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The Sheeples - A comic I started in 2006 illustrating my hate mailers along with my favorite quotes from their letters.
Satan's Salvation
Satan's Salvation - A strip I've been illustrating since 2002 that explores the love/hate relationship between Jesus, Satan & me.
Creatures of Neptune - My bizarre pen & ink freak show dated as far back as 1994.


When 1992 rolled around I made a conscious decision to practice drawing actual people and capture their likeness.
Let me warn you that I had a HUGE thing for Winona Ryder.

Crispin Hellion Glover
I tried many many times to draw this portrait. It's another scene from the movie "Twisters". Well worth finding if you appreciate Crispin.

Another illustration of Madonna. I was attempting to draw her in the style of a Loony Toon.

Madonna Brando

She later turned into the Neptune character: Strongest Girl in the World.



Tom Waits
Another portrait that was a struggle. I gave up on the hand, but that light glow on the side of his face was the first time I'd ever done that.
I had discovered a new technique.

Winona Ryder
I had a friend who knew Winona's agent. I gave the friend a copy of this drawing to give to Winona. Later, I heard back that not only did Winona get the picture, but she held it up at the 1994 Oscars when they panned the audience for stars.

I have never seen this footage and you can't rent the damn thing. So there you go.

Winona Dream
After completing the previous drawing of Winona, I laid it next to my bed and fell asleep looking at it. That night I had a dream that we were building a birdhouse in my basement while a party went on upstairs.

So the next day I drew this.


Cross my heart...
I also toyed with the name "Kill my heart, pray to die, jam your needles through my eyes".

Elvira & Pee-wee Herman
What's to say?

Betrayed by my mind
Taunted by dreams
Why does my brain
Sit and scheme

Damn I was lonely.
Yes, that's Winona


Cat Woman

I hadn't seen the movie yet, I just drew this from an ad for the movie.

I thought they should've gotten someone with stronger legs to play the part, apparently.

Shrinking Violet

It's the story of a girl that turns into a doll when a crow climbs into her head and stays there.

It's a story I wrote that is definitely NOT worth sharing. Just enjoy the picture.

Emo Phillips

You know, before "Emo music," there was a wonderful comedian named Emo! I've always found him to be hilarious and original.

Anyhow, this is Emo telling a joke of his. In my opinion he is one of the greatest comedians ever. Imagine how happy I was to discover that he likes my drawing enough to post it on his site!


Mystery Girl
A portrait of Connie, a friend of mine from Colorado.


My very best friend. I was so flattered when she told me that this was her favorite picture ever. EVER!

Floating Bob #5
Swept to Neptune

Floating Bob #4 never worked out, so don't ask.
This is the last of the Floating Bob series.


All illustrations & designs are that of Normal Bob Smith (C) 2000 - 2009