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The Sheeples - A comic I started in 2006 illustrating my hate mailers along with my favorite quotes from their letters.
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Satan's Salvation - A strip I've been illustrating since 2002 that explores the love/hate relationship between Jesus, Satan & me.
Creatures of Neptune - My bizarre pen & ink freak show dated as far back as 1994.


It was in 1991 that I began to push myself artistically. I bought an 8X10 hardcover sketch book and was determined to fill it's pages with drawings of things other than hot girls. My ideas usually came from dreams, depression or films... or any combination of the 3.

Edward Scissorhands

Not much has to be said. I was struck by the character, so I drew him.
I took liberties with the footwear as you can plainly see.

Hunchback Midget

I drew this from an oddities book that I had. My very first freak.


Oh God, my God! Why hast thou forsaken me?
OK, everybody has done a clown picture at some point or another. The title saves this one.


Local Officer meets
State Patrol
I drew this one after receiving a speeding ticket. I thought that I captured the moment nicely.

Writer's Block
This is exactly what I titled it. I went to Denny's late one evening to write, and I ended up drawing this.


The Dream
A very common setting for my dreams was the theater. This time I was looking out of my bedroom window, which seemed to be up in the cheap seats.


Lewis Carroll
I had just read Alice in Wonderland, so I drew this.

Monster Dream Brain

As I said, many of my pieces were from what I had dreamt the night prior. This time it looks like I couldn't quite pinpoint the subject, so I included everything.

"So I says ta the guy, 'What am I gonna do with a truck load of tuna and a wiener dog?!"


Nine More Days

I totally forgot what the Hell the title was refering to... then I saw that I'd drawn it 9 days before my birthday. I guess that I wasn't looking forward to it.

By the way, did you notice the dead body that I illustrated into the blankets?

Floating Bob #1
I would have these odd "out of body" dreams. This was the first one. I dreamed that I got hit by a bus, then I floated up and picked a leaf off the top of a tree. Go figure.

Floating Bob #2

When I lived in Colorado, sometimes I'd drive up into the mountains and write or draw. This was a dream about that. I dreamed that I drove into the mountains to write or draw... then I died.

Later that day I drove up into the mountains and drew the dream.


Floating Bob #3

Bad Dream

I would have these dreams where I was paralyzed and helpless in somebody's basement. Then I would hear someone approaching, someone who was looking for me and wasn't going to be happy when he found me. That's what the shadow represents on the right side.

Howdy "The New Look"
Before the movie "Twister" there was "Twisters" starring Crispin Glover. He's the best thing about this movie and I had to try and capture it in a drawing.


All illustrations & designs are that of Normal Bob Smith (C) 2000 - 2009