Oh my poor lonely site, I haven't updated in so long! I have been very busy working for the dangerous and beautiful Miss Tiger! I have taken over the designing of her web site and I've just completed the illustration of Li'l Tiger, the sassiest little raver girl in the universe!
But now I'm back, and I'm ready to return to the job at hand.

On the weekends at Michigan Avenue there's this funny guy that hands out spectacular comic book style propaganda which preaches the hard core Christian word of God. Each time that I casually stroll by him on purpose, he hands me a couple of these booklets. He always includes an anti-gay one for me, which is by far the most frightening and outrageous of his collection.

So now I ask you to join me as I take you through the pages of
The story of Sodom

Oh yeah, and as usual the Hate Mail letters are in blue and mine are in black and white.

Jack T. Chick begins his story on the fringes of your run-of-the-mill gay rally.
Let's take a look...

Rule #1: When illustrating homosexuals, be sure to put them in sunglasses. They wear them in order to hide their empty, soulless eyes.
The "Tales from the Crypt" guy on the far right is my favorite.
For those of you that have no problem with Gay and AIDS, let it be known that they're also cold blooded murderers. Now if only we could lump them in with rapists and child molesters, then we'd have a stereo type that everyone could enjoy hating!
"Golly Charlie, couldn't there be just ONE Gay Pride rally that doesn't turn into an angry, bloodthirsty mob?"

This has got to be the bravest man I've ever seen.
And I have to say that the Christians are certianly a handsom bunch.

"Yeah, I videoed your rally so that I could paint your kind to be murderous, hate-filled perverts. At least give me five minutes."
You're a saint Burt.


Oh greedy Lot, you're so predictable in your selfishness. Unfortunatly this time you've chosen DOOMTOWN!

Here we go, the child molesting homos that I'm familiar with (I'm talkin' about that monk chasing the 6 year old in th background). But it's the sweaty frenchkissing trannies that sold me on the "evil ".
And they're worshipping a statue of Satan... I knew it!
Our author Jack is big on drawin' the bearded guys in Marilyn Monroe wigs. Isn't this supposed to be 2000 years ago?
My most favorite illustration in the book. I call it "Bigfoot meets the Gerber Baby"
OK, so this is God? What happened to the faceless S.O.B. that was damnin' Catholics?

Ah yes, rapists. That rounds out this characterization nicely.
Those angels better hide their sweet little saintly asses, and quick!
Now there's a muscular back that was drawn with tender loving care. And the "Tales from the Crypt" guy makes another appearance here on the left. He's the one announcing the general plan.
Greedy Lot protects God's angels by offering up his virgin daughters. It wouldn't surprise me if this was God's idea. You see, women weren't really very high on the food chain back then.
Hey, It's that guy from Prodigy!
And my favorite quote:
"The swearing, clawing perverts lunged for him."
You heard right... they were SWEARING!
"Dont let satan take you where he is ... its not worth it. "


My name is Christina. I had to write to you. Someone sent me the link to your site, and I must say that I think it is very sad that you would mock the Lord like that. Jesus was stripped of his robes, then covered in mere rags, and hung up on a cross to die... FOR YOU!!!!

And here you have the nerve and gall to mock the Lord like this??? This site should be banned, and you should be ashamed of yourself. Jesus suffered an unbelieveable death for YOU to be in Heaven with Him.

I do not appreciate your site, and if you had any kind of heart, you would take your site down. Dont let satan take you where he is ... its not worth it.

God Bless you, and PLEASE rethink ur site.
Thank you. Christina Brock , in Philadelphia,Pa

It astounds me that in a supreme world where god-beings exist beyond our comprehension in another dimension that we could never imagine, there's a guy who needs our love and another guy that doesn't see the futility of being evil. You'd think that a life of infinity would have worked out some of these issues. They deserve a good ball breaking for this alone!

So let's assume that these unstable Masters of the Universe are competing for our adoration. I ask you, who is more pathetic, the god that needs to be worshipped or those who worship the needy god?

"Is it funny to you?"

Please don't put such mockery up on the internet. It hurts my heart to see such a sacred and horrible event be made fun of in the way that you have. Why do you feel that you have put up such a site on the internet? Is it funny to you? Cause it certainly isn't funny to me and many around me. I makes me really quite sick to see such a site up.

if you would like to think of it in such way, then that is none other but your choice, however, for me and others like me, it would be very pleasing if this site was to be removed. Thank you for you time


Sharlene, if you promise me that you'll keep your Christianity to yourself and no longer share your beliefs with people other than those who agree with you, I will consider no longer speaking aloud of my views. We should probably be getting the same commitment from all those who believe differently than you or me as well.

