More people telling me what not to do.

Their letters are in blue and mine are in black and white.

Have I mentioned that I'm pro gay?

Ok, maybe I favor lesbians a bit more.

Have I mentioned that I don't see any reason why any two consenting adults can't have a relationship, sex or even a marriage? This year my b-day fell on Gay Pride Day. I think that I have fallen in love with the Gay Pride movement. There is no greater issue that will pit more loved ones against their religious beliefs. So now, I proudly present to you some of the gay fans that have sent me emails.

Way to go Bob. I truly believe we're all brainwashed from the moment we're squeezed out of our mother's drug-glazed wombs. We're taught to believe in so many things that prove to be fucking insane by the time we grow out of our shells.

I am a queer. Yes, it's true I like to suck dick. So does my husband. Just the other day our cleaning lady at the office pulled me aside and said "you are not queer, dear. You are homosexual". I laughed and assured her that I was a faggot, a queer; whatever she wanted to call it. I'm secure enough not to care, because it's true. She's just used to hearing these words in a derogatory manner.

She proceeded to tell me that one day Jesus was going to come back and rule the Earth or something.

I was enraged that she thought she could rightfully preach her beliefs to me. I'm open-minded enough to know that everyone has their own beliefs. Fine by me. Let me believe in my shit. You believe in yours. In my eyes, everyone who sends you an email telling you to go to hell should reevaluate why their so angry. I could care less who you worship. It doesn't affect me. It doesn't change the things I believe in.

Besides...Jesus and I got it all worked out. I pick out her shoes. And she minds her own business.

p.s. Loved the daisy dukes

As an atheist who has had religion (Christianity) forced on me since birth, I love your site. For a few years, I was a columnist in Boulder, Colorado - "The Devil's Advocate" - and I often wrote sarcastic commentary on my feelings towards religious oppression. The frontal lobotomy that is religion does not allow many of these people to see how we, citizens of this country, are constantly bombarded with religion in our daily lives, or that it is wrong and a violation of our rights. Every dollar I earn says "In God We Trust", and every time I said the pledge in school as a child, "...one nation under God...".

Meanwhile Christian "love" wreaks havoc, causing young homosexual men to live in fear, often causing them to commit suicide out of guilt or even worse, for some sick god-fearing fuck to tie them to a fence in Wyoming and beat them senseless. (Dressing J.C. up as a drag queen is some minor pay-back for these tragedies.) Women's lib has had to fight tooth -and-nail with these morons for every step. Never mind the fact the Christianity has been the cause of more bloodshed, tyranny and hate than any other religion on the planet. If these small minded, opiate masses cannot find the humor in your site, they should walk for a moment in an atheist's shoes and see what we endure daily.

The long list of concessions that the church makes to reality (The world is round! Sorry Galileo) will continue, and one day we will be mostly free from belief in non-existent deities. Then, truth and morality can be decided logically and on common ground, with concern for everyone's well being instead of fear of hell and promise of heaven.

Meanwhile - keep religion out of my politics, off my money and out of my schools. Fuck God, Satan, the Bible, the Koran, the Torah, religion in general and all other fear-based fiction created in the name of belief... and long live this site!

Sven Wechsler

Hi Bob, Thnx for putting me on your site! You've made my day once again!

It was wonderfull 'kissing your ass' by the way
;-)! Some more kisses,

"...If u don't believe in god thats fine i myself don't but just because u don't u just don't go around mockin him i don't give..."

ok If u don't believe in god thats fine i myself don't but just because u don't u just don't go around mockin him i don't give me one reason y u mock him u r such a little imature fag u prolly fuk your momma well i think your a stupid little childish fag that needs a life


I don't think it's any great mystery why I don't believe and if you don't believe I don't care.
I don't know if you're mature enough to tell me "don't think this". I'd go so far as to say that you don't think much about what you don't believe and if you don't than you don't have an opinion that I don't not respect.

But don't worry, most people don't pay any mind to people like you that don't think and don't speak English well.

My advise to you is don't use the word "don't " so much because people don't like to hear the word "don't", especially when it's "don't" from an eleven year old... prolly.

* * * * * * *

I couldn't pick just one...
"I really don't care about what you think anymore."
"imaginary or not, He's still my friend."
"He made me feel like I was the best person in the world"

Ok... so what was the point of that? Is your little mind jealous of Jesus? Of course, you wouldn't know anything about Him, except what you've advertised on your stupid site. Why don't you make fun of Buddha instead? There're so many things you can do with boo duh. If you could open up your eyes... wait a second, you're going to make fun of me whatever I say. I think that maybe you should get a new life; I really don't care about what you think anymore. God's given you your ability to argue with everyone. Not many people have that gift. You are blessed and you should use your blessing in another way.

