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2013, Oct 18th
Kevin Smith of Clerks & Dogma poses with a set of my Star Wars Jesus Dressup on his Facebook page which subsequently crashes my site! I'm not exactly sure where he got them from, but if you want them they're available here.

2011, Oct 22nd
I had the honor of going backstage with The Damned after their show at Irving Plaza. Ten years ago in Chicago I got to meet Captain Sensible for the first time after he'd emailed me about how much he loved Jesus Dressup. This time I brought him fridge magnets, and an interview.

2011, June 2nd
I got to meet Gilbert Gottfried on Avenue A across from Snakemonkey. If you've not heard of Gilbert or only know him as the voice of some Disney parrot, I strongly recommend you watch some of his more recent standup, or his interviews with Howard Stern. He's fantastic.

2011, Feb 2nd
James St. James the New York Club Kid, celebutaunt & one of the stars of Party Monster: The Shockumentary gave a shout out to my Lady Gaga Jesus Dressup by featuring it on

2008, March 14th
I gleefully delivered a set of Jesus Dressup magnets to Richard Dawkins at a Barnes & Noble booksigning just in time for Easter. (Also included in gift package: 1 "Heaven Is Awesome" flyer).

2006, Nov. 17th
This picture of Crispin Glover signing his poster for me might be pressing my luck for an "endorsement," but in return I gave him a set of my Final Justice Jesus Dressup magnets to which he appeared quite astonished! Anyhow, the picture is just too priceless not to showcase. You can read more about the exchange in my blog from that fateful day.

2006, April 28th
Sarah Silverman was all smiles when I approached her telling her that I loved "Jesus Is Magic" then presented her with a set. This photo later appeared in the LA Times.

2006, March 28th
" is a fabulous site. Normal Bob Smith is a beautiful writer and a great artist, and he does the Jesus Dress Up magnets, which I have a set of in my home."
Penn Jillette,
Of course I am flattered to no end by Penn's comments. I have enjoyed his comedy and magic since the early days of Saturday Night Live, and his show BullShit I've praised on my site.

2005, June 10th
I've seen Janeane Garofalo around NYC for a while now but this was the first good opportunity I had to approach her and ask her to pose with the magnets. She was so sweet and insisted on paying me for the set I wanted to give her.

2004, June 26th
I have to admit that this picture is all blurry because I was actually nervous taking David Cross' picture. I mean, fuck. It's David Fucking Cross! But I was thrilled when he told me that he'd heard of the site and been there before. Those are 'God Is Fake' fliers he's holdin' onto in his other hand.

2004, June 15th
Jim Jarmusch is a film director that I grew up with. He directed such greats as Stranger Than Paradise, Down By Law, and Night on Earth. I saw Jim in the East Village and when I told him about Jesus Dress Up, he told me he was already a fan! Unbelievable.

2004, March
When the magnets made the news for being thrown out of Urban Outfitters even Ed Koch had somethin' to say on Scarborough Country. He said the magnets were "Offensive," and even called all of us involved (me and Urban) "schmucks!" can you believe it? "Schmucks!!!" Read the transcript for yourself!

2004, November 14th
Not only did John Waters love the magnets but he suggested taking a picture with them for maybe some free publicity! Thanks John!

2002, October
Captain Sensible of The Damned told me he loved my site. Nothing compares to getting praise from the one you once praised. I got to meet him and the band backstage and the works. Read more about that in the left side bar of punk mail.


2011, Sept 19th
Jeepers creepers, look out for those peepers! CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on the Creepy Skirt Peepers of Union Square with Normal Bob Smith. I'm the "Keeper of the Peepers!"



2011, Sept 12th
CBS's Inside Edition did an exciting piece on me and the Peepers of Union Square exposing a park peeping passtime we here have all known about for the past 6 years.
This quickly led to a bevy of related articles.



2011, March
In the 80's I snuck Heavy Metal magazine past the parents under my shirt because I needed those girls & guts. Now here's me & my BDSM Jesus featured in that very mag! What can I say? The praise and promotion is positively priceless! Now I think it's official. BDSM Jeus is a Metal God.



2010, Nov 26th
A day after Thanksgiving The New York Times ran a full story on my Amazing Strangers matchgame postcard and the oddball coverage I've been giving the park since 2002. This of course led to a string of publicity regarding the site, postcard and a viral video...


2010, October 8-10th
I had a blast lording over the first ever Jesus Dressup booth at Comic Con, NYC! Thanks so much to Derek Gordon for capturing the magic on film.

boycott toys-r-us

Any improvement on my translation of these articles would be greatly appreciated.

