death, hearing voices and generally a profound sense that something hugely significant had taken place.

They were able to generate a sensed presence which was defined as God.

These same electrical currents occur in the human brain during religious gatherings. The feelings that most relate to being "born again" are a result of electrical currants stimulating this part of the brain.

For more on this subject pick up this week's Newsweek Magazine (May 7, 2001). It's titled "God & the Brain".

This morning I saw a crowd of people exiting a church. I looked into several of their faces and for each one I thought,

"That person's frontal lobe foresees its own inevitable demise causing the centralized, bottom portion of the brain to slip into denial, instead of surrendering to the truth and accepting its own mortality. Now with an "everlasting life" scenario having been created the mind is able to function without distraction."

It's either that or Jesus came from outer space, sent by a supreme being, to save an endless multitude of generations from the evil lord of darkness and the eternal nightmare of fire that he has in store.

Sound like a story by man?

" ...worst arguments against Jesus I have ever heard."

I do not send my hate nor my love. I send the message that you are not 1.intelligent 2. decent 3. funny 4. convincing.

You are a person who 1.Blames God for all your ignorance. 2. is extremely infantile to cover your lack of knowledge 3. has the worst arguments against Jesus I have ever heard. 4. is full of anger and self-hate. (just as you like it)

I am not wasting any more time trying to get you to look elsewhere for the truth. Seems your truth suits you just fine. I am sure you are a happy, well-rounded person in your ignorance. Let's just let you wallow there.


Since when have "decent and intelligent" entertained anyone? As for "funny" well, I would truly love to see what you think is funny. Anything. A TV show, website, joke, story, whatever. It will be from this that I can see what kind of "funny" you really know.

The biggest turning point in my life was when I realized that I no longer believed God existed. How you've concluded that I blame God for this is beyond me. Perhaps you accidentally clicked over onto someone else's web site or something?

It is this "unconvincing/ worst argument ever" logic and reason that awakens so many Christians, usually during their transformation into adulthood (29 - 34 years of age or so).

It could simply be that you are a bad judge of character or far too resentful to give an unbiased opinion. Either way, your credentials for having a valuable opinion are weak at best. Therefore I am asking you to please send me evidence that you have any of the first four quality traits and/or none of the final four detrimental traits you've listed. Right now all that I have to go on is your dreary, lackluster email. From that you really come across like the killjoy at a party.

Thank you for your input,

PS If you do not respond with some sort of defense I will be forced to conclude that you are precisely what you claim I am. Is there anything else that would make more sense?

"...muslim fuckhead or other piece of shit religions."

ur a fuckin fagot. probably some muslim fuckhead or other piece of shit religions. its not funny at all fuck face. FUCK YOUUUUUUUUUUU. FAG

Barbara Khosho

You homophobic, racist, foul mouthed Christians shine so brightly, filled with an inner joy and the love of Jesus Christ.

You looked deep within your heart and asked yourself "What would Jesus do?". Your heart told you that Jesus would refer to Muslims as "fuckhead pieces of shit". However, spelling faggot with only one "g", well I think it's obvious that that was all you Barb.

"I am 12 years old..."

Hello!! I am 12 years old and I am a Christian. I think that what you are doing is a dicrase. I feel that you are making fun of Jesus. You put a dress,high-heels and a hat on here. That is really uncalled for!!!!!! My e-mail address is amberb1988@*******. I would like for you to reply back asap...thanx



Believe it or not, when I was 12 years old I would have thought exactly what you're thinking. I was raised a Christian, my parents were raised Christian and their parents were raised Christian and so on. Questioning the belief never entered anyone's mind. They said it was so and that was enough. As you get older you'll find that a lot of people believe things for no reason other than that's how it's always been.

Don't forget that adults aren't perfect. Everything they tell you isn't necessarily right. I'm not telling you this so that you'll believe what I believe. I simply want you to question everything you've been told. Don't be afraid not to believe something if it doesn't make any sense. Being honest with yourself is one of the most important qualities that a person can have.

I no longer believe in God, Jesus or the Devil. It really just doesn't make sense any more. People's eternal lives being divided up between Heaven and Hell. God is good, Satan is evil. We just aren't that easily defined. Most of us are just doing the best that they can here on Earth. Somebody telling us that we're going to be in Hell for eternity because we don't believe in something, well, it's not the makings of a working plan.

This is what has lead me to JesusdressUp.com. I don't think that Jesus was the son of God. I think that the stories have been exaggerated because people want there to be a "Heaven". That's it. That's all there is to tell. I hope that you take what I've said to heart.


"...you were kind of "meaner" to them than you were to me."

I thank you for being friendly to me when you wrote back!! I know what you are coming from....my grandparents are Christians and my grandmother's mother was a Christian.I have been brought up to believe in God and in the Devil.I know that you no longer believe in God or the Devil.I will not criticize you for that.You believe what you want and I will do the same. I have one question for you.....I went to your sight..normalbobsmith.com...I went to the Hate mail page. Alot of people were kind of saying the same thing I said. But you were kind of "meaner" to them than you were to me. I mean don't get me wrong or anything, I was glad you were nice to me but I was just wondering. Well thank you for your time!!


You are polite, inquisitive and only 12 years old. You're allowed to be wrong.
That's about as mean as I can be to you.


"You could have put your creative abilities into something else, without offending the religious beliefs of others."

You have succeeded at offending me and I am sure countless others with the Jesus Dress up. Whatever your beliefs or lack of beliefs, you could have put your creative abilities into something else, without offending the religious beliefs of others. Are you Jewish? Atheist? An ex-Christian? What gives? Freedom of speech, perhaps? Give me a fucking break...

Yes, this is a real email with my real name,
Elizabeth Casillas


Learn all about me and my fall from grace at normalbobsmith.com
I just might be the fucking break you're looking for.


"...not the break I am looking for."

You are definitely not the break I am looking for. My condolences, get well soon.

Elizabeth Casillas

You are definitely not the audience that I am looking for. My condolences, get well soon.




Elizabeth Casillas

"...i wish i could tell you how much it makes me cry to see you hurt."

Dear Bob,

i am sorry that you hate christians. But most of all i am sorry you want to Jesus. you have tuned your back on him and i respect your decision, and i wish i could tell you how much it makes me cry to see you hurt. and how much you want to make me hurt. i am still going to love you as if you were a christian.

love ya,

Ruthi, if you see hate in my goofy web page and it's driven you to tears you've got much bigger issues that should be dealt with.

Lay off the Jesus thing for a while (it's clear that he's doing more harm than good) and worry a bit more about the emotional exchanges you should be having with Earth-bound entities... who you know beyond the contents of their web site!


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