Yes, that's the deal. Together you and I will figure out a way to discourage the sharing of opposing views that could possibly offend those whose hurt feelings are a priority over the exchanging of ideas.

I think that we have stumbled upon a new, wonderful way of life that'll end hurt feelings as we know it!

I'll start addressing the envelopes.

"What does this say about your self esteem?"

So do you find yourself cool for blaspheming the beliefs of others. What does this say about your self esteem? Usually, those with a very low self esteem attack the beliefs of others. Rather than mocking Christ, try to find out more about him. Maybe you'll find true fullfillment in your life. I will pray for you that Christ will reveal himself to you.

Mark Gonyea

Mark, you've got your esteem-judging scale all backwards. It is those with a very low self esteem that confront no one, hold back their opinions and hang their head in shame when their beliefs are challenged. A confident person stands up for what he believes, opens himself up to any line of questioning and possibly even grants a forum for the opposition's opinion to be seen.

Your beliefs require you to be meek and compliant. Pride and self confidence are discouraged by God. It's all part of the deal when you choose to live your life worshipping another.

Perhaps it is you who needs to learn more about Him.


"...maybe the World is "school" for souls??!"

Dear Bob,

I don't think it's hate mail you need - I'm pretty certain somewhere along the line someone or some organisation who claimed to be acting in God's name, caused you considerable pain. I can't see why you otherwise would have the depth of ill-feeling that you have to have to be capable of running the website you do......and I am deeply saddened by the thought that someone has done you so much damage, as well as by the fact that you are in your turn apparently finding satisfaction in the distress experienced by some "surfers" who stumble onto your site.

I fully anticipate that you'll mock me for sending this email, but I feel I have to - I need to know that at least I tried to explain to you that God doesn't reside in the Bible or in any organised religion..... that's where the human element came in; people trying to make sense of something spiritual in terms which people with little education or sophistication could understand, and affected as is still the case today by people's needs to have "their own" version of something taken as the most important - e.g. Catholicism, Presbyterianism; Islam etc.

I believe it's human greed for control over others which leads to dogma - but I do believe that Jesus lived, tried to tell us us how to get closer to God, and died for loving Him and us so much.

I wish you could believe in God.....I know He exists, and I know He will be there for you if ever you decide to allow Him into your life. Remember, it's not God - who has no meanness in Him - who causes all the terrible things which happen in this world.....He gave us free will, just as a good human parent gives their child (otherwise we'd grow up slaves!) and I expect His heart breaks over some of the things we choose to do.

I don't know the reasons why we have this life - but I suspect it is to do with learning about good and evil, just as we send our kids to school to learn about things - maybe the World is "school" for souls??!? - and it's my own opinion that the most valuable lesson we can learn is that kindness, compassion and tolerance are essential components of a harmonious society - I sound like an advert. for something there, don't I? - although I also believe there is a place for saying "no, that won't be tolerated" if not saying so colludes with someone who is making a monster of themself and threatening others' well being.

Well, if you read this far, I thank you for YOUR tolerance.

Best Wishes,

I am going to explain to you a reason other than the "caused me considerable pain" diagnoses you've offered up.

I think that the concepts of God, Heaven, angels, "Jesus Loves You" bumper stickers and the everlasting human soul are funny concepts to write about. I've seen both sides, and our inability to deal with reality I find riveting.

I can assure you that the only "considerable pain" happened when I had to accept my mortality. It's a hard thing to grasp when you've been anticipating eternal paradise for so long, BUT the pay back is tenfold; a lifting of confusion, a heightened appreciation for life, and good-bye to the overbearing repression of creativity which was probably my biggest ordeal.

I will also admit to you that Christianity for me as a child was terrific! Christianity fits in perfectly with a child's perception of the world. Bad people go to Hell, and the good people go to Heaven. I didn't know about any other way of thinking. There's Christianity and everyone else is lost. I was a Christian, so I needn't consider anything else. My paradise was waiting.

It was when I got old enough to think for myself that things started to not make sense. I was having a hard time pretending that God was speaking to me, and I to Him. I couldn't see any difference between worshipping God or worshipping an empty space above my head. The outcome was the same, only the later was easier to explain.

Do not interpret this site as ill feeling. Interpret it as comedy, life experience and a willingness to explain a change of heart.

It still shocks me that there are so many who don't see the outrageousness in it all. And that makes for excellent writing material.