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The Comics of Normal BobSheeples
The Sheeples - A comic I started in 2006 illustrating my hate mailers along with my favorite quotes from their letters.
Satan's Salvation
Satan's Salvation - A strip I've been illustrating since 2002 that explores the love/hate relationship between Jesus, Satan & me.
Creatures of Neptune - My bizarre pen & ink freak show dated as far back as 1994.


It was in 1994 that I got on my "freak kick". I'd dabbled in freaks prior, but now I was ready to go full scale, no holds barred, permanent ink and everything. I got another sketchbook determined to fill it with my very own collection of human oddities. There are many more of these creations to be seen at Neptune.

The Stickman
I realize that this is early, but it clearly pertains to this section. This is my first nude self portrait. I was so pleased with the way this turned out, but felt at the time that I couldn't share it with anyone.

Now I couldn't care less.

Earth Died Screaming
OK, I realize that this was done a lot earlier as well, but I couldn't find another place to put this oddity.

It's of a dream that I'd had. It was untitled until I heard Tom Waits' "Earth Died Screaming".

The Two Headed Octopus Embryo, Erdnahn and Bobo with Shrinking Violet
This is the first freak ink drawing that I drew, and I was so utterly pleased with it.
When I showed it to my brother he said, "You have to do more of these!"
And that's what I did.


The Strongest Girl in the World

A further mutation of the original Madonna Brando I'd drawn years earlier.

That's the Stickman in the background.

Three Eyed Killer

This was a horrible dream that I had about a murderer that was featured on the news with 3 eyes. I woke up, wrote it down and drew it the next day.


Another go at the Stickman. This time he's being teased by a dangling pencil.


The Knotty Pygmey
This is the wild Knotty Pygmy and his taxidermied Llama head.

Irra Riehard
This one is of my brother, for my brother.

That's a scouring pad down there.

I never really cared for this illustration until I read the book "Geek Love" by Katherine Dunn. I named him after her character and then I got attached to him.


Erdnahn and the
Dancing Fish
They'd get him going by dangling a fish over his head. He hates fish, especially when they're dangling over his head.

Ernahn's Distant Gaze,
and Cowlick
Erdnahn is just the perfect subject. Fun to draw, silly looking, and everything that he does is a work of art.

Buggy Forefinger and a Dead Clown
Buggy stumbles accross the murder scene of a clown.


Zinker Duckdrop and his Enchanted Dog Torso
I went a little overboard on the kooky name, but I've never drawn a better dog torso.

Goldblatt Superhead
He'd tell you that the name was not referring to what was between his ears. Then he'd laugh, drool and wipe it off on his arm.

I had this dream that I was at the premier of a new David Lynch film. The curtains opened, the intro began and then I woke up. This was all that I could remember.


All illustrations & designs are that of Normal Bob Smith (C) 2000 - 2009