Adventures in Hate Mail

Some of you may think that answering letters of hate isn't much of an adventure.
Well, today it was.
Pardon the length of this page but there's a lot that has to be covered.

As usual, their letters are in blue and mine are in black and white.


A vandal's assessment of the 24 hour music station scrawled on the front door of the Real World house.

So I'm here at The Grind Coffee Lounge ready to write, and there they are. Cameras, microphones and MTV's Real World 2002.

In case it isn't common knowledge to the rest of the world, MTV is presently shooting its Real World series in Chicago (my home). Years ago I would have savored this moment. The next "Puck" could be hatching right before my eyes! But now, it is no longer possible. The Real World is doomed.

It's 3:30pm, the 25th of August and while I sit here drinking my coffee, the token lesbian selection of the show is out and about, flirting, cooing and having your normal all-eyes-on-you REAL moment at The Grind.

There are 4 girls on the sofa, here's the run down from left to right:

#1 is a crew cut blond in a salmon bandana who likes to sit and stand a lot.

#2 is a black girl who wears sunglasses indoors (as well as a bandana) and clearly has the most attitude of the bunch. She's also a litterbug and perhaps a peeping tom (as you'll see).

#3 is a white girl in a blue bandana trying to be like the others pretending to be gay. I bet she's the small-town-USA cast member.

#4 is a butch cut Hispanic girl in a blue visor ( NOT a bandana!) with little to say. What a show!

People outside are peering through the windows hoping to catch a glimpse of these lucky kids.

Perhaps right now, I am just as bad as the rest. But my motives are different. I wanna be on TV! No, no, no, just kidding (sort of). I just want to see for myself. This could be the downfall of this unique, creative neighborhood. Soon it will be exposed to planet Earth as the next hip, wonderfully real place to reside.

Oh, watching these girls perform for the camera is so entertaining! Everyone in here is pretending not to care. Jesus Christ, I think that I just witnessed some staged drama. Girl #2 just stood and walked across the shop, turned and shouted "I'll give you some time to think about it!" then walked outside.

Even if there were no cameras around they'd still be a spectacle. Now she's standing outside the window in front of me. No cameras followed her? What if a "real" moment happens? She briefly attempts to read what the green haired guy (me) is writing through the window, throws her smoke to the ground and reenters the lime light. ...I wonder how much I could get for that cigarette?

Any ways, back to my agenda. Save this neighborhood!

The papers have been reporting on the recent controversies surrounding the Real World Chicago. Some of the more troublesome locals of Wicker Park played a prank on the cast. They distributed fliers and posted signs: "EXTRAS NEEDED! ATTEND PARTY AT REAL WORLD HOUSE! FREE BEER!"

200+ people showed up for the non existent party. This led to protests, police and picketing.

Red paint was splattered on their front door, and someone wrote on the sidewalk


There was even a murder outside the Real World house that was supposedly caught by their cameras. That's the kind of "special neighborhood" I'm talking about people.

It's a quarter 'til 4 and the soon-to-be female heartthrobs (and their film crew) have left the building. Minutes later a quarter of the clientele filter out as well. Sorry folks, maybe next time.

I am still here and it is apparent that the shop has semi-permanently stationed lights and equipment for the Real World's regular visits.

Some businesses in the area aren't even allowing the show in their buildings, posting signs that say

I can already see it happening. Wicker Park has always been home to a variety of cultures, artists and a present day version of punk rock attitude. This is where I fell in love some 6 years ago... oh Julie. And when there were Crisis games to sell we sold them here at Quimby's Queer Store. And Urbus Orbis, Chicago's first coffee house has been gutted and is now home to MTV's Real World. Things do change.

I lost interest in the show by the time they made them "manage" "their own" "business".


Puck was reason enough to keep coming back. There was the Hulk-Hogan-loving cowboy virgin, and Judd. Oh Judd, will you ever find love?

Now there is no one.

I'll probably be sucked into Chicago's version of T.R.W. Hopefully by then everyone will have lost interest.

Yes, I'll come back to The Grind Coffee Lounge. Yes, I will try to eaves drop on them if they grace us with their presence again. And yes, I will report back here with any more useless gossip I overhear. Got a problem with that?!?
It's my city, not theirs!

Now it's pouring rain.
Back to the hate mail.

"i only hope that you are hung the same way and scorned and made fun of and that you go straight to hell."

you are one sick puppy. i can't believe you would degrade and mock someone like this. i undetstand that you might not believe in him but he actually was a real person even if you don't think hes a savior, he actually did live. to die on a cross was something tragic and i can't believe you would make fun of that. i only hope that you are hung the same way and scorned and made fun of and that you go straight to hell.


Mandi, it's not what you think! My page is only teasing Jesus about His crucifixion. Like how you'd raz somebody who stepped in dog poo.

Besides, it was so long ago, I'm sure He looks back and sees the humor in it all. Hell, If I were to get hung on a cross, scorned, made fun of, then (at your request) sent straight to Hell, I guarantee you that 2000 years later I'd be shakin' my head and laughing about it.
The eternal Hell follow-up would be the clincher! Ouch!

