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Mr. X Pen & Ink 1992 - 1993

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Before Mr. X was the clumsy, laughable mascot for Crisis(TM) the Boardgame he was a jinxed, suicidal, hopeless undead. Some of these are a bit hard to follow I know, so I'll walk you through them best I can.

Mr. X
A grief stricken Mr. X tries to take his own life (jumping off a cliff, hanging, stepping in front of a train, poison).
Having failed, he takes a walk. The camera pans back into the universe.

Mr. X is in a padded cell.

Mr. X
Christmas 92
Mr. X walks along side of his shadow (or is it Death?), and attempts to take his life a few more times.
He watches time tick away then he dreams. He dreams that he is atop the paralyzed moose in the garden, riding it all the way to Neptune.

That's my third floor apartment in the middle frame.

Mr. X
Basically showing Mr.X always being watched; in his bed, on stage playing the accordion, walking under the lamp post, and now it's you... while he tries to sleep.


Mr. X
Mr. X's goldfish dies, so he tries to take his life several more times. Then he takes a walk to the cemetery and sleeps at a gravestone... wishing.

His dream you can interpret for you

Mr. X
A cold and lonely Mr. X fails again at his repeated attempts.

He goes shopping.. but for what? A mousetrap and a book. The book is titled "box of mud".

That's it.

In 1993 my brothers and I put out a series of Mr. X comics to promote Crisis™. This was one of the stories that I drew for the book.

Mr.X is dreaming of playing his accordion on stage. When he wakes, he's standing on his bed playing the pillow. He collapses, hitting his head on the bedpost, and his dream continues in an altered state.


Another strip for the book was "HELLCAT".

We come upon Mr. X trying to control a screaming cat. The phone rings, but if he lets go he's doomed. Kicking the phone off the hook he pleads for help. Then an idea! Put cat into trash can with masonry block on top. The cat senses the horror and bites down hard!

part 2
At the trash can, Mr. X realizes that to put the lid on he has to let go. Overcome with panic, he runs screaming to the swimming pool. He hurls the cat into the deep end and, like a torpedo, the cat shoots to the bottom.

"Run away" Mr. X thinks. There's a rumble and finally an explosion from the pool.
We are all doomed.


All illustrations & designs are that of Normal Bob Smith (C) 2000 - 2009