How could anyone who doesn't worship God not be hurting inside?

Once again, more of God's children come forward and show us how "in touch" they are with everyone else.

Christian letters are in blue and mine are in black and white.

Happy Birthday to me!
Yes, it's true.

It was one year ago today that I was punched in the face with the realities of Christianity, God and life.

Never before in my 31 years of existence had anything been so clear and so life changing. It's what got me out of therapy, eliminated my phobias and improved my confidence ten fold. I started meeting girls, drawing and writing again and most importantly, sex... ahem, no I mean happiness. Yes, happiness.

So as a present to me I proudly give you more fan mail from more girls with more pictures that they included.

I think your site is sooooo funny. Some people have GOT to lighten up! Sheesh.

I am kinda a goofy, will-try-anything-for-shock-value model. If you see any of those pics out on the net of an Asian girl wearing a nun's outfit, pissing on a cross -- that would be me. I have gotten my share of "You are going straight to hell in a hand-basket" e-mail from Bible-Pounders.


Dress Up page for Mika coming soon! So stay tuned!

Dear Bob, I build websites (I'm the Webmistress), and one of my clients ( sent me to jesusdressup page today. I love this crap! I looked around the whole site, and it's my new favorite. Right up my alley.

Great fucking site! Irene DeCook

"You must be a very hurt man inside full of pain."


You must be a very hurt man inside full of pain. Jesus loves you just the way you are and guess what, he is even prepared to forgive you for what you are busy with. BUT BE AWARE He does not allow people to mock Him. The fact that you have been warned leaves you no excuse not to change

With Jesus love
Conrad Schutze

Is that what this is? Hurt?
It's so easy to forget about the horrible feelings when I'm sitting here at my favorite window seat exploiting the luxury of wasting time, jotting down witty retorts to strangers complaining about a useless web page. On occasion I get distracted by the smiles of a beautiful girl, greetings from a friend or some random act of craziness that the city presents to anyone who appreciates. Is that relaxed giddiness I feel "pain"?

Conrad, so far my experience has shown me that not only does Jesus allow Himself to be mocked, He also supplies me with an endless variety of encouragement, support and material that gives me this excuse to continue.

Hey, that purple haired girl in the belly shirt just smiled at me! Ouch, the PAIN!

* * * * * * *

"I was wondering where your hate for God started?"

Dear Bob

This will be one of many emails you will probably delete or get a kick out of to see how many people are responding to your email.

I was wondering where your hate for God started? What happened in your life that made you do this and also not just picking any religion, specifically Christianity? Could it be that you know that there is only one true and living God?

I am sure that this is not making a difference in your life right? And why would it? People telling you that you should stop what you are doing, telling you how horrible you are, that you are going to hell and lots of other things.

I have met lots of people in my life that did not believe in God. In His ability to change your life, give you peace and even joy in the midst of your problems. But you know what Bob, some things are true whether you believe in them or not. I am not expecting to change your life in this message or for you the even think twice about the contents.

I bet you don't believe what you are doing is wrong, so you are just thinking of ways to make it worse, more shocking. You may be fooling yourself but not God and yes He loves you like all the other messages told you. We are speaking out of experience of God's forgiveness and you know what? You have just turned your life around to God without realising it.

How is this possible? Well, you see, we Christians have a ritual if you wanna call it that. We take people like you to God in prayer. Yep, and then you get Christians like me who does not stop praying, and who gets a lot of people to pray, and Bob, when I say a lot, I mean ALOT!! There is nothing stronger than prayer and especially compassion for someone as special as yourself.

We even pray around the clock. So, your number has been given to God and trust me when I say that He is going to call you when you least expect it. I promise you.

If you read my entire message, I would like to thank you for your time.

Michelle Dames
South Africa

Michelle, I do not doubt that human beings have a place in their brain that feels comforted when they talk to themselves, creates a "presence" when they're lonely and invents an afterlife to deal with death. People cope. Mental institutions are packed with examples of this.

If by getting a group of people together to yell at the ceiling makes you feel like you're making a difference, I have no problem with that. If there's some mascot that you need to worship to get you through a day, do it.

I have chosen to refrain from believing something that I can not and crippling myself psychologically. I think that this is part of the reason why you see "hate" on a site where I am simply being a smart ass.

To me it is no different than the lady who covers her face in white clown make-up and walks up and down my street talking to parking meters. That's her thing. She's doin' what she's gotta do.

Who could hate that?

* * * * * * *

" you have committed the impartable sin and cast God out of your life."

you are wrong very wrong Jesus loves everyone and Jesus does exist i don't know why you would just quit loving him. the Holy Ghost makes clear that God does exist and it is faith that we walk by not sight. but you have committed the impartable sin and cast God out of your life.

see life is what you make it and you sound like a very miserable person without God there for you to talk to and Him talk to you and just give you peace that passes all understanding. i will be praying for you cause i love you and so does Jesus.

jeanie m white

Is that it? My soul isn't worth the proper punctuation or capitalizing at the beginning of sentences? Not even Spellcheck? Do your prayers to God run-on like this? I don't stand a chance!

With my 32nd birthday only 2 days away I look at where I am now and I rejoice for having carried myself out of the well that you're at the bottom of.

My mind has never been clearer, my confidence stronger or my ability to attract the opposite sex greater. This last year of emails like yours has opened my eyes to how many "adults" never pull that thumb out of their mouth and cram that security blanket down the throat of their imaginary friend. But that's an "impartable" sin, isn't it?

* * * * * * *



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