"did you know that he didn't hang there just for fun?"

you are really funny boy! I'm sure that Jesus think its funny too! Well, you have to take the consequences, not me. But, by the way, did you know that he didn't hang there just for fun? That was exactly your place to die. Shocked? Hopefully. But I'm sure that one day you will realize that living without him is shit! Maybe then its too late for you...


Living without Jesus is only "shit" when that is all you have. If you have no freedom to express yourself, if you only know love that's adequate enough for story books caricatures and/or if all that you know is Bible then yes, living without Jesus would be shit.

I understand that you believe everything you've read in that book despite the fact that they are quite simply words written by man. This shall remain your struggle, not mine.


"Even if you don't know what is on the other side of this life he is the only one that can save you from Gods wrath to come."

You know Bob ... you really should think about what you are doing here in this web site. Even if you don't know what is on the other side of this life he is the only one that can save you from Gods wrath to come. He cannot do it against your own will. But he is waiting for you to ask him. It is an act of your will to believe him. You know this life will not last forever and wherever you are going will be for ever and ever. Don't bite the hand that is trying to save you. You know this is wrong. Let God heal your hurts. Ask him into your heart and watch what he will do for you today. Don't lead other people astray from him too. You don't want to have any regrets in this life.

Did anybody you ever knew in the past that died ever come back and tell you that they can come and go or do as they please? "No" because they had no control over where they were going or what they did when they got there except to trust the Lord if he is their Savior. You need a Savior, which is Jesus Christ!

Sounding A Trumpet For Him ... Jesus Christ who died on the cross for your sins and God rose him up on the third day and he sits at the right and of the Father and ever lives to make intercession for you because he loves you.

[2Cor 5:15.25] And that he died for all, that they which live should not henceforth live unto themselves, but unto him which died for them, and rose again.

[Rom 5:6.9] For when we were yet without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly.

[1Cor 15:4.12] And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:

[Heb 10:12.19] But this man, after he had offered one sacrifice for sins for ever, sat down on the right hand of God;

[Heb 7:25.24] Wherefore he is able also to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by him, seeing he ever liveth to make intercession for them.

Your Friend In Christ,

Apparently you have no idea how much thought I've put into what I'm doing here on this web site. I will follow that up by telling you that it looks to me like you haven't put much thought into what you're doing. You use other people's words (all those scriptures, yeesh!) AND you claim to know what is on the other side. Don't lead people astray Darlene, you don't want to have any regrets in this life.

That's quite a Heaven you paint. No control over where you are going or what you do. If there is ONE thing I'd imagine about Heaven, it'd be that it was free. All happiness depends on freedom. This controlled Heaven that you describe sounds horrendous. Like a kind of paradise thought up by somebody who considers "life damned by original sin" a gift.

The lack of communication we have with the afterlife is further proof to me that there is no afterlife. Somehow to you it proves that there is not only an afterlife, but a savior.

You've sent me many scriptures but they mean nothing to me. For once I'd like someone to think about why they believe what they do and tell me it in their own words instead.


"Don't blame Adam and Eve because God showed me that if I was born are you were born instead and it had been Bob and Darlene that we would have did the very same thing they did"

Bob, I know where you are at, I have been there and I really want to help you. But you are not going to receive this thinking by looking at the things that you see in this life. Because these things are spiritual, the real you is a spiritual being. You have to step out on believing that what Gods word says is true even if you don't feel it, see it or understand some things. God just ask us to believe him. It really is a tangible knowledge. The natural mind can't perceive how much God loves us. But with that in mind ask him to save you ( from Gods wrath to come) to help you and don't let pride get in the way. God wants to be your friend and a person that you trust. I believe that you are searching for truth and realty and God is the truth.

After Adam and Eve listened to satan and disobeyed God in doing what he asked them not to do, God took them from the place where they walked and talked with him in fellowship everyday. Because of that sin we are born into sin rather we know it are not. Don't blame Adam and Eve because God showed me that if I was born are you were born instead and it had been Bob and Darlene that we would have did the very same thing they did. So God saw an error and worked to fix it and give us mercy. Not that God didn't know there would be an error but he wanted us to see without him we cannot make it. He still helped Adam and Eve afterwards but they where spiritually dead to God. He looked for a pure and obedient stewart through the ages. he used obedient servants or stewerts like Noah, Moses, David etc. (these were obedient blood lines) till Jesus ( God in the flesh) was born and became our sacrificial lamb and bought us back with his life for ours.

If you study these peoples lives ... they are not perfect people, they wer just like us, but when they did make a mistake they were quick to confess it as sin as knowing that is something that God did not approve of and ask God to forgive them. Some things we do in ignorance and some thing's we just out right do because we enjoy the pleasure of sin. But it has pleasure for only a season of time. Then you are under it's hold because God says that he will give you over to what you find pleasure in and until you confess it and forsake it and ask God to forgive you or it will have it's hold till you die (then you die in sin). Have you ever told a lie? have you ever stole? cheated? then you have sinned against God. God is a jealous God. He wants your love and you to depend on him only. Don't listen to people that don't even know who God is. Those people are lost till they ask Jesus to come in their heart. There is so much you don't understand and I don't understand everything ether. But understand this he gives us what we need in him if we will seek him with all our heart and soul. He will not leave you nor forsake you. That does not mean that our lives are perfect but that it is saying that now you know the source of your life and you have him backing you on every turn to make it work out to your benefit.

