Ever since the erection of my Hate Mail section I have received a lot of complaints for the statements I've made about Mother Teresa and all the Popes being scorched to ashy cinders in God's fiery oven of revenge. I have stood by my claims and now I have proof! It is brought to you by Christian scripture (A pocket sized comic book) that Catholics are not only going to Hell but hated by God as well.

Damned Catholics
We begin our side panel story as a devout Catholic is getting hit by a car. Enjoy...

As usual, their letters are in blue and mine are in black and white.

Comic by Jack T. Chick

See, I told you! I warned you all! And now, because you wouldn't listen, more Catholics are in Hell! Don't you get it?! It's through Christ that you'll be saved! "Christian"! Coincidence? And if that's not proof enough then I guess there's just no hope for you.

"...what has led you to feel this way about God..."

Dear Bob,

I am not writing this letter to be rude nor dis-respectful. I simply would like to know what has led you to feel this way about God and those who believe in His existence.


I am sensing from your email you're under the impression that I dislike God and those who believe in Him. Tell me if I have assumed too much. If this is what you're thinking then I need to tell you that this is not how it is.

I honestly and truly do not believe that God exists. I promise you that if I thought He was real I would not be putting so much work and time into this site. You see, this is my proof to all of you that I am an intelligent, thought out individual who has reached a conclusion, and am very confident in the conclusion I've made.

Nothing really "happened" to make me change my mind. I simply wanted to know the truth so I added up all that I knew.

1) I've never felt God. Many times I'd searched but I never felt anything that couldn't otherwise be attributed to my brain, the weather, heartburn, etc...

2) I've never seen any evidence of God. You may tell me that it is all around. That is a storybook answer. Another vague / useless answer that could explain any numbers of beliefs. It was the lack of explanations that probably started the doubt.

3) I have seen in my life how often stories are distorted, embellished, made up and/or stretched. Much of the time it isn't to deceive, it's simply gullible ears and anxious mouths. It's a logical and probable explanation for the Bible and it's many incredible tales.

I could go on and on (as we all know) but that's the basics. I thought I'd made it clear on my site, but so often people need to hear it for themselves. It's the main reason that I've had to tell it so much in so many ways, something you may have mistakenly translated as some sort of obsessive hate or extremism.

Now, GonnaPreach2U, you must tell me how you feel.


A continuation of a correspondence from approximately a month ago.

"There are evidences of God in nature... Rainbows? God made us a promise with it."

Dear Bob, You have told me that you once believed in God but did you know him? Did you wait on him? Did you experience him? Bob you can't know God apart from his word because God and his word are one.

You told me that doubt came in. That is the enemies job to get you to believe him instead of God. Don't get me wrong I don't walk by feelings but I have had spiritual things happened to me that no one ever told me that would happen to me. I was not taught this way ether. I was scared of God growing up, I thought that every bad thing I did he was waiting to strike me down but that is not the God that I read about in his word are that I have personally experienced myself. He does love you but the real question is do we really love him enough to believe him and stand in faith on his word? Your mind is gonna try to reject this truth because it is not a thinking that you are use to and [Rom 8:7] Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be. [2Cor 10:5] Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ; So you see there is a little work me must do and God will meet us the rest of the way.

Hey I was raised up in a Baptist church and I thought that we went to church to honor a person (Jesus) that had died and that's all I could make sense of it then. But I have had God personally set me free of things and let me know that the way I was thinking was wrong and that he loved me but I had to reach out to him. The devil is still with us like he was in the garden of Eden trying to make us listen to him and not God. Bob don't believe him ... he is a liar and the father of lies. He hates you and he don't want you to see the truth of what he is really doing, "stealing your soul".

I have been through things in my life that I had no choice but to cry out to God for help and he was there for me and he will be there for you but you have to invite him in and confess that you have doubt and you don't understand some things, ask forgiveness and get sin out away from between you and him. I am going through some things my own self but what helps me is remembering that the times I did hang on and trust him even when I did not know what was going on are why ... he brought me out. It will be a struggle till Jesus comes.

I know by what you have told me that you have just about given up on him. But please don't do that. I am telling you the truth Bob he is real and he does have a plan in all this. Cry out to him, he will honor that because he did it for me. God don't have favorites. But you are at such a place that you have to make a choice to step out and Rather, "he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him" (Hebrews 11:6). Faith precedes knowledge-the eyes of faith receive what goes beyond mind and reason. There are evidences of God in nature (see Romans 1:20) but not so much as to constitute proof. Off the top of my head:

1. where do you think the AD (after death) BD (before death) came from? Who was so important that we would mark them in our decade?

2. Where do you think the snakes around a pole really come from, they are used as a sign of health? no one even thinks about it. Num 21:8.17

3. Rainbows? God made us a promise with it. There Is more I just cant think of it all now but God don't think on our level ...

God don't work that way ... he works through faith in him. "fact, faith, feeling". I don't know what voice that you have been listening to but they are lying to you. You may even think I am also. But Bob I am not, I would not do that, I am accountable for what I say to you ... every word of it so I have to be careful. I just want you know that I see your hurt and your pain and I will be lifting you up till you tell me that God has moved for you. Just please remember that I really do care about you and I am your true friend in Jesus apart from him I am nobody.

God Bless You,

You asked if I had ever known God and if I had experienced Him. If you mean did I ever have a proper conversation with the Guy (answering questions directly, hearing replies, hand gestures, eye contact, etc.)? The answer is no.

But, if you're asking me if I've ever heard His voice in my head and there were "signs" that He was hearing me (bibles blowing open to specific pages, thunder bolts, baby deer licking my writing hand, what have you...), the answer is still no.

But, if your talking about the times when I prayed to Him and I knew that He was listening because peculiar events followed that had no logical explanation? Surprisingly the answer is still no.

BUT Darlene, if you're attributing any positive feeling and/or occurrence that has ever happened to me as a direct result of God, with zero emphasis put on coincidence, chain of events or reality... and "knowing God" means I've heard the many wonderful stories that His believers tell, then the answer is still no. Um... oh wait. I mean yes! If that is the proof you are referring to, then yes, I do know Him and I have experienced Him... I guess. However, then it struck me that these things would be happening even if there was not a God. And if there WAS a God, more unexplainable things would be happening, like the events in the bible that were written for the purpose of making people believe God exists. Darlene, that is how the doubt came in. You think it's the work of an enemy.

I'd be very interested to know what experiences you've had that could not simply be explained away by normal life occurrences. There's a reason why the obvious answers are more than likely the correct ones. Because that is life. And since the development of our frontal lobe there has not been a documentable act of God to be noted.

I have not given up on Him. I have grown up.



" I think we don't have the right to do these things to the picture of our Lord. Please if you have a different view point send on the address"

Dear Bob,

by chance I saw your website you offer people to dress Lord Jesus. overalls, leather jacket rings,a Hawaii shirt and many awful things, I think we don't have the right to do these things to the picture of our Lord. Please if you have a different view point send on the address

Rula Sayaf

Yes, my viewpoint seems to be quite different than yours. I think that we do have the right to do these things to the picture of our Lord. Let us debate the issue further.


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