If you want to go to hell go ahead. It's completely your decision. I don't care what you do to me; just stop making fun of Jesus. If you have a friend, would you want anyone to make fun of him or her? I don't care if you think that Jesus is imaginary or not, He's still my friend. He means so much to me and it hurts when you put him down. I wish that there were a way that you could experience what thousands of people have experienced with Jesus. He made me feel like I was the best person in the world, if only for a second. Since then, I've made more friends, non-Christian and Christian. Love you (no matter what).


How could anyone diss Buddha? He's such a modest, good humored underdog. It's the cocky know-it-alls like Christ that need to be taught a good lesson. Thinks He's God's gift to man! OK, I guess it's obvious then, I'm jealous. That great body, blue eyes, baby face, and all of those magic tricks to impress the chicks with. He's the David Blaine of Bible times.

But now that I've unwittingly divulged my inner most agenda (bringing down the man I envy most) you probably won't be the only one who doesn't care what I think anymore. That's another thing, His fan club. You guys love Him whether He's imaginary or not. Now that's a following!

So there you go John, you've revealed what's probably the single most common reason non Christians don't believe. Jealousy. Jealous of Jesus, God and the best people in the world, Christians.


* * * * * * *

"...what you have done and how much off a stupid idea that wuz"

That dress up Jesus web-site that you have is very disturbing!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why would you want to do that. You woudn't be here if it wern't for Jesus. This world woudn't of been here eather. I very much think that you should take this web-site away. JESUS IS THE BEST AND HE WILL BE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He will still be there for you If you ever start to think about what you have done and how much off a stupid idea that wuz that you thought off. Do your self and the hole world a favor by taking that web-site fo the internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The day that I started caring about being intelligent was the same day that I stopped believing in God.

Jessica, it wuz your email that reminded me off my hole reason I started all off this to begin with.


* * * * * * *

"...this email will probably be the only time in your life that you will be told about what who GOd really is."

I just want to tell you.I just want to tell you.I just want to tell you.I just want to tell you.I just want to tell you.I just want to tell you.I just want to tell you.

that your site SUCKS. I happen to believe in God and the way you make fun of him...It's like he is just some kind of JOKe. how would you like it if we all (in the sense of millions of BELIEVERS) hung YOu to a cross and nailed NINE INCH NAILs into your arms and legs. HUH. think about it. just imagine the pain and the agony. Don't think i am some punk kid who doesn't know anything else to believe in. God is real. AND DON"T EVEN START THINKING ABOUT NOT FINISHING THIS LETTER CAUSE I AM NOT DONE YET! this email will probably be the only time in your life that you will be told about what who GOd really is.

he is real. he is here everyday. he is watching your every move. when you get drunk with your friends. jack-off for pleasure. whatever. he knows. he knows everything! And let me tell you something else. when you die. there is no heaven for you if you keep on doing this stuff. it is hell all the way. Hell is HELL. and it is not what you think it is. its may have some fire and brimestone, but there is more. rather than suffering a milliong lashings by the whip, for thousands of years you will be in a dark place where there is no sound, and nothing. It is complete darkness and you are all alone. at first you may think that your okay. darkness is nothing you think. but after five seconds you realize that your all alone. you drive yourself crazy. and your seperated from God. and you look back on your life and you wish that you had done the right thing during your life. when you die God will ask you one question. what did you do with your life to please me. what did you do? did you live it to the fullest? did you believe in my son and his love for you? or did you fall away from the light and go caught by the nets of the devil? be careful william. god is watching. change your attitude. i know about a million people who are mad about what you have done. think about it. sit on your bed and just think. and if you have any questions just email me and i will give you them if i can.

Isaac Soon

Jesus Christ Isaac, not only did I finish your letter, I read it several times. It's absolutely riveting. So much of what you've written rings true:
* Your email being the only email that I've received with information pertaining to this "God" fellow.
* Me thinking you're some punk kid who doesn't know anything else to believe in.
* My name being William.

You're clearly a very perceptive person and it'd be foolish of me to not take the advise of someone who nicknamed themself "no_luck_with_girls".

The Hell you've described doesn't sound as awful as I was originally picturing. Just darkness? That's it? Actually that sounds like a nice change of pace. Relaxing, you know?

It's quite a lesson your god is teaching. Such a productive plan for the human soul. The "Gift Of Life"!... with a probable outcome of eternal pain. Thanks God. How about next time You just keep your "gift".

Hey, will the darkness be broken up by lashings or is that just straight "think time"? I can't decide if the whippings would be a pleasant break in the day or not. I suppose it doesn't much matter. Whichever one I'd prefer, God would just pick the opposite, it being Hell and all.

Isaac, I took your advise. I sat on my bed and thought about what you said. God watching my every move, even now! The reality of this struck me so hard that I jacked off just for laughs.

(But you can call me Bill)


* * * * * * *


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