I can back up everything I have said to you by his word just ask me. You will need it to stand on because the devil will fight to keep you deceived and lied to because that is his job. He does not want to lose another soul because his time is short here. This is probably not the truth that you want to hear but it is the fact and you have to know it because this is a life and death matter. He is gong to be trying to take your life now that you have this knowledge. He wants your soul and he can have the soul that leaves this life without repenting and asking Jesus in their heart. Don't wait any longer.

You just have to have a surrendered heart ... but Bob it is your decision. God will not make you but he will reach out to you and help and love you if you let him. I am praying for you and if you need me to pray about anything that concerns you I will ... let me know. The same God that walked with Moses, Jacob, James and Paul is the same God that will walk with you.

God Bless You,

I suppose that I have an issue you could address to your bitter, jealous God. Before He annihilates us with His vengeful, bloodthirsty wrath from above, could you have Him explain why I should think He's got my best interests in mind? I mean, with all of His super powers, unimaginable strength and absolute perfection, shouldn't He be putting aside His fragile ego and taking more of a leadership role for us?

"The bible is the only book that claims to be the word of God."

Bob there are some things you need to really think about and I am going to just give you a few here ... God is Lord alone there is no other. The bible is the only book that claims to be the word of God. God created everything the trees, blue sky, beautiful flowers, oceans, he hung the sun, the moon and stars, he keeps the balance of nature. God created mankind as male and female. When a male and a female come together in sexual union, an eternal human being, in the image of God, is reproduced. There is no such thing as safe sex outside of marriage it is a holy union unto the Lord.

The devil rebelled against God and is trying to deceive mankind into following him in rebellion. The devils great plan is to make people believe he does not exist then he can entice you to sin and make it look like you decided it and came up with the Idea. Because he knows you have been given back your authority by Jesus he also knows that you alone will bare it because we are freewill agents. (the bible says that he is clever) Your ancestors, Adam and Eve, sold you into slavery to the devil, through spiritual death which came on them when they rebelled against God.

Every human being born into the world partakes of this sin. We all have sinned and fallen short of God's standard. All creation has suffered because of this rebellion: death, wars, famine, this was not Gods plan. You will die someday. After you die you will be judged by God. You are now under the devil's dominion, and will share his judgment, unless you receive and acknowledge the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus died as your substitute because God loves you. So, you can receive what Jesus Christ deserves, instead of what you deserve, if you accept Him! Unless you receive God's gift of eternal life which is in Jesus Christ you will go to a place of suffering after you die, which was created for the devil. (this place was not created for human spirits) If you call on Jesus Christ now, He will hear you, receive you, forgive you, and give you a new life no matter what you have done. You are unique and important to God. God loves you more than He loves Himself! God has a blueprint plan already made out for your life, and you will never be happy unless you follow it. Jesus Christ is Lord and God, and one day you will acknowledge that -- surrender your heart now Bob. Reach out to him by faith believing that he will do what he promised because his word says that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved. You may feel like you are stepping out and not sure he will answer ... but that is faith and God honors faith. The Bible is God's message to mankind. Read it -- especially the New Testament!

Bob I really do care about your soul and I want you to know that I am your friend! We are Gods vehicles on the earth and he bought back our dominion through Jesus Christ and unless we pray he will stay his hand. God don't want puppets he lets us make our choice to believe him.

Sincerely, Darlene

Oh no Darlene, you've got it all wrong! I have spent most of my life believing in God (church, youth groups, fellowship, some private school, the works). I believed everything that I was told, and it made for a pretty great childhood... for about 12 years. After that things didn't "flow" like they once did. It wasn't until my 30th year in life that doubt began to sprout, and my own search for the meaning of life began.

Things that God hated (My artistic expression, music that doesn't praise Him, nonconformists, sex without marriage, etc...) were all things that I didn't consider evil. Forcing a belief in the impossible was crippling me psychologically. God's plan was to limit my creativity? Ideas are evil? Doubting is evil? If He cared so much, why wouldn't He make it clearer to us? How did I know that it wasn't all a lie?

So many questions were unanswerable. And living life without answers blows. When I considered the idea that He did not exist, things started to make sense. Perfect sense. The hundreds (if not thousands) of unanswered questions in Christianity, had answers without it. Now, every question had an explanation. An explanation that made sense. I now believe that that is how mankind is meant to live life. In sense. Not faith. One consistently works, the other does not.

Believing in the impossible sets one up to look foolish often, both in life and ultimately in death. It's the lesson life teaches us. It's proved to me here daily.

I'm not coming back Darlene. I guess that your God isn't resourceful enough to save me, the child that He loves so much.



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