2008, Sept 9th - Dec 1st, Spanish & French press
So the story goes like this: I plant Jesus Dress Up on the shelves of Toy-R-Us in Times Square (Sept 9th, 08) as described in the sidebar on page 382 of Hate Mail. After my exit a Spaniard on vacation with his family walks into that Toys-R-Us, sees the magnets, can't find anyone to assist him with his complaint, so when he returns to Spain he phones 1-800-ToysRUs and gets the brush off: "We sell all types of products" [elConfidential]. Sooo he takes it to the internet, campaigning against the toy store.
Someone doesn't do their research and Le Figaro News cries "Boycott!"
Gossip spreads faster than fact, and before you know it the internet's steaming with rumors, trumping it up to the Hitler\KKK version & speculation that Toys-R-Us is sidestepping the controversy with the excuse: "some individual operated on his own!" [] even though "the product was perfectly identified with bar code and price!" [Padre Rayito]
Anyhow, the matter and the magnets have all been turned over to their legal department [], and I'm happy to say it's all come full circle and found itself right back here to the States. [Myspace]

2007, Oct 10th reported on my groundbreaking story about the Peepers of Union Square.

2006, August
I was hired to do several celebrity dressup games, one of which was Mel Gibson, and it appeared on Fox News. "No response from Mel's camp yet!"

I was asked to be part of a film about 7 different Bob Smiths, each of us more bizarre than the next. Neil Abramson's Bob Smith, USA is one of the funniest movies you'll ever see, featuring me, my magnets, The Unholy Army of Catholic School Girls, and even my folks!

2004, March
 “The most blasphemous product ever seen!"

2004, March 24th
My favorite press is the religious press. That's when I know I'm doing somethin' right. This is what had to say about Urban Outfitters and my kooky magnetic game.

2004, March 19th
Clayton D. Harriger, a pastor of the United Methodist Church gave a scary sermon on the topic of Jesus Dress Up.

2004, March
The controversy of Jesus Dress Up fridge magnets being sold at Urban Outfitters appears on Telemundo news, "al Rojo Vivo." Reporter shows magnets to shoppers, including a priest, and gets several negative reviews.

2004, March
I got a phone call from Comedy Central's Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn. They wanted to feature my magnets on the show. It was a great show with guests Scott Thompson (Kids in the Hall), Greg Giraldo and Kathy Griffin. Click here to view.

2004, March 31st
Then when my site got shut down by the Laptop Lobbyists The Washington Times reported on the story.

2004, March 23rd
The Washington Times did a story on Urban dropping my item and the controversy that followed with protestors and my site getting shutdown by the religious right. It was crazy!

2004, March 21st
But my favorite publicity from this whole affair was the protesting on the streets publicity! Nothing made me happier than to see protesters out in the streets in front of Urban Outfitters waving down traffic and holding their signs.

2004, March 16th
Then MSNBC picked up the story and the Jesus Dressup magnet story appeared on MSNBC Countdown with Keith Olbermann! Keith made the comment about it not even being possible for Jesus to wear men's brief's until 1952 when they were first invented. Wise guy.

2004, March 16th
Everything changed when NBC Philadelphia did a story on my magnets. I made hundreds of sales off my site, other news affiliates picked up the story to run along side Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ stories, and a few days later Urban dropped it from their shelves (March 17th, 2004).

2004, March
One of my favorite magazines, The Face, featured my magnets and they even went so far as to tell about my shananagans with dressing up as Satan and running around Manhattan with my Unholy Army of Catholic School Girls. Click and see!

2003, October
Just before the ‘03 holiday shopping season began I received a call from Urban Outfitters interested in carrying Jesus Dress Up in their stores nationwide. I'd sent samples to them earlier that year declaring "This will be the most popular toy this Christmas."

Arriving on their shelves just in time for Christmas, Jesus Dressup ended up being their 6th best selling toy and subsequent orders were placed by an extremely excited sales person.

2003, April 22nd
Chicago's Daily Harold gave the American Atheists a hard time for inviting me to speak at their convention on Easter 2003.

2001, December 15th
Mancow Meuller had a popular show in Chicago for jocks and meatheads. His crew emailed me pretending that they were all into the site, but I knew better. Everyone in Chicago knows that not only does Mancow suck, but another part of his act is pretending to be a good Christian. I got a lot of other radio shows after this one wanting to interview me. You can hear the actual Mancow interview here.

2001, Jan/Feb
One of the first big mentions I'd ever received was in the Jan/Feb '01 issue of FHM magazine. I remember it was a coworker of mine that discovered it on his lunch break, and he dropped the issue on my desk in front of me to page 28 just like you see in the movies when people slap down the morning headline. FHM gave Jesus Dressup a raving review, but notice when this was published I didn't have the URL "" yet, and instead the plug directed people to ""

They were the first major publication to give me the time of day. After that my webpage started to become a news item.

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