... and the Christians asked,
“How can you do this when you know it angers God?”

As usual, their letters are in blue and mine are in black and white.

Yes, I'm still here and the mail keeps coming in. I've been busy getting together my portfolio for you all to critique.

You know, before I started doing all of this "trashing God" shit, I considered myself a legitimate artist. It's true! But now that I've sold my soul for the mere fame that a web site brings, I have to prove myself once again.

So any way, here are some more fan letters as the Devil promised there'd be.

Hey! I just checked out your page and I thought it was hilarious! I especially loved your dress up Jesus Page! I couldn't stop laughing the whole time, and even sent links of it to several of my friends. I just wanted you too know that I love your page, and thanks for the laugh!

Amy Beth.


bob, you rock. i only wish i could poses the intelligent insight that you do. i am yet to read the entire bible or any religious books. i have read parts of the bible and i interpret them as gibberish. for all we know some primitive men could have ate some opium plant and wrote there thoughts down.

i have been taking philosophy classes in college, and let me tell, this stuff makes a lot more sense. If God wanted us to believe those stories and in him, why did he give us logical brains? A logical or rational person could not conceive the thought of creating a female from a males rib. Shit, if that was possible I'd have all kinds of girlies at my house.

the picture attached is of the finest quality. please post on your main page. feel free to make any dress up things. i think there great.

Jeff Duke

"Let every one be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath"

This is sacrilegious! Please take it away! Don't you have any respect for the Son of Man?


Let every one be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath.

Pritesh, your final quote is perfect. It's the exact opposite of what you've done. I have written endlessly on my site so that anyone can hear what I have to say and avoid any knee-jerk "sacrilege wrath" reaction you're all so fond of.

Most of the time the Christian reaction has been reluctant to hear, quick to speak and even quicker to wrath.... much like you have done.

Excellent quote though.
Thank you.

"Think of the thousands who might visit your site, and be misled."

Dear Bob,

I only hope that God forgives you. I have prayed for you, and I hope that one day you see the folly behind your work. I do agree that I was a bit irritated/angry when I wrote to you, and I thank you for pointing out that to me.

God forgives all who acknowledge their fault, and promise not to do it again. It's not too late. Think of the thousands who might visit your site, and be misled. You have no right to corrupt minds. It's not my nature to irritate you with persistent e-mail. But I felt I had to write to you, hoping that I could make you realise that you are violating something sacred, something that has made us what we are, and something that deserves much more respect than what you are giving it right now. I hope that you see the light one day.

God bless you

There is a basic ignorance that accompanies faith. Subscribing to faith as a way of life entails being content with not having answers. Your ignorance is embarrassingly clear in just 2 short emails that you've sent me.

In your first email it was your actions contradicting the words you say. In your second you've topped yourself. You think that I think I'm misleading people. I'm dying to hear your explanation for why I do this. Is it my lust for evil? My goal in life being to deceive and mislead? And if that were my cause, do you think that pointing out how bad it is to deceive and mislead would be something I hadn't already considered?

Pritesh, I say and write what I do because it's the truth. I think before I act, so I never have to apologize like I'm sure you often do.

Somehow you've rationalized an all-powerful mind in the sky that forgives individuals who "promise not to do it again"... and that's fine. Just don't try to drag me in with you.


"In the Bible it say's 'you are either for him or against him hot or cold for if you are lukewarm he will spit you out"

Its people like you that take Jesus and the Christian faith and twist and pervert what the savior had done I ask why do you do this? Do find this amuzing? In the Bible it say's "you are either for him or against him hot or cold for if you are lukewarm he will spit you out" It also say's that "Jesus is the light the truth and the the way and no one comes to the father except through him" Jesus cleary makes it stated that if you basically deny him he also shall deny you to the King of Kings my Lord God. The reason I write this is because maybe you did'nt know that Jesus was sent here down to earth to die for your sins: John 3:16 " For God so love the world that he sent his one and only begotten Son Jesus Christ that who so ever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life"

I hope in a way that this may have opened you eyes thank you.

With Love T.G

Wait a second. You're telling me that I can't be fifty/fifty with God? What's wrong with lukewarm? You see, I'm staying lukewarm because there are a lot of rules that the bible says I have to follow (like no lying, stealing or perverting His word-n-stuff), but I also don't want to go to Hell forever. Don't you see? That is why I am choosing to sit on the fence. I'm playing it safe.

I have honestly never seen that "lukewarm" clause, but you have opened my eyes. Now I have to consider the ramifications of denying God, and raising up my fists against Him out of resentment for having to obey.

That is unless you're the one who's lying?

"I hope you believe in Jesus?"

I dont know if this is supposed to just be fun or a little humorus,but I think it's down right ridiculous! How could you play dress up Jesus like this especially if he is on the cross. maybe if he wasn't on the cross it wouldn't be so bad but this is blasphemy! I hope you believe in Jesus? b/c by this site it seems as if your making it a joke, and mockaryof the whole crucifixion that saved you and I from eternal sin and condemnation! I thought I would let you know how my thought's were on this page so thank you for your time.


Little Delray Boy! You've completely misinterpreted my intentions. I'm just giving Jesus a hard time (you know, kiddin' around). But believe it or not, I've been getting quite a few letters like yours (more than a dozen) from people who don't think that this is the proper way to praise His name. It's trippin' me out.

"I shall List your site on mine as a blatent attempt to make a disgusting totally vial mockery of our lord."

I am sorry to say this but I am Purely Whole Heartedly Disgusted With Your "Jesus Dressup"! I can't believe the mockery of our lord that you are displaying to the world! I shall List your site on mine as a blatent attempt to make a disgusting totally vial mockery of our lord.....

I am disappointed.

Sincerely Christopher Matuszak
Mystical Legend

Please, please, please! I ask you to please reconsider the negative review of my site on yours. And I beg of you not to link my site to the horrible review. And finally, I throw myself at your mercy, do not cast me into that thorny brier patch.


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