Spreading the Love.

I take on the heaviest onslaught of foul mouthed messages of love you won't believe.

The Christian emails will be in blue and my replies will be in black and white. Enjoy!

Here are some more terrific emails and the pictures that were sent with them.

I think your site's quite funny, dammit, and I hope those silly bastards who believe otherwise should simply stop e-mailing U and realize they just don't have 2 visit here anymore. I mean, can't people remember that in America we have something called "freedom of speech and press?" That totally includes the Internet. Some people just need 2 stick their heads in toilets and flush until they're 2 dizzy 2 complain.

Hope the site goes well. I'll visit often!


P.S. I'm 16...do I sound smart?

Kia ora koe Bob, thanks for your site which made me laugh so much that I genuinely felt a slight dizziness for a moment there.

I'll enclose my pic, which will make it clear how offended I was by all those Xtians sneering at green hair. How dare they? OK, so mine was more blue.

As well as being beautiful and funny, your site is extremely educational and much needed in your benighted, god-bothered land. I visited the USA recently and I was struck by how badly haunted ordinary adult Usanians were by the afterlife, God, etc. It was a bit of a culture shock for a person who dropped Jesus X along with Santa Claus.

(For a while I thought the nuns at my primary school would let me in on the secret that X was a behaviour-modification myth like Santa and the Tooth Fairy. Then for a while I thought that the priest (and later the bishop) knew the real score but kept it from the nuns as well as the kids. Even now I find it hard to believe that many of the clerical higher-ups have a self-delusion capacity adequate to wholehearted faith, given their evident intelligence and ability as operators.)

I understand the pleasure of toying with the Christians and taking the shine off their blindness to the (liberating) possibility of unbelief... it can be truly devilish as I will relate.

E noho ra
Brendan Tuohy


"...she (your mother) should've aborted you"

you need to see a doctor

what the hell is with that? you should do something constructive with your time, instead of that blastphemous crap....what kind of a childhood did you have?

Send that to your mother and see how proud she is of you....(she should've aborted you) and change your name, cuz there's nothing normal about you.


Abort the babies. This is your people's answer to everything.

Too much violence on TV? Abort the babies.
Too many people who aren't normal? Abort the babies.
Women getting the right to choose? Abort the babies!
A blasphemous internet web page? Abort the babies, and those babies' babies!

I like to balance out my life with some constructiveness and some things not so constructive. You'd be surprised at how much opinions vary on which is which.

As for making my mother proud, we have respectively agreed to disagree. Do you and your mother agree on the "Abort the babies" issue? Now that would be interesting!

"...your sense of humor is senseless & offensive"

I meant just you.....your sense of humor is senseless & offensive, IMHO.... Sounds like your Mom is a very sensible person, don't know what happened to her kid tho'.

Do you have brothers? Are they like you? I guess it could be worse . . .
you just send out garbage, at least you aren't out on the streets creating havoc (I hope)


Evan, don't waste your precious life fantasizing about the abortions of those you disagree with. Let them speak! If we're wrong we should only be discrediting ourselves with our own words (that's the greatest part about free speech).

Now, suspecting that somebody may be reaping havoc in the streets because of their humor, art or beliefs is not what discredits you.

Wishing someone dead because of a drawing... well, you're just another reason that I disassociate myself with your kind.

* * * * * *

"...someone who had been wronged in the name of Christ, and your response did nothing but provoke his hatred further."

I just wanted to write and express my opinion on your site. I am a Christian and was very offended by the dress up Jesus webpage. I therefore clicked on the link taking me to your page, and I feel no better. Your site does nothing except promote the mindset of non christians that believe we are all ignorant hypocrites. Clearly our command in Scripture is to love our enemies, and that God's judgement, not our own, will prevail.

This webpage mocking Jesus obviously developed from someone who had been wronged in the name of Christ, and your response did nothing but provoke his hatred further. It would have been much more effective to pray for him, but then again, if you don't listen to Scripture, why would you listen to me.

Jane Rowland

Opening up my skull and letting rats feed on my brain didn't help at all? I tell ya Jane, there's just no pleasing you guys. Did you try putting me in dirty diapers and blowtorching my face? A lot of Christians have written in favoring that one.

I honestly wasn't intending to provoke Jesus' hatred. You said that a more effective way to stop Him from hating me is by praying to him?

Jane, you're making a lot more sense than those scriptures ever did. I always appreciate it when Christians are willing to tell it like it is. If there were more like you I bet there'd be a lot less babies destined for Hell because they'd fear of Christ's hatred and revenge. The heartless bastard, I bet He loves my Revenge Dress Up site!

* * * * * *

David M. :o(

Disgusting attempt at "humor"
To ignorant person,

Maybe you don't believe in Jesus Christ and/or not a Christian, but to those of us who are, your perverted sense of humor is very offensive.

You must have a very unhappy life and feel you have to insult others, and God, in order to get some perverted sense of satisfaction.

I feel sorry for you, May God have mercy on you!

David M. :o(

Hold on a second! Is that big nosed, frowny face supposed to be you?

My satisfaction comes from people who can be insulted by a webpage telling me that I must be unhappy.

By the way, I made this little sound bite of what I bet your little frowny guy (you) sounds like.

Go ahead, click him!

* * * * * *





So the god you pray to can be brought down by some jerk 's silly dress up page AND you're filled with hate?

If I were in your sandals I'd be giving some other "gods" a shot. Like Buddha! At least he's got a sense of humor.

* * * * * *

"...and thats my word."

Your fucking nasty ass motherfuckers you shouldn't be doing that shit man.
I think you are fucking sick. and thats my word.


Wow. You promise?


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